Democrats have proven time again that they simply cannot, nor should they be, trusted.  The old saying that says, “Actions speak louder than words,” is quite appropriate whenever dealing with Democrat politicians.  For instance, Democrats, acting in concert with many leftist groups outside of government, are busy laying the groundwork for what would be, if they succeed, the execution of a voter fraud scheme on the most massive scale ever attempted, anywhere.  What MUST remain at the forefront in the mind of EVERY patriotic American is that this country, for the foreseeable future, will remain but one election away from the worst sort of tyranny.

Ok, so why bring this up?  Well, it’s because there is a slew of lawsuits just over the horizon as Democrats gear up to push some of their long sought policy objectives, like universal mail-in voting and using the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic as a political cover.  I suppose in a morbid kind of way I actually admire them. They are ruthless and use every tool in their box. I wish the Republicans would take a lesson and operate more in the same way.  To start pushing border security, and ‘The Wall,’ and insist on E-Verify once Americans go back to work to make sure that Americans are the first ones to get the jobs. But all we get from our Republicans, is fumbling and bumbling.

Nearly 17 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the last three weeks, and while Congress passed a bipartisan bill to provide emergency economy relief, many say it is simply not enough.  Now Congress is gearing up to do battle over the next phase of ‘relief,’ but one seemingly unrelated issue appears to remain a sticking point for Democrats, that being universal mail-in voting.  Pelosi revealed her party’s hand after crafting her own version of an emergency relief measure last month, jam-packed with a swathe of all manner of progressive policy objectives from Green New Deal initiatives to demands for federal and corporate gender and racial diversity data.

Pelosi also included a suite of proposals to fundamentally change the way Americans vote in elections, including ballot harvesting and vote-by-mail.  While her emergency relief bill failed to gain traction, the party’s main objective, to make mail-in voting an accepted, and even embraced, reality in the United States, was just getting started.  Many fear Democrats, and rightly so, are using the crisis as a catalyst to achieve what have remained long-held Democrat Party political objectives — objectives that have been, primarily, battled in the court system.  Election experts say this could cause the perfect storm, leading to a flurry of lawsuits from both sides.

Democrats see the current crisis as a prime opportunity to advance their effort to diminish those voting methods with the most safeguards, such as in-person voting, as fear over the virus continues to loom large.  The fight over expanding voting options has already sparked numerous legal battles. Texas is one of the states that has cases pending in court over efforts to expand mail-in balloting. Under the current election rules in Texas, only voters with a “qualifying reason,” advanced age, disability or incarceration, can mail in ballots. But a lawsuit filed by Texas Democrats seeks to have that criteria expanded by including social distancing as a qualifying disability.

Congress is gearing up to craft the next phase of relief as progressives continue to come out in unison, demanding mail-in voting amid the pandemic, and possibly beyond.  Failed candidate for president Amy Klobuchar is pushing a bill, the Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act, which expands “no-excuse absentee vote-by-mail” to all states. Fellow failed candidate for president Elizabeth Warren supports the measure but has offered a plan of her own that contains a variety of key progressive objectives, including universal mail-in voting, a ban on cleaning voter rolls, and a “sworn statement of identity instead of a voter ID” for in-person voting.

Pelosi is also calling for the next phase of economic relief to provide $4 Billion to “ensure that states have the resources they need to successfully administer elections while ensuring these resources are used appropriately by conditioning funding on adopting specific measures that will protect voters and reduce barriers to voting.” The last relief bill provided $400 Million to support election ‘assistance.’ But as Pelosi has signaled, the war is just beginning.  Pelosi made very clear what the objective is when she said, “This is bigger than mail-in.  This is fundamentally changing the way election laws are and election processes are handled in the country.”

