Schiff 12

I think we can safely say that the Democrats exhausted every possible excuse, no matter how remote, in what has been their continuing effort to bring down this president.  And despite the best efforts of their front man, Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, in this ongoing bit of political theater, the anti-Trump forces continued to come up empty.  And now, slowly but surely, it would seem that their treachery is now finally beginning to see the light of day.  And the fact that they are now squealing like stuck pigs reveals to us that they know they are now on the verge of being busted.

And it was on Thursday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “All In,” that we saw old ‘Pencil Neck’ reacting as we would expect that he would to the news of charges being dropped against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.  ‘Pencil Neck’ voiced his displeasure by stating the move “really puts us back in the category of almost an emerging democracy, where the rule of law is not yet firmly established, where prosecutorial decisions are made on the basis of politics.”  ‘Pencil Neck’ refers to the “rule of law” as if it’s actually something that he genuinely believes in.  NOT!!!

Schiff said, “I think we lost 50 years’ worth of ground in solidifying the independence of the Justice Department after Watergate. This really puts us back in the category of almost an emerging democracy, where the rule of law is not yet firmly established, where prosecutorial decisions are made on the basis of politics. Here, Bill Barr, once again, doing the political dirty work for the president in making a case go away that the president tried to get Jim Comey to make go away and then fired him when he wouldn’t, tried to get Jeff Sessions to make go away and he wouldn’t.”

This coming from the very same guy who repeatedly lied to the American people telling them that his committee had irrefutable proof that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian, only to find out after the release of testimonies from former ‘BO’ officials that no such evidence ever existed and that the allegation was Russian disinformation planted by the Russians that became known as the Steele dossier. The question for Schiff is why, after being informed that the Steele dossier was Russian disinformation, why did he continue his investigation and ignore the facts?

Look, in reality old ‘Pencil Neck’ is just the mouthpiece here, ‘BO’ and his cronies are the real culprits responsible for this travesty.  They all should be tried for treason for setting up a coup attempt that has wasted a majority of President Trump’s first term and untold millions of taxpayer dollars.  And yet nothing will happen to them, they will continue with their treasonous activities totally unabated.  But imagine where we would be today if not for the entire media, all of the Democrats as well as all of the RINOs trying to get rid of President Trump.  He must be doing something right.

I find myself wondering what ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff would call a country where the losing political party in a general election not only refuses to accept the defeat of its candidate but for the next several years devotes all of its energies plotting against, and “resisting” the victor, and working to bring about an unconstitutional and blatantly criminal overthrow of that victor?  Most people would call such a country the equivalent of a banana republic and a country where democracy has long been dead.  Such is the vision that Democrats have long held for America.  Make no mistake.

And make no mistake, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is NOT independent, it works for the president and answers to Congress that has oversight.  Notice how the Democrats push this lie after they used the DOJ like their own personal Gestapo when ‘BO’ was in office?  The Democrats ran institutions into the ground, promoted stupid liberals to run them, used and abused them for their own political gain and then left them as sabotage vehicles for the next administration.  Democrats have no sense of decency in their dealings, the only measure of an action is whether it helps them.

It’s third-rate political hacks like Schiff who engineered this development by weaponizing our once-respected federal law enforcement agencies as well as our intelligence, tax-collecting and–most recently–even our public health agencies for use against law-abiding citizens.  Their treachery has fundamentally transformed the U.S. Constitution from a security pact among the sovereign states and their citizens into an instrument of surrender to an unconstrained, lawless federal government.  In truth, what’s been happening is suggestive of a consolidating of tyranny.

In doing so, ‘Pencil Neck’ and his co-conspirators have rendered null and void the SOLE source of their just powers, thereby forfeiting their legitimate authority over we the people of the United States.  Right under our noses America has been set on a fast track to becoming a second-rate socialist shithole.  Reversing this course and rescuing our beloved nation will require a grassroots movement of non-violent, non-partisan, first-rate citizen CEOs (Constitution Enforcement Officers) with the courage to force these corrupt politicians back within their original, strict constitutional constraints.

‘Pencil Neck’ seems either not to remember, or he chooses to ignore, how ‘BO,’ aided by Democrats like himself, abused his power when he co-opted, corrupted and weaponized every government agency in what was a concerted effort to go after his political adversaries.  He politicized/weaponized the intelligence community against our own citizens.  ‘BO’ weaponized the IRS and utilized it to punish anyone who dared to speak out against his policies.  And yet nary a word was heard from Democrats, because their focus was not on protecting freedom, it was gaining political power.

And despite the endless claims to the contrary, sadly it was the presidency of ‘BO’ was the most scandal ridden administration in all of American history.  It would not be an understatement to say that it was more of a crime spree than a presidential administration, and yet to those like ‘Pencil Neck’ it mattered not at all!  And it mattered not to any Democrat that upon his election ‘BO’ set about running this country as if it was some third world country and he was its dictatorial leader.  And again it was every single Democrat in Congress who merely went along for the ride.

And so we’re now finding out how the Democrats, including ‘BO,’ put into action a plan the purpose of which was to first prevent the election of Donald Trump, and then when that failed to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump and engineer his removal from office.  And it would seem that in their very determined effort to remove this president they apparently considered themselves as actually being above the law.  We know this because word is finally coming out about how these people and the ‘fake news’ media allies were looking us dead in eye and lying to us.

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