Schumer 40

And so, it is in good old Charlie Schumer, hater of all things American, that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus seems to have one of his more vocal cheerleaders.  And is anyone really surprised by that?  I, for one, most certainly am not.  Once again we have Democrat’s defending their brothers-in-arms who screw up the world with their antics. If we had followed the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO), and members of our own Democrat Party, our nation would now be up to our collective butt in corpses. Instead President Trump chose to ignore all of their nonsense and chose to deal with this Chinese inspired virus in what was a very responsible way.

But anyway, in getting back to old Charlie, it was on Tuesday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” that Charlie criticized President Trump saying that it won’t make the situation in the United States better by criticizing the W.H.O. and all the president’s energy seems to be focused on attacking other people.  Charlie said, “He goes after the W.H.O. What good is it? How is it going to make the country better by going after the W.H.O. one day or the press one day or the governors one day or Pelosi one day or me one day? That’s all he seems to — that’s seems to [be] where his energy is. At the same time, we don’t have a regime of testing.”

Can we just be honest here and agree that the Democrats don’t give a squat about ANYTHING other than gaining power and any means of obtaining it.  W.H.O. made huge mistakes in this virus and spent more time trying to protect China’s image than it did on what it’s supposed to do.  President Trump was spot on in pointing out W.H.O.’s multiple screw-ups.  And Charlie, true to form, spends most of his time complaining about the president.  Charlie is a whiner with the annoying penchant for griping about everything that the president does.  He bails out the W.H.O. for its horrible mismanagement, yet falsely chastises our President out of pure politics.

Pointing out the many errors made by the W.H.O. is necessary, especially after how it failed so miserably and how it’s now responsible for many more deaths occurring than would have occurred had it done its job and acted responsibly.  As in ALL things related to the U.N. it’s the American taxpayer who is made cover the largest portion of the expenses generated by this outright corrupt and blatantly useless organization.  The bottom line here is that the United States should sever itself completely from the U.N. and force it to relocate its headquarters to perhaps someplace like Beijing where I’m quite sure the majority of its members would feel much more at home.

And since when can holding the W.H.O. accountable for what have been some pretty egregious mistakes, be considered as “attacking” the organization?  It was the Chinese puppet, Ghebreyesus, who begged everyone not to politicize this ‘Chinese virus,’ going so far as to promise millions of body bags to anyone who dared to do so.  And then it was Ghebreyesus himself who immediately set about to do exactly that, to politicize it.  The W.H.O. is incompetent and deserves to be cut off from all funding until it can prove that it is what it claims to be.  But Democrats have long believed that being responsible for one’s own actions is nothing more than a character flaw.

Charlie spends the vast majority of his time doing little more than attacking other people, specifically Republicans, and primarily the President. The President has been doing his best to make sure the states have all of the resources they need to battle this ‘Chinese virus.  A task that was made all the more difficult because the last administration, a Democrat administration, after exhausting our national stockpile of medical supplies, simply chose not to replenish it.  And yet the president has garnered praise from the likes of Gavin Newsome and Andrew Cuomo.  What is it that Charlies has specifically done to help?  He’s only worked to make things difficult!

Contrary to all that Charlie, and any number of other Democrats have said, President Trump’s decision to withhold funding from the W.H.O. shines a very bright light on the organization’s treachery, incompetence, political contamination and outright corruption. While its charter says one thing, what the organization has proven itself to be is actually very much different.  One of its chief officials, a Dr. Ryan from the Republic of Ireland, suggests dragging ‘Chinese virus’ patients out of their homes and away from their family so that they can be more efficiently “quarantined”.  This is the stuff of horror movies, not of some supposed benevolent ‘world’ organization.

Charlie seems to be of the opinion that American taxpayer should have no problem with, and even be quite happy to do so, continuing to pay these incompetent frauds what amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars.  Despite the fact that they are responsible for our economy being brought to a grinding halt.  I think this explains the attitude of Democrats, that by looking the other way it will somehow correct a situation that is costing Americans millions of tax dollars.  Charlie & Co. have wasted far too much of our money on mismanagement for far too long. Vote Republican, Presidency, House, and Senate! Time to stop wasting American citizen’s tax dollars.

This type of behavior, this choosing to stand with anyone other than our president, really does get to the heart of all that’s wrong with today’s Democrat Party.  It’s become standard practice for this bunch of losers to stand in opposition to the president regardless of the issue.  Democrats have made in painfully obvious that they care very little about actual facts, but only about works of fiction.  Democrats have no morals and virtually zero integrity.  Democrats fail to see any reason for choosing to step away from the W.H. O., an enormously corrupt organization that willfully misled the entire world and caused great human tragedy around the world.

And something else that I also think is worth noting, is the fact that our esteemed W.H.O. Director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is actually a member of the Communist Party of Ethiopia.  Which explains a lot when it comes to why he seems to have a rather sizable soft spot in his heart for the Communist Chinese.  All the more reason to call into question the motives behind his willingness to downplay, at least initially, just how dangerous this ‘Chinese virus’ could be and for later implying that the Communist Chinese did such a stellar job of supposedly getting it under control, when all they really did was to simply stop testing.  He is obviously a liar and a fraud!

Personally, I’m thrilled that President Trump is now taking the time to look into this organization.  W.H.O. is a bungling, bloated, corrupt organization that effectively lulled the world into thinking that we had an organization able to tackle global health crises, when we did not!  What we see from the ‘Chinese virus’ is that in the face of true crisis, instead of being able to formulate a coherent response, what we got instead was a clown car stuffed with political diversity morons, slow rolls out and stalls.  The W.H.O. director had a hissy when President Trump stopped flights from China, yet this very same boob claimed the virus was only a moderate problem.

President Trump has been working very hard, from day one of his presidency, to drag our country back from the brink and to reverse much of the damage done during the eight years of the previous Democrat administration.  And it has been throughout that same period of time that the Democrats, those just like Charlie, have been doing all that they can to throw up roadblock after roadblock in their continuing effort to obstruct the Trump Agenda.  We must never forget that it’s the Democrats who are the true enemies of our nation.  And it is President Trump who is ‘Making America Great Again’ despite the Democrats best efforts to prevent him from doing so.

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