Look, for the Democrats this is essentially their last hurrah, they know it, and we know it too.  If they think they’re fooling us, then they are sadly mistaking.  They know they cannot win this election fairly and they know they will likely lose the house, the run for president, and even a few more from senate seats.  They have no message, no real candidates, and it’s more and more people who are now able to see how just evil they’ve become.  We’re not as stupid as they think we are, their attempted use of the ‘Chinese virus’ is now beginning to fall apart with ever increasing speed.  Like that old adage says, “Absolute power, corrupts absolutely!”

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy nut, I can’t help but wonder if Democrats, aided by those in the oft spoken of ‘Deep State’ didn’t play some role in making sure that this ‘Chinese virus’ would find its way to America.  And it was done in the hope of destabilizing the Trump Presidency and crashing our booming economy that would have guaranteed President Trump’s reelection. They sought to generate fear, panic, and above all, anger at President Trump.  And the more death generated by the November election, the better off the Democrats think they will be. Hence the reason Democrat politicians were initially telling folks the virus was nothing to worry about.

And it’s also the reason why so many Democrat have been so vehement in their opposition when it comes to the widespread use of Hydrochloroquine which has proven to be very effective against the ‘Chinese virus.’  They want there to be as many deaths as possible, they are literally rooting for a high body count. For lack of a better way to put it, Democrats are nothing more than power hungry demons.  With the current Democrat leadership the party has no place in our political system.  Americans need to vote the Democrat Party out of existence. It is our domestic Public Enemy Number 1, with the ‘fake news’ media now coming in in a very close second.

I must reluctantly give the Democrats a great deal of credit for one thing.  They most definitely have mastered the fine art of cheating.  Actually, I’m quite impressed. Their latest masterpiece is so subtly wicked. Allow voters to mail in their ballots, thus protecting them from potentially being exposed to the coronavirus. Isn’t that thoughtful? Of course, this will invite total confusion and make the result ripe for a cheating frenzy. Even if they’re not successful, the probable delays in the process would give them time to design other methods of cheating.  Well, what else would you expect from a bunch of socialists who hate America and our Constitution?!

And so after attempted coup Number 1 and Number 2 pretty much flopped, what were the poor distraught Democrats to do.  Well, look for a way to initiate a coup Number 3.  And so now the Democrats are onto busily exploiting desperation of Americans who have been thrown out of work by the ‘China virus’ to institute widespread voter fraud in order to steal an election they simply can’t win.  This is most definitely not the sort of people you want anywhere near the controls of power! Do nothing Democrats bamboozled Independent squishes into giving them the House in the 2018 midterms, and look what they do with it. Teachable moment you squishes.

The election is less than seven months away. By that time I am sure that most of the siege brought about by this ‘Chinese virus’ will likely have subsided and most of our lives will be back to normal.  So the fact that the Democrats want to force this mail-in voting so badly NOW, is telling. I believe there is a possibility that Democrats realize they can’t win in November without the ability to cheat. It may go without saying that if Democrats get mail-in voting they will also turn to ballot harvesting as well. That’s where the Democrats will likely do the most cheating. And let’s not forget that just several years ago or so “ballot harvesting” was ILLEGAL.  I wonder what happened?

Freedom isn’t free.  And the price of liberty is constant vigilance.  We are faced with an enemy as devious and as evil as any we have ever faced and the world has ever seen. We have slowly and inexorably lost our republic to these traitorous slugs and I for one am sick of it.  People are always using the excuse that there is nothing I can do about it. Someone once said, “All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing!”  Call your congressman, your senator and the president. Talk with friends and neighbors. Time is short and is rapidly running out.  Democrats had their goal all but wrapped up until Hitlery called us ‘deplorables.’  And we said no, no we’re not!

But one way or another, sooner or later, whether it happens this election or three elections from now, the Democrats will likely succeed in first pushing through and then forcing upon all of us all of their oppressive policies.  And I say that because sadly we have so few Republicans who seem willing to do anything to stop them.   Republicans need to fight back, they must fight back.  We simply can no longer allow President Trump to bear the brunt of what he has been made to face from the Democrats, the ‘fake news’ and even members of own party. They need to grow a pair and start to fight with the President and to support the American people.

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