Race Pimps

Well I suppose we all knew that it was only a matter of time before he who was able to set race relations in this country back more than 150 years would slither out from under whatever rock it is that he currently resides to utter what many likely view as his much anticipated ‘opinion’ regarding those, that for some bizarre reason, continue to be described as ‘peaceful protests’ carried out all in the name of ‘racial justice.’  And ‘BO’ certainly didn’t disappoint the faithful as he had little difficulty coming up with a way to not only justify, but to actually encourage, the senseless violence and wholesale destruction that has been taking place for nearly a week.

And so, just as expected, ‘BO’ chose to enthusiastically defend the anarchy that we’ve all been watching take place in most, if not all, of America’s major cities, doing so during what was billed as a virtual town hall on the supposed subject of changing the “systemic racism” of our police departments.  It was then that ‘BO’ said, “Just remember this country was founded on protest. It’s called the American Revolution, and every step of progress of this country. Every expansion of freedom, every expression of our deepest ideals has been won through efforts that has made the status quo uncomfortable.”  What a bunch of disgusting bullshit!

And it was also, as expected, ‘BO’ who said that the widespread protests were just one more way that America was paying for the “original sin of our society” that began with slavery.  ‘BO’ said, “They are the result of a long history of slavery, Jim Crow, institutionalized racism that have too often have been the plague of the original sin of our society.”  ‘BO’ claimed that it was only a “tiny minority” that was engaged in violence during the protests, seeming to lament that they received the majority of the focus. He added that arguments about voting versus civil disobedience missed the point, and that America needed both aspects to move towards progress.  Progress?

‘BO’ said, “I have been hearing a little bit of chatter on the internet about voting versus protest. Politics and participation versus civil disobedience and direct action.”  And he then went on to add, “This is not either/or. This is both/and to bring about real change.” The hour and a half conversation featured ‘BO’ discussing his own community policing task force that he put together in his administration, and urged all mayors to do more to ‘fix’ their police forces.  By ‘fix’ I’m quite sure what ‘BO’ meant was ‘to neuter.’  The ex-president stayed away from any explicit or implicit criticism of President Trump, but his intent was clear, he was fooling no one.

‘BO’ urged all those he called ‘activists’ to move quickly to institute changes in society.  He said, “At some point, attention moves away, protest starts to dwindle in size and it is important for us to take the momentum that has been created as a society and as a country to say, let’s use this to finally have an impact.”  When I hear such stuff coming from this guy it still somewhat amazes me that there were actually enough American who saw something in this man that made them willing to elect him as their president.  But then, it was the vast majority of them who did so based solely on his skin color, which, I suppose, says far more about them than it does about ‘BO’.

And so once again we have ‘BO’ rearing his ugly head to take yet another cheap shot at President Trump, by doing that which he does best, and the ONLY thing that he has ever shown any sort of aptitude for, the inflaming of racial tensions here in America.  Clearly ‘BO’ seeks not to be helpful, only in doing all that he can to make matters worse.  Really, as a human being he’s quite despicable.  He seeks only to do damage to our current President to the greatest extent possible all in his attempt to grease the skids in an effort to get ‘Crooked, Creepy Joe’ elected, which would change this country into an unrecognizable quagmire, which we must not allow to happen!!!

I get tired of hearing about how everything I’ve managed to get in my life is somehow because of ‘white’ privilege, because from where I’m sitting the ones with all the privilege are black. They get the free college educations, ‘Affirmative Action’ in hiring and a host of government agencies to assist them in every imaginable way.  So I really don’t see this systemic racism, I see just the opposite.  Honestly they sound like a bunch of children crying look after me, take care me, give to me.  Meanwhile, the rest of us go through school, study, some get higher education or go straight to work. We start at the bottom and with respectful and responsible work habits we prosper.

This country offers so much opportunity, regardless of one’s skin color, but you have to be willing to go after it and not expect it to simply be handed to you.  That’s not how it works.  And let’s be clear, despite what the race pimps say, it’s not racism that forms the basis for the problems black face, it’s the failure of the black family.  If you have responsible parents teaching you how to behave in society and to see that you’re in school to be educated, and not roaming the streets, then you’re going to succeed.  But if you insist on listening to the garbage peddled by the likes of ‘BO’, Sharpton, Jackson and the like, then your chances of becoming successful shrink.

‘BO’ is all in favor of these protests, and yet he doesn’t offer any real solutions, or even something positive to protest for or something to work toward.  What he wants is for the protests to become so violent, so destructive that the government will become open to paying these protesters off.  He wants his nanny state, and he wants his followers dependent upon government assistance.  It matters not to him that we have police being murdered in our cities for simply doing their job, or that we have businesses being destroyed, or that it’s a majority of this scum responsible for all the mayhem!  ‘BO’ shows up and throws gas on the fire hoping to jack up the chaos.

We conservatives too stood in opposition to most, if not all, of the policies that were put forward by ‘BO’ in his effort to “fundamentally transform” the country that we all love.  But still we didn’t resort to looting or setting on fire the property owned by others or the shooting of police officers.  We got our message out while at the same time respecting those who chose to disagree.  We chose to act like responsible adults, not like spoiled children and yet we were slandered and called racists. And when we went home from our protests we left the areas far cleaner than how we found them.  How different things are every time those on the left choose to ‘protest.’

Finally, ‘BO’ complains about how America has yet to pay for its original sin of slavery but I’m here to say that it was long ago paid for in full, courtesy of the blood from nearly 400,000 white men who fought to bring slavery to an end as well as the Trillions of dollars flushed down the proverbial toilet all in the name of racial equality over the last 50+ years together with what was needed to repair all of the damage done to private property from their numerous riots.  Imagine how much better off this country would be today, fiscally, morally and socially had blacks never been bought to this country in the first place.  Perhaps it’s blacks who owe the rest of us reparations.


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