Democrats 104

While I truly have no interest in offending anyone, it would seem that we have now gotten to a point in our history where we at least need to consider some new words to describe just how corrupt and disgusting the Democrat Party, as well as those who support it, really are!  Again, meaning no offense, these people have made it quite clear, time and time again, that they are totally incapable of telling the truth, no matter what their lies may end up costing those who tend not share their rather twisted philosophy.  They spew their lies knowing full well that we know they’re lying, but they don’t care. They might as well be flipping us off while they talk.

And it was another perfect example of this type of behavior that was again on full display as recently as this past weekend, on Sunday, when on ABC’s “This Week,” Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez actually compared the sexual assault allegations made by former U.S. Senate staffer Tara Reade against presumptive Democrat nominee ‘Creepy Joe Biden’’ to Hitlery using a private server to store her emails during her tenure as secretary of state, under ex-president ‘BO.’  Now from where I’m sitting, on the outside looking in, that’s not really making much sense to me, but then I’m not the guy trying to salvage the candidacy of ‘Creepy Joe.’

And it is a partial transcript of the bizarre conversation that follows:

ABC: OK. Thank you very much for joining us. So, let’s bring in Tom Perez, and I want to start with Joe Biden did have days to prepare for his interview about Tara Reade. He denied the allegations and urged the national archives to release any alleged complaints from Tara Reade. The archives said they are not responsible for records like that. Biden now says in a formal letter that he was mistaken, that it was at the archives, and asked the secretary of the Senate for help.

PEREZ: Joe Biden has been very clear, (Martha), that this did not happen. He was forceful in that, and he’s been equally clear that when women come forward with complaints of this nature, they should be taken seriously, their complaints should investigate, they should be treated with dignity, and he’s done exactly that. He called for the Senate to release any documents they have, she indicated that she filed a complaint. Joe Biden wants that complaint released. He is an open book. He understands that it’s important for the information to get out. He would like for that information (inaudible) media.

ABC: But Mr. Perez, I want to – I want to stop you right there – Biden also says he will not release documents from his years in the Senate, now the University of Delaware because they don’t contain personnel matter, and could have brushed aside suggestions that a search be done of just Tara Reade’s name in those documents. The New York Times editorial board called for the DNC to convene an unbiased, apolitical panel to review portions of Biden’s papers saying his word is insufficient to dispel the cloud. Your communications director has called that idea, “absurd.” Why?

PEREZ: Well, listen. There’s been so many investigations of the vice-president. The most – the most comprehensive investigation of the vice-president was when he was vetted by Barack Obama in 2008. I’m very familiar with vice-presidential vetting process. They look at everything about you. They looked at the entire history of Joe Biden, his entire career. And I’ll tell you, if Barack Obama had any indication that there was an issue, Barack Obama would not have had him as his vice-president. Barack Obama trusted Joe Biden. I trust Joe Biden. And those investigations have been done.

Now let’s talk about Delaware for a moment. The University of Delaware and any university that takes somebody’s documents, they’re taking their policy documents, they’re taking their speeches. They’re not taking their personnel records and, in fact …

ABC: But why not just search Tara Reade in those documents?

PEREZ: This is like the Hillary emails. Because, there was nothing there and the reason is, if I’m going – I work on the Senate’s Judiciary Committee in 1995, the ranking member was Joe Biden. I was working for Joe Biden. I was working for Senator Kennedy. If you want to see my personnel records, you don’t go to the Kennedy Institute. That’s not where they go, and so, when you ask the University of Delaware to take a look at something, you’re asking them to look for something that doesn’t exist, and the fact of the matter is that the president of the United States, the former president, Barack Obama, conducted an exhaustive search. Joe Biden was an open book.

