There are those in this world who simply have no business offering to our younger generations, advice.  One of those is Moochelle Obama, ‘MO’, who this past Sunday was invited to impart upon the graduating class of 2020 some words of wisdom which consisted of her telling those listening to never let anyone tell them that they are “too angry” in the wake of the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic and, of course, the death of George Floyd.  Some great advice coming from one whose spouse accomplished, as president, nothing but to the set race relations in this country over back 150 years!

And so, it was during her pointless ‘address’ that ‘MO’ said, “Over these past couple of months our foundation has been shaken — not just by a pandemic that stole too many of our loved ones, upended our daily lives, and sent tens of millions into unemployment, but also by the rumbling of the age-old fault lines that our country was built on: the lines of race and power that are now, once again, so nakedly exposed for all of us to grapple with.”  Actually, our foundation was shaken during the time her husband was doing his best to “fundamentally transform” our country.

Anyway, ‘MO’ then went on to say, “For those of you who feel invisible: Please know that your story matters.”  She said, “Your ideas matter. Your experiences matter. Your vision for what our world can and should be matters. So, don’t ever, ever let anyone tell you that you’re too angry, or that you ‘should keep your mouth shut.’ There will always be those who want to keep you silent, to have you be seen but not heard, or maybe they don’t even want to see you at all. But those people don’t know your story, and if you listen to them, then nothing will ever change.”

And of course ‘MO’ also felt it as being necessary to bring up Martin Luther King, and it was in so doing that she said, “Dr. King was angry. Sojourner Truth was angry. Lucretia Mott, César Chávez, the folks at Stonewall — they were all angry.”  And it was from there that ‘MO’ added, “But those folks were also driven by compassion, by principle — by hope. And so they took advantage of whatever resources they had in their own time — thundering from the pulpit and the convention floor, penning letters from a jail cell, standing up for their rights in the face of police violence.”

‘MO’ delivered her ‘words of wisdom’ as part of YouTube’s Dear Class of 2020, which was originally scheduled to stream on Saturday but was postponed due to yet another memorial service for George Floyd in Raeford, NC.  In addition to ‘MO’, the event also featured ‘BO’, along with such Hollyweird luminaries as Lady Gaga, Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Timberlake.  Stellar examples all with nary a single brain cell between them.  Exactly who are these people to be lecturing the rest of us on anything?  None of them are particularly bright, and yet we’re expected to listen.

Frankly, I’ve never been able to figure out why it is that blacks are so angry.   Is it because so many of them squander the free education they are provided?  Or because many choose to do drugs, join gangs, adopt mannerisms and behavior of rap thugs or chose to have children out of wedlock?  Or might it be because many have come to realize that they’ve fallen into the trap laid for them by President Johnson and the Democrats 50+ years ago without any sort of a fight.  And might they now realize where it is that they would be had they only been smart enough to avoid it?

I’ve never really understood why it is that the black community remains so infatuated with both ‘BO’ and ‘MO’.  What exactly did they do, or have done, for the black community?  Was the black community left better off after ‘BO’ left office than it was before he arrived in office?  And might when we expect ‘BO’ and ‘MO’ to call for the black community to come together as a family?  Or to talk about the importance of Fatherhood?  Of education?  Or of being employed?  Or of religion?  Is it really only about skin color?  Are blacks all really as shallow as ‘BO’ and ‘MO’ appear to be?

‘MO’ remains infatuated with the sound of her own voice and yet when she and ‘BO’ had the opportunity to do some real good, as is usually the case with Democrats, it was politics that ruled the day over actually doing something to genuinely benefit those in the black community which, when you think about it, is really pretty sad.  These two should be shunned instead of revered.  As has been pointed out before, it’s President Trump who has done more for the black community in just three plus years than ‘BO’ and ‘MO’ did in eight.  And yet we’re supposed to care about what they say.

Hate and anger are emotional responses. Both are illogical and antithetical to constructive thinking.  Both are detrimental to constructive resolution in any situation. Further, they are solely the responsibility to the individual harboring them, not those who they are directed against.  For someone to encourage these emotions in others shows small mindedness and evil intent unworthy of public respect.  Such a small minded person shows the evil that lurks within, but oddly enough when such behavior is seem coming from ‘BO’ and ‘MO’ it just seems to be overlooked.

Blacks should be angry, very angry, at Democrats.  Frankly I’ve never really understood this blind allegiance that blacks have for a party that, in one way or another for well over 150 years, has essentially maintained them in one form of slavery or another.  Granted the Democrat plantation of today differs greatly from plantations of the past, but in many ways it’s even more insidious.  And it’s pathetic that we have someone like ‘BO’ and ‘MO’ actually lying to blacks just to string them along and all in the name of politics.  We keep hoping blacks will someday wake up.

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