I think that for as long as most of us can remember Democrats, as well as their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, have been desperate in their attempts to convince us that there is no such thing as voter fraud now taking place anywhere in this country, or if there is it is extremely rare and very insignificant.  But for those of us who actually pay attention, it’s after every single election that more proof is provided that voter fraud is not only occurring, but is taking place on what is very fair to say, a massive scale.  And with only one side participating, that being, the Democrats!

And as is usually the case with Democrats, they seem to think that if they are able to continue to make the claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist then eventually they will be able to convince more and more people that that is actually the case, thus making it possible for Democrats to create for themselves even more opportunities to use that which has become one of their more potent, and effective, tools in their continuing effort essentially invalidate millions of legal votes and making it even easier for them to steal even more elections, because it’s what they do.  We can never trust them.

All of which brings me to this past Tuesday when, on MSDNC’s “Morning Joe,” we had failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a Democrat, who made the claim that President Trump’s concern about possible fraud in voting by mail amid the coronavirus pandemic was totally unfounded.  She even went so far as to make the claim that voter fraud was “by and large, a myth.”  A myth?  Really?  According to whom, exactly?  So, do Democrats, like the ‘Black Kow,’ here, actually think that we’re too stupid to recognize what’s taking place right before our eyes?

In making her case for allowing additional voter fraud, Abrams said, “The reality is, if we go ahead and get mail-in ballots to as many voters as possible, you shorten the lines which means you can move as many people out of needing to be in person which lets you focus on those who must show up to vote in person – the disabled, those who have language barriers, the homeless and those who have been displaced by COVID-19 and do not have mailing addresses that are stable, or those whose absentee ballots don’t reach them.  We do what’s necessary to protect those ballots.”

And she said, “But here’s the thing. Voter fraud is, by and large, a myth. The President of the United States, number one, voted by mail just recently, and so it worked for him. The concern he has is that it will actually work for every American. Our elections are not partisan. The choices we make are, but the elections themselves should be available to every eligible American citizen. And that is why we are all working so hard to ensure that we can not only flatten the curve but ensure our democracy.”  A Democrat speaking of ensuring our democracy, now that’s rich.

I am curious about something though, especially when it comes to Ms. Abrams.  And it’s on the subject of her supposed qualifications for holding public office.  I’m just wondering if there might be someone out there who is able to tell me, or who can perhaps provide me with a list of, the supposed qualifications that this tubby, mentally challenged, political hack might possess that makes her the top tier Democrat candidate that I have heard her described as being.  I mean other than being black and a female, what other ‘qualifications’ does she possess?

Look, it’s not only mail-in voting that’s the problem.  Voting only works if each person has to register with some form of ID and then a signature is on each ballot.  Even better a fingerprint tied to the registration.  Ballots sent out must not be able to be counterfeited. What Democrats, like Abrams, are asking for, here, is basically a ballot that can be printed out as many times as one likes and can be delivered in mass without postage, signature, fingerprint or even registration.  Now the obvious problem here is that Republican voters obey the law and Democrat voters don’t.

This mail-in vote scheme now being championed by the Democrats is something that really does have me worried.  The fact that Democrats are all rallying around this should make everyone very suspicious and more than a little concerned regarding their true motives.  Because if they can pull it off, it will guarantee that the integrity of our elections will be lost forever.  And I worry that more outright Socialists like Abrams, and those loons who comprise ‘The Squad,’ will manage to get elected and the country will go straight down the toilet even faster than it already is.

But perhaps we should all BELIEVE Ms. Abrams when she says voter fraud is merely a myth repeated by the other side.  I mean she is quite the expert on myths!   After all, she believes she won the Georgia governor’s race, she’s continually referred to as being an “up and coming star” in the Democrat Party which, of course, means she likely also believes that the Socialist approach to running our country would likely be so much better, as do any number of others in her party.  Actually, what she is is, like all Democrats, an expert at coming up with ways to destroy our country.

Let’s be honest, when was the last time anyone heard about a car trunk full of ballots being discovered that, after being counted, came out to be in favor of whomever the Republican candidate was in whatever contest was involved?  And yet morons like Abrams remain under the impression that we can all safely assume that voter fraud, on the part of Democrats, is nothing but a myth.  Now granted, there are a lot of stupid people in this country who likely buy into that nonsense.  But there are still millions of us who recognize the Democrats for the cheating scumbags that they are.

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