Welcome to “Who’s Lie Is It anyway?”, where it’s all made up, all the time and facts just don’t matter!  And, here’s your host, the DNC, with guest appearances by Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, Nancy ‘Botox’ Pelosi, and Charlie Schumer.   But let’s face it, it’s been this same little game that the Democrats have now been playing for over three years now, and there seems to be no end in sight.  In fact, it’s just the opposite that’s likely true as there is a very good chance that things are likely to get ramped upsignificantly as much of what the Democrats want to keep hidden gets revealed.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News’ “Bill Hemmer Reports,” a representative of the DNC, Xochitl Hinojosa, was asked to react to the reports that 2020 Democrat presidential candidate ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden had requested the unmaking of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.  Hinojosa said, “First of all, this is a distraction. All you’re having Republicans do right now is distract from the fact that they’ve continued to politicize the Justice Department. I’m someone who worked there, and I understand the independence of the Justice Department.”

She went on to add that unmasking “is nothing that is scandalous in any way. But frankly, this is going to backfire on Republicans. Because it just showed how serious Flynn was in his conversations with the Russians. So, Republicans can try to use this to play political football. But, in reality, this is going to backfire with them.”  Now to me it sounds that what she’s really saying is that she could care less about the facts and that it all boils down to politicization. Republicans have but months, days, hours… This is not an exaggeration. They should go at this with everything they got.

Everything about this continuing Democrat inspired saga was meant to delegitimize President Trump.  I think we’re all able to very easily recognize that the sole purpose of it was one of sabotage and to orchestrate a coup resulting in him being forced from office.  And remember, we haven’t yet seen everything that has been discovered.  This was, and remains, a purposely executed plan to do away with our Constitution and replace it with progressive totalitarianism.  Just look at anywhere where you have Democrats in charge and the mess they have made of things is pretty easy to spot.

Look, how many times have we seen this very same scenario playout?  Some representative of the DNC or some loudmouth self-described Democrat ‘operative’ accepting an invitation to come on Fox News for an interview only to, once on air, simply grab the microphone and spew the talking point of the day louder and louder, drowning out everyone else and refusing to stop talking.  As is usually the case this bimbo didn’t even attempt to answer Bill Hemmer’s questions.  She was there only to bash Donald Trump and Bill Barr, the definition of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’

Obviously she doesn’t possess even a basic understanding of our Constitution, but then, after all, she is a Democrat so why should she?  The Constitution does not say that the President is employed in the Executive Branch. It says the President ‘IS’ the Executive Branch.  All appointed and career employees of the Executive Branch serve the President. They and their departments have no independence from the President.  Due to corruption, many people like this bimbo, Xochitl Hinojosa, seem to think their departments are somehow independent of the President, but they’re wrong.

And by the way who was it that thought it was a good idea to weaponize the IRS, CIA, DOJ the FBI and other government agencies?  Was it Donald Trump?  Nope.  It was ‘BO’ and his band of power-hungry henchmen.  It’s pretty obvious, or at least it should be, that it was ‘BO’ who was behind this government grab for unbridled power. The left will without a doubt try to protect ‘BO’ at all costs.  There is no lie they will not tell, no accusation they will not make in their effort to defend he who played the most prominent role in the coup attempt made against the American people.

Obviously Michael Flynn was a sizable thorn in ‘BO’s side, he knew what Flynn could do to him.  President Trump was going to use Flynn to clear out the National Security apparatus, getting rid of the communists who had been placed in key positions of power and to restructure it in order to essentially pave a new road right around the road blocks that they had put into place.  That was something Flynn was uniquely positioned to do and eager to do.  That’s why they took him down, that’s why the effort to make an example of him.  And it’s why they refuse to let it go.

The DNC’s position is that unmasking is “nothing that is scandalous in any way.”  We are talking about the civil rights of citizens, and the Democrat Party has no problem taking them away for purely political reasons.  Scary stuff America!  These people must never gain power or the America we’ve all come to love will no longer exist.   And if Hitlery had won none of what we’re just beginning to find out would have ever seen the light of day.  All of the participating scum would have gone on with business as usual and none of us, including Donald Trump would have ever been the wiser.

Democrats are in panic mode.  They know the more we uncover about this scam investigation, the more screwed they are.  Now they’re trying their hardest to protect the people involved with this attempt at entrapment and the long list of lying, email doctoring, and hiding exculpatory evidence to get the FISA court to let them push their hyper-partisan investigation into a case they knew was crap.  Democrats and their propaganda arm can spin it all they want, but as documents are declassified, instead of backfiring, Democrats will be indicted, charged with many found guilty.

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