Carville 5

And so, it was once again that we recently had Jimmy Carville doing what it is that Jimmy does best, sounding like a broken record with is continuing claim that ‘Senile, Crooked, Creepy Joe’ Biden is going to have virtually no trouble whatsoever in defeating President Trump in this next election.  Now while I suppose there’s always a chance that he could be right, I do wonder if there are really enough people willing to put the fate of their country into the hands of a man who frequently can’t remember what day of the week it is or what office he is running for.  But if Jimmy is right, then it’s without a doubt that this country is much farther gone than even I thought it was.

Anyway, it was when appearing this past Thursday on something called ‘The Stuttering John Podcast’ apparently hosted by John Melendez from The Howard Stern  and The Jay Leno show fame, that Jimmy once again let fly with yet another of his trademark rants during which he once again, and rather confidently so, predicted that President Trump is going to get his “fat ass beat” by ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ in the November election and Jimmy even went so far as to claim that the Republicans will even attempt to rig the match-up.  Now other than someone like Willard Romney I’m not sure what Republicans Jimmy thinks might want ‘Crooked, Creepy Joe’ to win.

But look, Democrats were also pretty sure they would easily defeat Donald Trump by running an obvious old hag against him, one that was commonly referred to as being the most qualified individual to run for president, EVER.  And someone who still thinks she’s the smartest person in the world.  It’s too bad that she is also someone who is pretty universally hated.  They were also pretty confident that they were going to beat him by screaming Russia, Russia, Russia for years. Then they were sure they could beat him by screaming Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine for months.  And yet they kept coming up empty.  They seem to never learn. Evil makes them stupid.

And so there’s Democrat propaganda and then there’s the truth. Our economy was on steroids and then the Democrats decided they couldn’t have that, so they, and their many friends in the ‘fake news’ media, worked to invent a total lie about a virus that is no more deadly than the flu.  Sadly they were successful in scaring a lot of people.  If you actually check the statistics you will find that every state and county with the highest infection and death numbers are all run by Democrats. The total abuse of our Constitutional rights is being done under those who are run by Democrats.  This is a blatant power grab and yet another attempt to get rid of President Trump.

And you’ll remember that it wasn’t President Trump who was telling people “face masks offer no protection from the virus and are not necessary.”  And it wasn’t President Trump who sent infected elderly people into nursing homes.  It wasn’t President Trump who wasted months on a sham impeachment instead of focusing on the ‘Chinese virus.’  It wasn’t President Trump who told people not to take a known safe drug proven to be effective in the treatment and prevention of the virus.  It wasn’t President Trump who thought that it was a good idea to let criminals out of prison so they could then commit new crimes, some within hours of being release.

And it also isn’t now President Trump who’s refusing to open states back up allowing citizens to get back to work.  That would be Democrat governors hoping to do permanent damage to our economy as a way of impacting the upcoming election.  But it WAS President Trump who put a stop to air travel from China to keep infected people out. It WAS President Trump who stopped the influx of illegals from crossing the border.  It WAS President Trump who has fought to get people money and pushed to get businesses reopened.  And it WAS President Trump who got companies to make PPE and ventilators, and who sent hospital ships to New York and Los Angeles.

And it’s in trying to destroy the economy that the Democrats now see their best opportunity yet to finally succeed in getting rid of President Trump.  And it’s numerous Democrat governors all across the country who are doing all that they can, and would seem to be working together in what is a coordinated effort, to bring about the complete tanking of our entire economy.  And in so doing they are making it painfully obvious that they care far more about doing damage to President Trump’s chances of being re-elected than they care about allowing their constituents no get back to some semblance of a normal life.  Why would anyone vote for a Democrat?

Yup, these Democrats are some real politicians. So far they’ve run against President Trump’s haircut, the color of his tan, and now they say he’s fat!  Exactly what we need to decide who should be President. No need for ideas or experience, just ridicule the other guy.  If he complains about how you’re side has a habit of cheating and lying, just call him a Nazi. If he’s right about immigration, trade, and national security, talk about something trivial and hope the voters forget how worthless your ideas are.  Jimmy is a has-been.  And I’m not sure if anyone, other than maybe Jimmy himself, really gives a squat about what he has to say about this coming election.

Jimmy, like most Democrats, never knows when to keep his mouth shut.  Does anyone remember when he was so sure Donald Trump was going to get his ass kicked by Hitlery?  He couldn’t keep himself from boasting then, only to end up with egg all over his face. Yup, another typical loudmouth Democrat, with more errors to his name than anything else.  Who in the world listens to Jimmy anymore, other than other dimwitted Democrats who don’t know any better?  And you may also remember that it was Jimmy who said, after ‘BO’ was first elected, that his election would be ushering in 40 years of solid Democrat rule.  Oddly, that 40 years only lasted 2 years.

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