Wallace 10

There are few on ‘Fox News’ who are more transparent, when it comes to how much they hate President Trump, than is ‘Commie Chris’ Wallass.  Another member of this anti-Trump ‘Fox Squad’ is Neil Cavuto, as is Ed Henry and Nappi Napolitano.  Wallass is a disgrace to his supposed ‘profession’ of journalism.’  He has continued to make clear his obvious bias against this president, as well as all those associated with him.  He was one of those who was quick to jump onboard the impeachment bandwagon with so many of his colleagues in the ‘fake news’ media and the corrupt Democrats.

Friday on Fox News Channel, “Fox News Sunday,” anchor ‘Commie Chris’ said he did not understand why people were “rallying” behind ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn given he lied to the FBI.  Thursday, President Trump said Flynn had been “essentially exonerated” by new documents unsealed in his criminal case.  As expected, ‘Commie Chris’ apparently took exception to that opinion.  We shouldn’t be surprised, as he is one of the many useful idiots in our ‘fake news’ media to the point where one wonders if he might be under the employ of the Democrat Party.

Anyway, it was ‘Commie Chris’ who said, “And I was kind of surprised that the President said yesterday, ‘Well, maybe I’ll bring him back to the White House.’ It was the President, before any legal case was brought, who fired Flynn because Flynn had lied about his conversation with the Russian ambassador to the Vice President, Mike Pence. Mike Pence came on ‘Fox News Sunday’ just before the inauguration in January of 2016 and said there was no discussion of that, and it turns out he was basing that on what Flynn had told him and that Flynn had lied to him.”

He continued, “So I’m not quite sure I understand why people are all rallying to Flynn’s case. Did the FBI play hardball? Yeah. Guess what? The FBI plays hardball. And guess what? If you are talking to the FBI, and a lot of lawyers would say don’t talk to them unless you have to, don’t lie.”  Did the FBI play hardball?  No, Chris, they purposely misled Flynn.  Wallass is vehemently anti-Trump.  Anything to discredit President Trump, directly or indirectly, is what he will pursue, even to the extent of telling bald-faced lies.  Is this now what’s considered to be “Fair and Balanced?”

What was the FBI playing hardball about Chris?  What crime was the FBI investigating for which they needed truthful information?  Answer: There was none.  Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada!  There was no crime.  So if Flynn didn’t remember some detail, tough luck FBI. Same legal effect as misremembering some detail to your sister, or some hack reporter. Flynn’s misstatements weren’t “material” to any possible crime for which there was a legitimate pending investigation.  Wallass knows all this.  He’s not stupid. He’s just your basic propagandist simply trying to appear as if unbiased.

Wallass is insufferable and a pompous ass.  And while it would be easy to say that he’s simply too stupid to know the actual facts of this case, sadly I’m afraid that it goes far deeper than that.  ‘Commie Chris’ is well aware of the fact that the FBI agents who originally interviewed Flynn didn’t think that he had actually lied. The lie allegation was dreamed up later by a group of rogue FBI scumbags and evidently approved of by ‘BO’s White House.  In short, Flynn was railroaded.  ‘Commie Chris’ knows this and it makes his comments all the more sinister, even treacherous.

It’s strange how when a Democrat lies, there never seems to be enough evidence to prosecute, yet when it’s a Republican, or some Trump supporter, it’s always quite different.  It’s then that you raid their home at five in the morning and tear the place apart, and then take him to court for anything.  Wallass is a progressive so naturally he’s just fine with any abuse of power as long as the target is someone, ANYONE, on Team Trump.  Flynn’s supposed “lie” to the FBI is a totally SEPARATE issue from the abuse they employed to entrap him.  One has NOTHING to do with the other.

And what I find as being more than a little hilarious is the fact that ‘Commie Chris’ actually believes there are few people able to see right through his ridiculously loaded ‘questions’ that are rarely ever more than lowbrow accusations without any factual support.  I don’t think Wallass knows how to formulate and then ask a genuinely good question!  Which makes Wallass more of a propagandist than an actual journalist.  I assume that Wallass simply doesn’t care that most people are able to easily see through his various affectations and charades, I can’t see it any other way.

Wallass chooses to ignore completely the Gestapo type tactics that were used by these FBI agents concerning Flynn’s family, after all that’s not important.  The end always justified the means.  General Flynn was essentially a marked man by ‘BO’, obviously, and was questioned by rouge FBI agent Strokz.  A reasonable person, based on what we now know, might come to the conclusion he got twisted into knots and that was used against him.  Why did the Mueller team withhold the evidence that would’ve shed light on the real situation?  Terrible situation they put that soldier in.

Look, Flynn was intentionally entangled in a perjury-trap, something that the FBI apparently does routinely in order to convict the innocent.  In most of these cases they just unethically use the resources of the Federal government to bankrupt the defendants into declaring guilt!  Nobody can get justice when the deck is so obviously stacked against them in every conceivable way!  And the fact that ‘Commie Chris’ apparently sees absolutely nothing wrong this should tell us all we need to know about ‘Commie Chris’ and provide enough reason for never watching his program!


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