You must admit that there’s not much out there more pathetic than a white guy who’s ashamed of his race and determined to make a fool of himself just to appease others.  But just such a loser is ‘actor’ Ben Platt, someone who I am told is the ‘star’ of Netflix’s ‘The Politician’ and the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen.  It seems that Mr. Platt is now urging white folks to donate their money to bail funds in order to keep those rioters who have been arrested out of jail.  And apparently he’s serious.

And it was to that end that over this past weekend it was this same moron who took the time to tweet, “White ppl at home pls keep donating to the bail funds below.”  It was also this same shit-fer-brains who voiced his support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) when he tweeted, “White ppl at protests, though we can’t control undue violence from police, pls dont perpetrate unrelated chaos that the media will blame black protesters & leaders for. Go to protect, support & listen. #BlackLivesMatter.”

I guess I’d be curious to know exactly WHAT “unrelated chaos” it is that’s supposedly being created by us white folks.  Oh right, we white folks should never do anything that might end up putting these poor rioting and looting black thugs in any kind of a bad light.  Heaven forbid!!  These Hollyweirdos make me sick!  Do they actually think there is anyone who actually pays them any attention?  I mean anyone other than the brain-dead leftwing nutjobs such as themselves.  These people need to be ignored.

And it was this very same hapless boob who also tweeted out a link to a Google document containing links to bail funds in major cities, including the Minnesota Freedom Fund.  But these funds have come under scrutiny over whether they are helping to bail out Antifa members and other violent rioters who have assaulted innocent bystanders and destroyed private property during the riots that have devastated major U.S. cities.  Even if so, I doubt it would really bother Platt.

President Trump announced just this past Sunday that the U.S. will finally designate these Antifa thugs as exactly what they are, a domestic terror organization. Individuals providing money to bail out Antifa members, such as our esteemed Mr. Platt, could very well find themselves in legal trouble for financing terrorism.  And wouldn’t that be a shame?  NOT!  And Platt is apparently far from being the only Hollyweirdo to support bail funds for rioters. But we shouldn’t really be surprised!

Bimbo Chrissy Teigen said she and husband John ‘Legend’ Stephens will be donating $200,000 to bail out rioters, while pop star Justin ‘Singin’ Thru His Nose’ Timberlake encouraged his social media followers to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Other leftwing luminaries giving bail money to rioters include such notable nutjobs as Seth Rogen, Don Cheadle, Olivia Wilde, Patton Oswalt, Nick Kroll, Janelle Monáe and Ben Schwartz.  And together these clowns form a band of leftwing brothers!

Personally, I’m one those who happens to be of the opinion that instead of bailing these shitbags outta jail perhaps we should be taking a slightly different tact, one that perhaps involves the shooting of these violent scumbags on sight.  I mean, you would think that watching their compatriots being carried out of the area in body bags might be sufficient to discourage at least a few of those now taking so much pleasure in destroying property that does not belong to them.  Just sayin.’

To suggest that I should spend any amount of my hard earned money bailing out these feral animals just so they can do it all over again the next day is idiotic to say the least.  I want to see these punks venture into Platt’s neighborhood and see if he still favors bailing them out.  I wouldn’t bail out my own family members if they were involved in activities like this!  The police need to use the guns they are provided with to show the rest these animals that there is a price to be paid for arson and looting!

You gotta love these arrogant Hollyweird types who think absolutely nothing of asking people, many of whom have no jobs and little money, to support these rampaging animals as they go about destroying what’s left of our cities.  Our message back to them should be painfully clear, go fund these scumbags yourselves.  They are the ones who have the money to waste on such an idiotic thing. The rest of us are still struggling just to put food on the table, pay rent, medical insurance, and utilities.

And anyway, Derek Chauvin, the guilty officer, is now in prison.  So what good does all the destruction do?  More lives lost or ruined.  And it’s now become quite clear that George Floyd is the least of these ‘looters and anarchists’ concern.  You don’t break windows and steal flat screen TVs and sneakers in order to honor a victim or improve race relations.  In fact, let the little thugs think about it long and hard in jail, where they can’t take selfies to broadcast to the world how ignorant they are.

Hollyweirdos don’t give a fat rat’s ass about anyone but themselves.  And I’m sick and tired of hearing about the ‘THOUSANDS’ of unarmed black men being killed by all of these white police officers for doing nothing but being black.  It’s a crock.  And yet where’s the outrage when it comes to the ‘THOUSANDS’ of black men killed every single year by other black men.  What a about them?  You’d have to be insane to bail out any of these anarchists, they’re endangering thousands.  They belong in JAIL!

On a side note it was over the weekend that I read about some dope in North Carolina who, in his effort to set one of the city’s municipal buildings on fire, succeeded only in setting himself on fire.  Now while I’m sure Platt and his friends felt quite sorry for this inept hooligan, I found the entire scenario to be pretty darn hilarious, after all, as far as I’m concerned this imbecile got exactly what he deserved.  And I sincerely hope that the rest of his life is long and miserable.  Because that’s all he deserves.

And finally, I do sometimes wonder if all this has less to with Antifa, liberalism or Socialism, and more to do with the very simple fact that blacks hate whites and always will.  One thing I know for certain is that none of what we are now seeing, or very little of it, has anything whatsoever to do with the death of Mr. Floyd.  Which makes this moron’s call for bailing these looters out of jail seem all the more ludicrous.  Their determination to destroy has earned them all a very long prison stay!

So at the end of the day I guess the question that has to be answered is, are we who love this country really going to allow it to be stolen from us all under the guise of some protest?  Because whether or not this country survives is going to depend not on our leaders, many of who seem uninterested in doing anything, but on how many of us will take a stand against those, and their supporters like Platt, who seem so desperate in their continuing effort to destroy it.  So on which side is it that you will be on?

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