And so, it has once again become very apparent that the Democrats will stubbornly refuse to abandon what has been their 3+ yearlong effort to remove President Trump from office driven by what has become a possibly terminal case, politically speaking, of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  It all seems too bizarre that an entire political party could actually be driven to the brink of total insanity because of the outcome of a single election.  So, might there be something else going on behind all of the madness, something far more sinister?  Well, we are dealing with Democrats.

I only ask because the House Democrats have now told the Supreme Court that they now need access to secret grand jury materials because they are still investigating President Trump in connection with the non-existent Russia “collusion” illusion and want to impeach him yet again.  In a legal filing published by those at ‘fake news’ HQ, the Communist News Network, Democrats said that they need the grand jury materials because the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice in the Russia investigation is ongoing.

And it’s according to the Supreme Court filing that the Democrat-run House seeks “disclosure to the House Committee on the Judiciary of a limited set of grand-jury materials for use in the Committee’s ongoing Presidential impeachment investigation.”  This continuing saga began in 2019, when Robert Mueller determined that there had been no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.  When he released his report, however, Mueller submitted it in two volumes — one on the collusion investigation, and one on a separate obstruction of justice investigation.

And even though Mueller did not recommend prosecution, Democrats seized on the issue of obstruction as yet another way to impeach the president.  Democrats also claimed that certain redactions in the report must have hidden relevant information even though they declined to read a less redacted version.  They also demanded access to material that Mueller had shown a grand jury. Now normally grand jury proceedings are secret, and so Attorney General William Barr declined the request. They then held him in contempt of Congress, and took their case to federal court.

The case made its way through the courts, and of course the Democrats won at the D.C. Circuit.  The Department of Justice then appealed to the Supreme Court on May 7, and Chief Justice Roberts put a temporary hold on the grand jury materials on May 8.  In their court filing, the Democrats complain that further delays in the release of the grand jury materials would make it impossible for them to impeach the president again before Congress’s term ends in January 2021.  With luck the Republicans will succeed in taking the House back in November and we can all finally move on.

That these clowns will attempt to impeach President Trump again is pretty much a given.  After all, it’s all they have to offer their nutty base.  But hopefully it will only serve to hurt them more than it already has with those voters who are not so consumed with hatred of the man.  They will only proceed to dig a bigger and deeper hole for themselves than they already have.  They are trying to reverse the momentum and get inertia moving with them instead of against them.  But their efforts are now viewed by millions of Americans as being purely political.

These Democrats truly are some of the most despicable individuals in the history of American politics.  Who cares if they decide to conduct yet another impeachment circus, it means nothing at this point.  All they will end up doing is reinforcing what most sensible people already think about them, that they have yet to get over the fact that they lost in 2016.  This is all really nothing more than a modern day version of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  There hasn’t been, and there won’t be, any there there.  We already know their clown show is nothing but a show by and for fools.

With their authoritarian overreach oppressing people who live in Democrat controlled states, this election more than ever will be an existential one for Americans.  And with luck voter turnout AGAINST Democrats will be absolutely unprecedented. The largest group of voters are always the ones who DON’T vote, but that may be about to change! When people can’t feed their families and lose their businesses because some stupid governor is using the police to force them into starvation and extreme poverty, they tend to get pretty angry and philosophical differences become moot.

People just want the jackboots off their throat and they KNOW the Democrats are wearing those boots and “leaning in” as they struggle to escape. The Democrats were proven wrong on Russian collusion and impeachment, now they’re trying to use the pandemic as a way to steal the next election with vote by mail.  President Trump is exactly where he’s always been, telling us not to trust China. The Chinese virus proves he was right, and he’s also right about what to do next, reopen America First!  And you have to ask yourself, don’t the Democrats have anything else better to do?

The Democrats desperately tried to ignore the fact that their philosophical brethren there in Communist China were responsible for unleashing a manufactured pandemic on an unsuspecting world in order to satisfy their own rather twisted, whining, agenda-driven, gender-confused, Antifa fascist scum.   When the president called for a travel ban for those coming from the source of this virus, he became a xenophobic racist.  Meanwhile, it was the Democrats who were running around busily telling their citizens that there was nothing to worry about.  How’d that work out, guys?

You would think that this would be yet another reason the American people will reelect President Trump by a landslide and enable the Republicans to take back the House and retain the Senate.  We are all sick and tired of these Democrats and their abuse of the power.  All during the Mueller investigation they tried to make the Republicans look like the bad guys, but with the latest DOJ revelations, it is clear everything the Democrats said and did was a lie. The tide will turn, and hopefully the Democrats won’t have any real power in D.C. for at least a couple of decades.

Notice how the Democrats choose to focus only on those things that do nothing to help Americans during this very hard time. Nope, not even close. They called it the heroes stimulus bill, but it had very little to do with that. There hasn’t been a day gone by, since even before President Trump won the White House, that some Democrat, with the overly zealous help from the ‘fake news’ media, hasn’t attacked the president.  When President Trump wins the White House again, it will set heads spinning all across the Democrat Party and it will be fun to watch them stew.

During the last impeachment circus, the Democrats managed to achieve new levels of sleaze, even for them.  First, they used the House Intelligence Committee instead of the Judicial Committee to perform the impeachment.  Which is rather odd, because the act of impeachment is a judicial matter, not an intelligence matter, but then we are talking about Democrats.  Because we all know that if there are two things that most definitely DO NOT go together, it’s Democrats and any level of intelligence.  They have continued to make it quite clear that they’re just not that bright.

And you will recall that the entire impeachment process was skewed so as not to be the least bit favorable to the president.  The Democrats did not allow President Trump to attend, nor even to have counsel present. They did not allow the President to cross examine any witnesses, the President was not allowed to call any of his own witnesses. All of these rights are guaranteed by the Constitution.  The right of facing one’s accuser, the right to counsel, and the right to cross examine witnesses, and the right to call your own witnesses.  Such are the reasons it was labelled as being rigged!

But let’s face it, the true victims in all of this baseless Democrat impeachment leftwing lunacy were, and continue to be, the American people.  And if they really wish to pursue this mission of theirs to remove our duly elected president, and for purely political reasons, they must accept the fact that there will very likely be a political price to paid, that will be imposed on them by the voters.  Had they simply let it drop that would have been one thing, but to continue with this madness, while most Democrats will agree, will not sit well with most who are not Democrats.

By saying they intend to go for impeachment again after the 2020 election does that not mean that Democrats are actually admitting that President Trump is likely to win?  While I think they would never admit such a thing, I have this feeling that deep down they know this coming election is not going to end well for them.  So what are they to do?  They work to keep their impeachment nonsense alive as best they can with all manner of rumors and innuendo, but zero facts.  But where’s the incentive or the motivation to go out and vote for ‘Creepy Joe?’  There simply isn’t any.  So why do it?

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