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First of all we know, or should know, that ‘BO’ views himself as being an expert in all things, and apparently that must also include being an expert in the handling of pandemics.  Although, I seem to remember that his handling of the H1N1 pandemic was much to brag about.  And if I remember correctly ‘BO’ waited for six months after the Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) had infected millions of Americans and had killed more than 1,000 people in the United States before declaring it a public health emergency.  So I don’t think he has much credibility in how to handle a pandemic.

But then the fact that he himself mishandled something, and rather badly, has never prevented ‘BO’ from criticizing others, going to far as to accusing them of doing a far worse job than he actually did.  So surprise, surprise, ‘BO’ recently launched a rather scathing attack on President Trump’s handling of the ‘Chinese virus’, calling it an “absolute chaotic disaster.”  You would think coming from a guy who knows a thing or two about “absolute chaotic disasters,” ‘BO’ might know a thing or two about that of which he speaks, but in this instance it’s nothing more than an attempt to distract.

This is simply another example of ‘BO’ trying to deflect from the damaging, and recent, evidence from the IG investigation implicating ‘BO’ and his direct involvement in the Russian collusion illusion, the FISA abuse and overall spying on a presidential candidate and duly elected president.  As the ship takes on water the rats are now starting to emerge, including the head rat himself, ‘BO.’  Only a day after evidence comes out that ‘BO’ orchestrated the whole Russian hoax, lo and behold he comes out swinging.  Coincidence?  I very much doubt it. More like a defense is a good offense.

Anyway, ‘BO’s critique of his successor came by way of a leaked web call Friday night with many of his former partners-in-crime, aka former members of his crime spree of an administration.  This familiar voice speaking from the cheap seats but is still seeking to divide the masses.  Once again we have ‘BO’ doing more damage than good with his typical petty, partisan, political bullshit.  But look, this is how this guy as always operated.  He was, without a doubt, the least qualified individual to EVER be elected president, but he did possess the most important qualification, he was black.

President Trump has been criticized for essentially abdicating any leadership role in guiding the country through one of its worst crises in over a century, leaving states on their own to grapple with the pandemic and even bid against each other to obtain critical medical equipment on the open market or abroad.  Critics falsely claim that President Trump, after first downplaying the threat posed by the virus, squandered precious time in February as the pathogen spread in America and did little to stock up on testing kits and other medical gear or to develop a cohesive national strategy.

‘BO’ failed miserably in being able to manage the H1N1 epidemic and left President Trump a seriously dysfunctional CDC that was ill-prepared for the ‘Chinese virus.’  In spite of this it was President Trump’s leadership that saved millions of lives because he brought the private sector onboard.  ‘BO’ fails to remember, or chooses to ignore, how badly he mishandled the Swine flu, in addition, his failed to replenish the national stockpile of medical supplies that were needed for a pandemic event of this size.  And yet we continue to hear how President Trump did such a shitty job.

President Trump was in the unenviable position of having to fight Democrats in Congress, liberal-activist judges and Democrat governors and all of those who called him a racist for his ban on China travel.  All in addition to having to fight a bogus impeachment. ‘BO’ was fortunate to have a ‘fake news’ media, nearly all of Hollyweird, and all manner of leftwing kooks all across our country forgave his many short-comings.  But then this is what the lying Democrats do and essentially have always done.  And the media is the biggest player in the whole coup conspiracy.

I’m thinking that maybe ‘BO’ might now be sticking his head out just to see which way the wind is blowing and to bash President Trump.  Not only on the ‘Chinese virus’ but warning us that the fact that the bogus charges against Michael Flynn have been dropped somehow put ‘rule of law’ at risk. You bet it does ‘BO,’ the law that is going to put him and the rest of his co-conspirators in prison?  We can only hope you will make history not only as the first black president but the first president to go to prison for trying to conduct a coup against a legally elected president.

‘BO’ is obviously trying to get his shots in early before what’s left of his legacy, that President Trump hasn’t already systematically dismantled, comes crumbling down around him.  With all of the evidence starting to be released by Barr and the DOJ regarding fake Russian Collusion with it now seeming to be traced directly back to ‘BO’ having knowledge and thereby his complicit approval.  Hopefully, the writing is on the wall.  How I would love to see him and his cohorts go down!  He’s attempting damage control and it won’t fool those American people who know better.

That said, I must say that hearing BO’s voice from the distant, dismal, Democrat past is like opening the door of an old, stanky closet that hasn’t been aired out in a number of years.  How nice it would be if ‘BO’ would just disappear and go hang out in his ex-presidential lie-barry in the murder capital of the world, the city of Chicago.  But sadly, no such luck.  We’re likely destined to be saddled with this guy at least for what will be the foreseeable future.  The best we can hope for is that he will come to be punished for his many crimes.  Personally, I pray he simply dies in his sleep.

I can’t help but wonder if a bit of panic might now be sinking in.  After spying on AP reporters and James Rosen, John Brennan’s CIA caught spying on Congress and Brennan himself caught lying about it, Eric Holder, who called himself ‘BO’s “wingman,” held in contempt of Congress and Hitlery’s private server and sending and receiving classified information in her emails.  All just a small sample of the many scandals surrounding ‘BO’ that those in the ‘fake news’ media continue to pretend never happened.  Hopefully it’s all beginning to unravel, and the spotlight is on ‘BO’.

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