So what we seem to have here is the head of the very same corrupt DNC that attempted to rig the last election against Donald Trump, that actually succeeded in rigging it against Bernie Sanders, and who now wants we the American people to simply trust him because ‘BO’, the most corrupt, racist and incompetent president in all of American history, did some super-secret investigation of ‘Creepy Joe’ some 14 years ago?  Really?  Yea ok Mr. Perez, your voting base may be that stupid and callous toward women but normal people most definitely are not.  And what is it that Democrats are working so hard to keep so well hidden anyway?  It peaks my curiosity.

But I must say, though, perhaps Perez just might be right when comparing the release of the ‘Creepy Joe’s’ University of Delaware documents to Hitlery emails. For instance, 1) After receiving a subpoena, Hitlery destroyed over 30,000 emails and was never charged with destroying evidence, 2) The emails that have been disclosed have shown felonious violations of national security laws, 3) They also show a pattern of other illegal activity, and 4) All of the above was ignored and glossed over by the FBI, other law enforcement agencies, the Justice Department, Congress, and, of course, the vast majority of those involved in the creation and dissemination of ‘fake news.’

We should all be glad Perez brought up Hitlery. Hitlery’s butt boy, political strategist, activist, and author Peter Daou, has actually admitted that ‘Creepy Joe’ has a history of “years of violating the physical boundaries of women and girls on camera.”  The credibility of every Democrat who has endorsed ‘Creepy Joe’ has now got to be called into question, because we know that they have all long known what a creepy pervert ‘Creepy Joe’ is, even as they were all so very enthusiastically endorsing him.  Hell, Hitlery said she was actually “thrilled” to do so.  Democrats now seem to be telling women that they are ONLY to be ‘seen and heard’ when it’s convenient to the party.

Meanwhile Hitery wait’s ever so patiently in the wings for just the right time to make her ‘illustrious’ return.  Now I’m not wanting to sound like some random conspiracy nut, but who’s to say that she isn’t the one behind the whole Reade thing, like she was the whole Trump ‘thing?’  Reade, will of course, be found dead somewhere from what we will be told was ‘likely” a self-inflicted gunshot, shooting herself three times with a large caliber rifle in the back of her head, with no fingerprints of hers on the weapon.  Nobody in law enforcement will question it at all, just like Epstein who was on suicide watch, with the camera system that somehow down during the incident.

And perhaps ‘Creepy Joe’ would actually be doing himself a bit of a favor if he were to come out and demand that he be investigated with the same rabid intensity that President Trump has continued to be investigated, and that 12 Democrat hating Republican prosecutors be hired, who hate him and have a personal bias against him just like the 12 vicious Republican hating Democrat prosecutors were hired for the Mueller investigation who both hated and had a bias against Donald Trump.  If he has nothing to hide, then any and all material pertaining to his life in politics should be considered as fair game.   But don’t hold your breath waiting for something like that.

Perez, the rabid communist who ‘BO’ made his secretary of Labor, says, “This is like the Hillary emails, because there was nothing there.”  Well, most Americans don’t really trust Hitlery and therefore would very much liked to have seen those 30,000 emails, just to make sure there wasn’t anything in them that shouldn’t have been.  Instead Hitlery erased and smashed hard drives, used ‘bleach bit’ to further remove any other possible bits of incriminating evidence and handed over subpoenaed phone devices minus their sim cards.  So, we’re left wondering if those emails were about wedding plans or if they contained further proof of Hitlery’s career long crime spree?

Finally, the Democrats’ sham call to believe ALL women brave enough to come forward has been proven to be just that.  They believed Roy Moore’s accusers, they believed Herman Cain’s accusers, Hell they even believed Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser.  And all decades after the ‘alleged’ incidents supposedly took place and all with virtually ZERO corroboration.  All of the accusers of these men were active Democrats with some pretty radical, so there was clearly an ulterior motive for bringing forth these allegations.  Reade on the other hand was and is a dedicated Democrat and no doubt worshiped ‘Creepy Joe’ as all young Democrat cult members tend to do.  Oops!


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