Wallace 10

Try as I might to come up with a time when I considered Chris Wallace to be a serious journalist that could be relied upon to tell me the truth, I keep coming up empty.  Because what Wallace, if we’re being honest, has always been is a very dedicated propagandist for the Democrat Party.  And yet he still fancies himself as an expert when it comes to all things having to do with politics, when in fact it has been time and again that he has made it quite clear that he’s nothing but a political hack.  And what I find as being pretty amazing is how so many others have convinced themselves that this guy has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the goings on in Washington.

For instance, just this past Friday in an interview on Fox News ‘America’s Newsroom’ with host Sandra Smith, Wallace actually described ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s answer regarding the sexual assault allegations made by former U.S. Senate staffer Tara Reade, as “skillful.”  Now first of all to use the word ‘skillful’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden in the very same sentence is all you really need to call into question Wallace’s supposed qualifications as an unbiased and objective journalist.  Because to put it quite simply, he has none.  Wallace is no more a journalist than are clowns like Chris Cuomo or Andy Cooper or even a Don Lemoan.  Wallace fits right in with this bunch.

It was this past Thursday, on MSDNC, that ‘Creepy Joe’ said voters who believe Reade’s allegation, “should vote their heart. If they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me. I wouldn’t vote for me if I believe Tara Reade.”  And it was in referencing ‘Creepy Joe’s less than artful retort that Wallace said, “Well, I think it’s a pretty skillful answer, Sandra, in the sense that on the one hand, he wants to absolutely flatly deny the truth of the allegation, the very damaging allegation, shocking allegation that Tara Reade is making against him that he sexually assaulted her in the halls of Congress.”  Seriously?  And he calls himself an objective journalist?

And from there Wallace then went on to say, “But on the other hand, while he wants to deny her allegation, he doesn’t want in any way to dismiss the allegations of women in general.”  And the he added, “So you heard him there as he was beginning to say it didn’t happen and then said I don’t want to question her motives and then say if you believe her, vote against me. It’s one of those things of, I flatly deny the accusation, but I’m not in any way going to go after the accuser.”  And likely already knowing the answer before she asked the question, host Smith then asked Wallace, “Does this issue go away for him, or does this linger on a through 20 election day?”

And of course Wallace responded saying, “I think as it now stands, it goes away in the sense that he has told her story, it’s a shocking story, a disturbing story, but she doesn’t have any real evidence of it. So it’s a classic he said, she said. Now, if she is able to find something that provides more backing to her case or if somebody else were to come out and tell a similar story, it’s worth pointing out nobody else has come out and told a similar story. Yes, there were stories in 2019 about him touching women’s shoulders and getting too close to them, and they were feeling uncomfortable but nothing anywhere close to the level of sexual assault.”

He said, “If there were another case or two of that, it would add a lot of weight to it, but I don’t think in this story by itself continues on for another almost six months. They either has to be more substantiation of this one or another case of a separate woman telling a similar story.”  He added, “Let’s also be clear, President Trump does not come in with clean hands on this either. There’ve obviously been a number of women who have accused him of sexual assault. So I don’t know that people that are upset by even the allegation of sexual assault will say that’s it, I’m not going for Biden, I’ll go for President Trump instead, who has also denied similar allegations.”

Now, of course, the first thing that popped into my head was, might Wallace actually be working for ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s campaign?  But realistically, Wallace’s idiotic comments likely had little to do with ‘Creep Joe’ specifically, because Wallace would likely side with any Democrat.  With Wallace what’s all about is the fact that Wallace hates President Trump and how he will say absolutely anything if he thinks he can in anyway damage the president.  Wallace’s hatred of Donald Trump can be traced all the way back to the 2016 presidential campaign when he asked then-candidate Trump and NOT Hitlery whether he would accept the results of the election.

And also let’s not forget that it was Wallace who was the guy designated to take down candidate Trump at the very first Republican presidential debate when he asked that stupid question, “raise your hand if you commit to endorse the eventual nominee.”  This was supposed to take candidate Trump down in one fell swoop, but as is usually the case it, as everything Never-Trump always does, it backfired.  Because when not all of the former candidates endorsed Donald Trump after raising their hands and declaring that they would, it simply confirmed what most of us knew all along, that none of them deserved the nomination in the first place, because they were all liars.

And I’m sure Wallace, being the hardcore Democrat that he is, is very well aware that ‘Creepy Joe’ has been on the receiving end for months of coaching from any number of Democrats who are personally familiar with this very same kind of behavior.  They have worked hard to tweak his responses, gone back and retweaked when necessary, and then instructed their guy to simply repeat those responses ad nauseam until ‘journalists’ like Wallace simply give him a pass, just as Wallace has now come out with his laudable comments about ‘Creepy Joe’s idiotic claims.  Democrats are such a joke and Wallace is a fraud who has virtually zero credibility regardless of topic.

I’m not sure what sort of ratings Wallace enjoys, but I’m sure they’re not all that great. Personally, I haven’t watched his show since it was hosted by an actual journalist, Tony Snow.  Wallace had some pretty big shoes to fill and he has spent the last 17 years trying to fill them and has yet to do so.  It’s obvious that Wallace spent time honing his questionable journalistic techniques while working for NBC as a White House correspondent and anchor for NBC Nightly News as well as host of Meet the Press (1975-1988).  He also worked for ABC as an anchor for Primetime Thursday and Nightline (1989-2003), before joining Fox.  So his biases are all very well ingrained.

Wallace is disingenuous regarding his comment about clean hands. This is not a comparison between two men. ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s actions regarding Ms. Reade are not the only allegations being made against him.  And Wallace describing ‘Creepy Joe Biden’s statement as “skillful” is absolutely absurd.  ‘Creepy Joe’ hasn’t make a “skillful” statement about anything in over fifty years. I never watch Wallace anymore, not even when making comments on shows other than his.  He no longer seeks after the truth but looks only to distort it.  He is yet another example of why journalism in America is dead and he is one those guilty of assisting in its demise.


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