De Niro 13

I must admit that I’m getting pretty tired of old Bobby DeNiro, the guy who has played virtually the very same character in every single movie he has ever been in and yet has managed to be hailed as being one of the greatest actors of all time.  But make no mistake, the man is nothing more than a pathetic fraud and a lair.  And wouldn’t it be a shame if we were to wake up tomorrow morning to news that poor old Bobby was another senior to succumb to the effects of the ‘Chinese virus?’  Yup, for sure that would bring a tear to my one good eye.  NOT!  As I have asked before, is there a more useless profession than that of being an actor?  Nope!

And it was while appearing this past Tuesday on BBC’s ‘Newsnight,’ hosted by Emily Maitlis, that we heard DeNiro attacking President Trump’s response to the ‘Chinese virus,’ going so far as to call the president a “lunatic” with no regard for how many Americans die of the disease.  Obvious when it comes to making movies Bobby is now way past his prime.  But wouldn’t you think that someone who makes their money from people going out to crowded theaters to see their movies would tend to approach this ‘Chinese virus’ by not sounding like a nut?  But they are so consumed by their hatred of Donald Trump that apparently it just doesn’t matter.

Maitlis asked, “Why do you think [Trump administration officials] are not speaking out? You think they can do more good if they keep quiet and help, scientifically, rather than putting their necks on the line?”  DeNiro said, “No, and I understand that. That’s, of course, the logic, the rationale.  But it’s like Shakespearean the whole thing. You’ve got a lunatic saying things that people are trying to dance around. Whereas, at one point, and they are doing this in the hearings a little more, trying to say tactically that this is what will happen. Fauci is doing that. It’s appalling. He wants to be reelected. He doesn’t even care about how many people die.”

Maitlis said, “Trump has given himself a platform because he is the democratically-elected president of the U.S. and his fan base would presumably take issue with you saying he doesn’t care about deaths or about what happens to American lives, and they will vote for him again.”  And DeNiro responded by saying, “No, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care for those people and the people he pretends to care about are the people he has the most disdain for, because he could care less about them. They might like to tell themselves that to delude themselves, but he doesn’t care about them.”  In truth, it’s DeNiro and those like him who are the deluded ones.

When asked to explain President Trump’s support, DeNiro said, “Well, I think it’s a cultural thing. You know Spiro Agnew said these so-called elitists are elitists, so they are snobs. A lot of those people have good intentions, and they want to make the country better. They don’t have the intentions of Donald Trump, who is a con artist and a scam artist and doesn’t care about that stuff.”  Maitlis asked, “Why do you think your country can democratically elect someone that you call a con artist and a scam?”  DeNiro said, “The Apprentice had something to do with it because they set up this show with this guy to make him look like he’s a big shot and he really isn’t.”

I’m guessing DeNiro must think that those of us who still support President Trump don’t plan on going to the movies once all of this virus insanity passes us by?  Which it will, regardless of the nonsense that continues to be spewed by our so-called expert old ‘Doc’ Fauci.  But since the chance of his raggedy old ass ever being in anymore movies is likely pretty remote he probably doesn’t really care if people start going to the movies again or not.  He’s made his millions and is now free to shoot off his big fat mouth about those things which he knows absolutely nothing about.  Personally I haven’t been to the movies in years, long before the ‘Chinese virus’ came along.

Oddly enough it seems that there are many in the entertainment industry today who, for whatever the reason, actually see themselves as being more than sufficiently qualified to make public policy decisions.  Which, when you consider the fact that most of them barely made it through high school, seems to be more than a little ludicrous.  That these members of a profession that requires so very little actual intelligence can insist upon being able to dictate to the rest of us how it is that we must live out our lives while they are free to live as they see fit, makes pretty clear how they all seem to have a rather over-inflated sense of importance.

These Hollyweirdos fail to realize that no one with any amount of intelligence is paying them even the slightest amount of attention.  Other than, of course, those who somehow view these know-nothings as being more enlightened than the rest of us for no other reason than because they are able to act and/or to sing.  They appear not to realize, or to understand, that the majority of Americans simply do not trust them for the very obvious reason that most of them are, in one way or another, on the payroll of China’s Communist Party.  DeNiro is just another washed-up loser in search of some way, any way, to get and to stay relevant.

While I’m sure he was thinking that it would be more, Bobby’s legacy is likely to be one where he’s remembered for nothing more than what has been his ongoing angry, bitter, profanity laced outbursts directed at a president that he happens to dislike. He’s become so unhinged and fanatical in his hatred of President Trump that he’s become little more than a caricature.  And he’s only preaching to the choir, because when you come across as a nut it’s impossible to convince anyone with a brain of the justness of your argument.  And why is it that Hollyweird so hates Donald Trump??  Because, he doesn’t elevate them up on a pedestal and grovel at their feet.

Perhaps if he were intelligently outspoken, that would be one thing.  Consider if his childish and profane tantrums were directed against anyone on the left, what do you suppose would happen?  There is no doubt that he would be shouted down and accused of being guilty of uttering pure ‘hate speech.’  It’s difficult to understand how it was that the election of one man could have resulted in so many people being driven completely insane.  But that’s exactly what happened when Donald Trump, a complete political novice, defeated she who we were repeatedly told was the most qualified individual to EVER run for president, Hitlery Clinton.

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