Waters 23

Those who these days declare themselves to be proud members of the Democrat Party, and who claim to so love this country and who want to make it into all that it was truly meant to be, will, it seems, use any excuse, and crisis, in their effort to make it into what ‘they’ envision it to be.  Make no mistake, they hate this country as it presently exists and will leave no stone unturned in their ongoing effort to make it into something else, something poorer, something more violent and, of course, something much less free.  But make no mistake, it’s not only the country that these people hate so deeply, it’s also those of us who love this country and do not support what these Democrats are trying to make it into, and never will!

Democrats now hate this country to such a degree that they now actively encourage those whose only interest appears to be in destroying it, and very violently so.  And, of course, it’s the most recent example of this that comes to us courtesy of those now seizing upon the obvious wrongful death of Mr. George Floyd, a black man who died at the hands of a white police officer, to quite literally destroy the city of Minneapolis while the police have been ordered to do nothing but to watch, because to interfere would be “too dangerous.”  And it has now been a number of prominent Democrats who have worked very hard to further stoke the hate and incite the violence all in an effort to ratchet up the level of destruction taking place.

It was in the wake of George Floyd’s death this past Monday, following an encounter with Minneapolis police, that initial peaceful protests to mourn and call for justice soon, courtesy of those like ‘Mad Maxine’ and more than a few others, morphed into a violent riots with all manner of looting.  And it wasn’t long before riots were rocking several cities all across the nation.  And it appears as though ‘Mad Maxine’ is still working hard to throw even more gasoline onto this fire with a sharply pointed accusation against Derek Chauvin, the officer at the heart of the case, and who now been arrested and been charged with the murder of Mr. Floyd.  Apparently she is not yet satisfied with the level of violence and destruction.

It was earlier in the week when speaking to TMZ that‘Mad Maxine’ said, “I think that the officer who had his knee on [Floyd’s] neck enjoyed doing what he was doing.”  She went on to say, “I believe sometimes some of these officers leave home thinking, ‘I’m going to get one today.”  And she added, “I think this is his one that he got today.”  ‘Mad Maxine’ said the other officers on the scene were just as guilty as Chauvin but, typical for this racist political hack, she provided no evidence to back up her assertions. Her reckless comments come as the riots burning across Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Memphis, Tennessee, threaten to stretch into the weekend.  Riots that won’t end until blacks have their fill of free stuff.

And so I would only ask at what point is it that the American people as a whole will finally declare that enough is enough when it comes to hateful drivel spewed by the likes of ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters?  Let’s face it, ‘Mad Maxine’ is nothing more than a trouble making, racist, lying crook and race baiter!  She’s done virtually nothing to help those in what has been her congressional district for nearly 30 years and yet she is pushing for riots and looting to destroy neighborhoods!  Typical of ‘Mad Maxine’ to open her mouth in an attempt to only make things worse.  The officers involved were fired and the perpetrator has been arrested and charged, but that seems to be not enough for ‘Mad Maxine, so she encourages more violence.

That is what, after all her years in Congress, we have come to expect from she who is nothing more than a disgusting and pathetic fraud.  You’ll remember ‘Mad Maxine’ as the one who very aggressively encouraged her ‘followers’ to spew hate not only at President Trump, but also his supporters as well as those Republican members of Congress willing to assist in advancing the Trump agenda.  She called for people to go out and get in their face at places like restaurants and grocery stores, and to push back on them and to tell them that they are not welcome in this country.  And now she’s simply using Mr. Floyd to attack those who oppose her.  She cares not at all for this man or his grieving family, she care only how his death can be exploited.

It should now be very policeman, in every American big city that has the misfortune to be controlled by a Democrats that needs to be paying attention, and needs to understand that he, or she, is always considered as being expendable.  And they must also be made to understand that what we are now seeing taking place in Minneapolis, just like what we saw take place in Ferguson, Baltimore and St Louis, just to name a few, it’s always of those in law enforcement who are forced into accepting the majority of the blame for the consequences of those actions taken by the ones higher in the food chain.  Granted it was an obviously bad cop involved here, but the guy had a history that should have prevented him from being there.

We all know that these Democrats, like ‘Mad Maxine’ are nothing but the very worst kind of fraud when they refuse, because of politics, to call out for help when it comes to the thousands of Blacks who die at the hand of other Blacks in Democrat controlled cities all across the country and every single year in places like Chicago.  Yet ONE white cop commits a horrendous act and it’s RIOT time.   Events such as this most recent example in Minneapolis make it painfully clear, or at least they should, just how obvious it is that the Democrat Elites, regardless of their color, DO NOT care about Blacks, they care only about the CHAOS and the resulting death and destruction.  And you have to ask yourself, how truly sick is that?

And oddly enough it’s many of these very same animals who both take part, as well as those who cheer them on, in the burning down of their own neighborhoods to the point where there are virtually no businesses that remain who then cry foul by accusing other businesses of racism for then not wanting to rebuild businesses in these same burned out neighborhoods.  But why the Hell would anyone want to do that, where’s the logic in that?  That’s just bad business sense!  But that matters not at all to these animals, the fact that they destroyed the previous businesses.  All that matters to them is that the only reason new businesses are refusing to build new businesses is because of systemic racism in America.

Democrats, such as our esteemed ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, have paid to have the fathers leave the home, made it possible for schools not to educate but to indoctrinate, and allow Democrat poverty pimps to tell hopeless black kids that rage is justified and somehow burning down the local stores will make things better.  The vast majority of blacks continue to support those who could not care less about whether they are ever able to escape poverty, in fact it those very same politicians who, quite literally, do everything they possible can to guarantee that blacks are never able to escape the poverty that has thus far kept them very firmly on the Democrat planation.  Frankly it’s all kind of sad to watch so many wasted lives on display.

All of which would seem to begs the question why so many people continue to vote for Democrats, any Democrats, or, instead, to choose to stay home and to not vote for anyone.  Why is it that they remain so content to simply sit on their hands while their country is being stolen from them or worse, destroyed, right before their eyes by those like the rampaging animals we see there in Minneapolis?  As I’m sure most people are pretty well aware there is now an election that is pretty rapidly approaching.  It will be another chance for the American people, and if the Democrats have their way it’ll be the LAST chance, to rid themselves of those like ‘Mad Maxine’ who would sooner destroy our country than to see it prosper.



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