We know Chrissy Wallass is no fan of President Trump, but neither is he a fan of the new White house Press Secretary, Kaleigh McEnany.  Chrissy recently tried picking a fight with Ms. McEnany, and received only an ass whooping for his effort. Chrissy is one of those who always thinks he’s the smartest person in the room, but in choosing to go up against Ms. McEnany he’s significantly out gunned.  Wallass recently whined during his Sunday show that McEnany had been lecturing the White House press corps on what questions they should have been asking, adding that it would not have gone well had she done so while he and Sam Donaldson were covering the White House.

Ms. McEnany fired back at the uppity “Fox News Sunday” host over his criticism of her confrontational style.  McEnany stood her ground during a Monday morning “Fox & Friends” appearance, making the point, and rightfully so, that the press was “not above being questioned.”  Host Brian Kilmeade, who I usually tend to think of as a pretty smart guy, mentioned McEnany’s Friday briefing, saying that ‘Little Chrissy,’ in particular, had been pretty upset about some of her comments, suggesting that she had also questioned the religious beliefs of members of the press.  Now really, who gives a flying fart about what causes ‘Little Chrissy’ to get his panties in a bunch?

Ms. McEnany responded by saying, “No I never questioned the religious beliefs of the press.”  And she went on to say, “Many of our journalists are great men and women of faith and differing faiths, whether it be the Jewish, Christian faith, the Muslim faith. What I was saying is, I was asked 11 questions as to why churches would be allowed to reopen. It was a bit peculiar to be asked these 11 questions in a row and for the onus and the focus solely to be on why churches are essential, I’ve never been asked why a liquor store was essential so I was merely pointing that out.”  Sounds to me like ‘Chrissy’ needs to, perhaps, be putting his big boy pants on and quit all of his whining.

McEnany went on to point out that she fields hundreds of questions on a daily basis.  She said, “Journalists are not above being questioned themselves.”  And she added, “Journalism is a great and noble profession but there’s been a dearth of journalists asking the real questions for President Obama, the criminal leak of Michael Flynn’s identity, who leaked that identity, the dossier used to launch a three year investigation into this president to spy on his campaign why aren’t those questions being asked?”  She concluded, “It’s journalistic malpractice not to ask those questions.”  And it’s Wallass who is most guilty of this ‘journalistic malpractice.’

And it was ‘Chrissy’ along with Jonah Goldberg, the ‘NeverTrumper’ who now appears to be Chrissy’s favorite go-to ‘conservative,” made complete asses out of themselves this past Sunday when complaining that the White House shouldn’t be telling journalists how to do their job.  Well, it would seem that somebody needs to.  Now I could be wrong here, but from where I’ve been sitting that’s precisely what ‘Little Chrissy,’ along with every other member of our ‘fake news’ media, has been doing to President Trump for the last 3+ years!  But then I’m pretty sure that’s not quite how Chrissy chooses to look at things.  But then who really cares what Chrissy thinks?

Wallace is an arrogant, ultra-elite leftist and only one of many leftwingers, along with the many NeverTrumpers, who now regularly appear on what was once was the ‘Fair & Balanced’ network.  Wallass consistently saves his more aggressive style for his conservative guests while coddling those who he agrees with politically.  There’s no doubt where his loyalties lie.  Wallass embarrasses himself, as well as the profession of journalism, every time he speaks.  He thinks of journalists as being members of the elite and as such they should never have their opinions challenged or their actions called into question, even when they disseminate that which is pure propaganda.

I’m quite sure that ‘Chrissy’ would never admit to getting his butt kicked by a girl, but that is in fact exactly what happened.  You see, ‘Chrissy’ ain’t near as smart as he thinks he is and Ms. McEnany is every bit as smart as she is attractive.  And it’s Chrissy who’s as stupid as he is ugly.  And what was his point in bringing up is lefty buddy, Donaldson?  Was he thinking that he could somehow intimidate her?   If so, that was a bust.  And anyone who can remember Donaldson, likely remembers him as the dick that he was.  But then there’s likely far more people who don’t remember him than do, so Chrissy’s little jab at Ms. McEnany clearly missed its intended mark.

Phonies like Wallass believe they are to be revered because they know what’s best for the rest of us.  We’re supposed to believe whatever it is that they tell us and never question whether it’s actually true.  Which, more often than not, it isn’t!  The fact that they are the ones telling us these things, should be good enough, dammit!  They are not to be challenged, and to do so, according to those like ‘Chrissy,’ is nothing short than heresy!  Their word is to be considered sacred.  And it was Ms. McEnany who let ‘Chrissy,’ and therefore all of those like him, know that that is simply not the case.  And she has no problem with challenging those who refuse to do their job.

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