Pelosi 17

And so once again we have yet another example of how, according to Democrats, what was good for ‘BO’ is still not good for Donald Trump.  As you may have heard Democrats are once again outraged over something President Trump has done, this time it’s his choosing to fire someone who was essentially nothing more than someone working on the inside for the opposition.  That would of course be the State Department’s inspector general Steve Linick.  And yet we heard nary a word from ANY Democrat back in 2009 when it was ‘BO’ who fired AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin, who had pursued an investigation of Kevin Johnson, the former NBA star and mayor of Sacramento, California.  But then Johnson was a supporter of ‘BO’.

Apparently back then there was sufficient pressure placed on Mr. Walpin to the point where he was eventually fired, with the call allegedly coming from ‘BO’s supposed ethics “Czar” Norm Eisen.  Eisen you’ll remember was counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment inquiry against President Trump and the guy who used a deceptively edited video in his questioning.  Anyway, it was Eisen who told Mr. Walpin that the president (BO) “felt it was time for Mr. Walpin to ‘move on,’ and that it was ‘pure coincidence’ that he was asked to leave during the St. HOPE controversy.”  However, ‘BO’ & Co. had to change its explanation because of a law requiring a written explanation for such firings be sent to Congress.

All of which brings us to this past Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” when it was Nancy Pelosi who once again expressed, to show host Margaret Brennan, her obvious displeasure over the fact that the president decided to fire this guy Linick, and declared that Congress would definitely be looking into the firing.  She even went so far as to say that the removal of Linick “could be unlawful.”  So it would seem that no matter what the president does Pelosi will consider it to be unlawful, even though she had virtually nothing whatsoever to say when it was ‘BO’ doing the very same thing.  But I suppose we shouldn’t be all that surprised as this is but another example of where ‘BO’ could do NO wrong, and President Trump can do no RIGHT!

So is it just me or is it everything that President Trump says or does is now always to be considered as somehow being unlawful or corrupt in the eyes of the Democrat Party.  Do these Democrats have NOTHING else better to do with their time than to spend it on harassing the president?  That’s exactly all that they have done since winning back the House which, oddly enough, is exactly what they said they would not do if they were to win back the House back in 2018.  So essentially, every single one of these scumbags lied to every one of their constituents.  I hope anybody that helped them accomplish that has learned a very valuable lesson from their mistake.  And it’s everyone one of those who were voted in in 2018 that should be voted out in 2020.

The amount of time that the Democrats have wasted, and continue to waste, investigating everything that President Trump does should disqualify all of them from ever running for re-election.  And to think that it’s all because they lost an election.   Now, not being a politician myself it would seem to me that the smarter thing for Democrats to have done would have been to work with the president where they could and reasonably oppose him where they felt they could not.  But Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to do that.  So instead, they remained obsessed with trying to remove him from office.  After four years of intense never-ending investigations the president is still in office and headed for re-election against their idiot candidate.

But the problem is also the number of RINOs who remain imbedded in the Republican Party.  Turncoats like Willard Romney, who continue to stab the president in the back and who got elected by claiming to be something that they most definitely are not.  These people too need to be sent packing right along with as many Democrats as we can get rid of.  They simply refuse to take any meaningful action and as long as they can fool people into voting for them, they’ll continue to deceive. They have no intention of holding anybody accountable.  President Trump is the only person serious about fighting back.  It is quite obvious that many Senate Republicans don’t like President Trump and are merely playing along because they want to get reelected.

Without a doubt Pelosi has to be one of the least impressive Speakers in all of modern history.  She obviously cares much more about what benefits her party than what might benefit the country.  And it’s her most recent attempt at a $3 Trillion ‘Chinese virus’ relief bill that should make that rather obvious to even the most casual of observers.  It’s this supposed ‘relief bill’ that in reality is nothing more than a Democrat boondoggle, a liberal snow job, the purpose of which has nothing whatsoever to do with anything that will assist those most affected by this ‘Chinese virus’, and everything to do with making easier for Democrats to be better able to cheat in coming elections which is really the only way they can win elections.

Pelosi herself once said that a president can fire anyone under his purview.  And the last time I checked the State Department, along with all of those employed by it, easily falls under that purview.  And as Pelosi should also well know, the firing can be for ANY reason the president sees as valid, which makes her bullshit claim that “it might be unlawful” nothing more than another attempt by a scumbag Democrat to smear/insult/cast-false-blame on President Trump.  He needs neither Congress’ permission NOR approval to get rid of someone who, as I said earlier, is in this particular case, nothing more than an inside man working for the enemy forces.  And even if he wasn’t the president would still have every right to fire this guy.

So here we have Pelosi claiming that we need yet another pointless investigation that will result only in more wasted time and God only knows how many more wasted taxpayer dollars that we simply don’t have.  And what the Hell is really the point here?  Pelosi needs to get this through her very thick skull.  As she herself has stated the president can fire anyone he wants and for any reason he wants, and whenever he wants.  Clearly Pelosi knows nothing of what she speaks.  She simply continues to screech the same old, tired and boring Democrat mantra. “That’s illegal.  It’s a violation of the rule of law. Justice is being denied.  Justice is being turned on its head.  Investigate this illegal act. Investigate that illegal act.  BLAH BLAH BLAH!”

So then, to be clear, Democrats don’t seem to have any problem with a sitting Democrat vice president, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, ordering the firing of a foreign investigator looking into corruption inside one of their firms who employed that same vice president’s crack head son, yet the current Republican president is not to be permitted to fire an inspector general, one that was hired by his ‘Democrat’ predecessor and who happens to be someone that the president no longer has any confidence in.  And so, it’s only a Democrat president who is free to fire anyone he, or she, may want and for whatever reason.  This is now the state of our politics, what’s good for the Democrats is never what’s good for the Republicans.

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