Waters 22

You will never convince me that there are not a great many blacks who gain a certain satisfaction from being able to intimidate ‘whitey’ every chance they get.  And one of the repercussions of that type of behavior is when one who feels intimidated might shoot first and ask questions later.  And it’s in that instance that the resulting death should not be seen as the fault of the shooter.  It’s unfortunate, but it’s the actions of a few that now cause even reasonable people to question the behavior of the many.

And have you ever asked yourself, if they didn’t have the race card to play, where is it that the Democrats would now find themselves?  Hence the reason, I suppose, why so many of them work so hard to create the perception that racism in this country is worse today than it was even during the days of slavery.  And why they never let any opportunity, real or imagined, to prove their point pass by without hyping it to the greatest extent possible.  And in so doing only do a grave disservice to black voters.

As we have seen there is literally nothing Democrats will not do or say in their effort to ensure that blacks remain convinced that the Democrats are their only hope, hence their mission to bring about that which would be nothing short of a ‘Get-out-of-jail-free’ card for blacks.  What Democrats seem to be seeking is that which would be one set of laws for whites and another, much less punitive, for blacks.  Seems fair, right?  NOT!!  But hey, it’s just more of the same with slavery being used as the excuse.

Now I’m sure all everyone is aware of the recent Executive Order signed by President Trump, the subject of which is ‘police reform.’  And as expected it was shortly after that we heard from one of the more prominent racists in Congress, none other than ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, who took to Twitter and proclaimed, “Police reform is NOT ENOUGH. Getting rid of serial, racist, ignorant, & stupid cops must be a top priority. Let’s call them out! Police protective unions, you’ve got to go too!” Blah, Blah Blah.

Frankly, I have a much better idea, how about we start by removing, “racist, ignorant and stupid” members of Congress.  You know, ones like Waters, Cylburn, Lewis and any number of others!  It’s time give them all the boot!   We need to get rid of racist and ignorant Democrat politicians or this country is LOST.  It’s because of individuals such as these that racism continues to be the issue that it is.  They all represent stunning examples of the racism and ignorance that exists in the Democrat Party.

Anyway, what she was ranting about is Rayshard Brooks, 27, who was killed in an officer-involved shooting incident last Friday after police responded to a call of someone sleeping in the drive thru of a Wendy’s, blocking traffic. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), the responding officers tried to take Brooks into custody after he failed a field sobriety test. However, he resisted arrest, managed to gain control of an officer’s Taser, and then even attempted to use it on the officer.

And, oddly enough, it just so happens that surveillance footage of the incident actually corroborates the GBI report.  And yet Mr. Brooks’ death has now been ruled a homicide and, as expected, resulted in all manner of chaos in Atlanta on Saturday, as more rioters took to the streets, blocking major roadways and setting the Wendy’s, where the incident occurred, on fire.  And of course these so-called activists gathered in front of Atlanta’s City Hall demanding local leaders “defund the police.”

This is far from being the first time that old ‘Mad Maxine’ has spoken out following the civil unrest now sweeping the country.  Just last month, she went so far as to suggest that President Trump had “emboldened” the former officer charged for the murder of George Floyd.  It was during an appearance on MSDNC that this moron said, “He has disparaged blacks in so many ways. All that stuff about loving blacks is so disingenuous. Nobody believes that. He’s such a liar. He cannot be trusted.”

And it was then that she went on to say, “And yes, I think he has emboldened those who are racist. He’s emboldened police officers to be nastier, tough, to do things like the chokehold. I believe all of that.”  Actually, if anyone has done anything to embolden bad behavior it’s the many racist politicians, like ‘Mad Maxine’, who call the Democrat Party home and who continue to actively encourage those who seem determined to use such tragic incidents as justification for going on a rampage.

Now I think it’s very plain to see that what happened to Mr. Brooks was entirely his own fault.  The police were being respectful and professional and if he had simply cooperated and not resisted arrest by struggling and fighting the officers, there is now doubt that he would still be alive today!  Any reasonable person who looks at all the video footage would have to agree that it was Brooks’ own behavior and actions that got him killed. Waters’ willingness to lie about it proves she’s part of the problem.

For 60 years Democrats have promised to bring an end to poverty and for 60 years they’ve done nothing more than to flush what has been trillions of dollars down the very same toilet in an effort to keep blacks on the plantation and to keep them as slaves to the party.  Then a man, an American businessman, became president and managed to do more for blacks in three short years than did his predecessor, our first black president, was able to do in eight long years.  And yet he’s still called a racist.

For decades, Democrat administrations in Democrat cities in Democrat states have continued to institute misguided ‘reforms’ that rarely if ever actually addressed the real issues, and instead only made matters worse.  And Democrats always look to blame everyone but themselves.  Nothing has worked and now they seek to blame the police officers themselves accusing them of being racist.  Who has been in charge of those police departments for decades?  It most certainly wasn’t Donald Trump.

To be honest the vast majority of racism that does still take place in America is the racism that is directed at WHITES by BLACKS.  And any claims that somehow blacks cannot be considered as being racist is simply a myth perpetuated by racist blacks.  And there is a no bigger racist than ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters!  Try approaching a black stranger in a grocery store to strike up a conversation, even if it’s about the weather, and it’s far more often than not that you’re treated as if you don’t even exist.

As I have tried to point out before, what is now taking place, right before our eyes, is the vision that the Democrats have for America.  They hate this country, and they are out to forever change it, and not for the better.  And it is they who have on their hands the blood of every innocent black who dies in this country.  Black politicians like ‘Mad Maxine’ are assisting the Democrat Party, by using her fellow blacks, in its ongoing effort to both get rid of the president and to gain political power for itself.

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