Democrats 100

Look, if this ‘Chinese virus’ has made anything crystal clear, or at least it should have, it’s the absolute foolishness for continuing to elect Democrats. ANY DEMOCRAT!  For instance, it is every Democrat governor, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE one, who has demonstrated that they possess neither the aptitude nor the necessary skillset for carrying out the duties for which they have been ‘elected.’   These governors prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that the Democrat Party has now come completely out of their straightjackets and the masks have all been removed. If voters continue to support these little petty tyrants, they deserve the nightmare they get in return.

So, while a good many of our states are now finally on the way to reopening, after never really needing to be closed in the first place because of this ‘supposed’ pandemic, it’s most of those states stupid enough to have elected the Democrat currently at the helm who are NOT, and may not be opening for some time.  And it’s Democrat-led Oregon that is just one of them.  Oregon, a state with 4.14 million residents did not reopen on Friday.  In fact, the very, VERY, liberal state is not reopening anytime soon.  Apparently far left Oregon Governor Kate Brown feels the need to extend the state’s lockdown until JULY 6th!  TWO MORE MONTHS!

What a shock right?  Another blue state communist doing her very best to turn her state into yet another Democrat cesspool!  But then Brown is really no different than any other of her fellow Democrat.  But consider how in 1969 we had the Hong Kong flu pandemic and lost 100K Americans and yet nothing was shut down, not even Woodstock!  Likely most of these same fascists wouldn’t be alive today had someone seen the wisdom and wiping out that farm back then.  Americans were then dying on foreign soil, while it was the real enemy who was walking among us. They even flew Communist flags on American soil back in the day, so even then they hated America!

What politicians, like Brown and others, have come to rely on is the fact that people will soon forget what it is that they have done.  And sadly, for the most part that’s exactly what far too many people tend to do.  What Brown has done is unconscionable considering the relatively low number of deaths that her state has actually suffered.  And that she effectively shut down her state should tell us everything about how this is truly far beyond being only about this virus.  Brown’s disregard for human beings is so stunning.  She’s giving us all a preview of what’s to come if we are actually foolish enough not only to not reelect Donald Trump but to elect ANY Democrat.

These states with Democrat Governors: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine (female), Michigan (female), Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico (female), New York, North Carolina, Oregon (female), Pennsylvania, Rhode Island (female), Virginia and, Wisconsin.  And they are purposely extending their stay-at-home state and further destroying the state economies.  Let’s see how their states fare economically, with their extended lockdowns.  And there are some who are now essentially demanding that the other states, those governed by Republicans, ‘bail their sorry asses out.

The absolute WORST thing about this ‘shut down’ is that it now established a very dangerous precedent.  Because now, any president or any governor can take away our FREEDOM by merely claiming that some supposed pandemic presents a threat that requires them to take total control and eliminate our freedoms.  Who’s to say that this was nothing but a dry run with a rather mild virus to see how quickly the sheeple in the U.S. will cede all freedoms. Turns out pretty quickly.  And yet, these are the very same Democrats who celebrate over half a million abortions annually, defend murderous street gangs and provide sanctuary to illegal alien rapists. Weird, huh.

The point that has to be hammered home is that the Democrats were the ones who went on an authoritarian rampage during this ‘Chinese virus’ public health kabuki. The governors who are most guilty of violating people’s constitutional rights are all Democrats.  The states were supposed to be laboratories of freedom, however many states have been turned into testbeds for communism, of which Oregon and California have become, to name what are just a couple.  These people aren’t going to stop until they have driven their state economies into the dirt so far that it drags the whole country down.  It will be up to their citizens to take matters into their own hands.

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