Let me make myself perfectly clear, anyone who is able to look at that shriveled up old POS that is Nancy Pelosi and not see in her someone who so very clearly represents a clear and present danger to our Republic and a threat to the freedoms that we all enjoy by fact that we live in America, is either blind, a complete moron or is, like Pelosi, someone who truly does hate the country in which they live.  She is patently dishonest, and she is a liar.  And she is someone who should have long ago been banished from public office, and the fact that she remains is not a good sign.

And it was on Thursday of this week that Pelosi announced a new ‘bipartisan’ select committee the purpose of which is to ‘investigate’ the Trump administration’s response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.  Pelosi, who handed out millions of dollars to Democrat lobbyists and special interest groups, said she now wants to ensure that the $2 Trillion is spent ‘wisely and efficiently.’  It’s unclear how many Democrat and Republican lawmakers would serve on the committee but we do know who will chair that committee, none other than Trump-hater, ‘Jimmy’ Clyburn.

It was during a conference call with ‘reporters’ that Pelosi said, “The committee will be empowered to examine all aspects of the federal response to the coronavirus, and to assure that the taxpayer dollars are being wisely and efficiently spent to save lives, deliver relief and benefit our economy.”  She said, “The panel will root out waste, fraud, and abuse; it will protect against price-gauging, profiteering, and political favoritism. We need transparency and accountability.” And then in speaking like a true Democrat she added, “Where there’s money there’s also frequently mischief.”

Pelosi’s announcement on Thursday comes as Democrats are busying themselves plotting yet another ‘relief package’ that has much less to do with providing any measure of actual relief than it has to do with a national vote-by-mail requirement, which is a massive voter fraud scam.  Pelosi faced criticism in March after stalling the then-proposed stimulus bill in favor of her own version, which included increased fuel emissions standards for airlines, an expansion of wind and solar credits, and vote-by-mail provisions. The president, and rightly so, called the Democrat proposal “crazy!”

And I did think it rather ironic that Pelosi claimed one of the purposes of this ‘panel’ would be to “root out waste, fraud, and abuse; it will protect against price-gauging, profiteering, and political favoritism.”  Especially since it was she who inserted $350 Billion into the bill to be spent on those in this country illegally, and after a remark made by fellow Trump-hater, Jimmy Clyburn, that the pandemic gives Democrats “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  And now it’s that very same Jimmy Clyburn who will head up this NEW ‘panel?’  Seriously??

And it was ‘Little Jimmy’ himself who said in a statement regarding his brand new appointment, “The importance of this committee’s work cannot be overstated.”  And this idiotic little statement went on to say, “Just as the Truman Commission in the 1940s investigated waste, corruption, and fraud during World War II at the Defense Department, this select committee is tasked with oversight of how the federal government spends the taxpayer-funded $2 trillion allocated by Congress to address the COVID-19 crisis.”  What a bunch of unmitigated political bullshit!

And all of this comes after Adam Schiff has announced he will introduce legislation to create a “nonpartisan” commission to examine the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.  You’ll remember Schiff as the one who led the blatantly bogus impeachment effort as the outbreak first started to spread. It was Schiff who tweeted out on Wednesday, “After Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we looked at what went wrong to learn from our mistakes.  Once we’ve recovered, we need a nonpartisan commission to review our response and how we can better prepare for the next pandemic.”

I have said before that it is becoming increasingly obvious that Democrats seem determined to make sure this virus lasts as long as possible, and they seem to care not at all about whether it can eventually brought to an end.  Democrats have cared about nothing more than ensuring that it continues.  And it’s as we speak that the Democrats are now said to be conjuring up a bill the purpose of which would be to rescind President Trump’s China travel ban.  The Democrats have consistently downplayed the dangers of the virus instead of chastising China for unleashing it!

The fact is that the American people must snap out of whatever trance it is that they now find themselves and realize the Democrats are working in concert with their communist brethren in China, be it in the spreading of the virus, the suppression of information about Hong Kong by the ‘fake news’ media, fighting against travel bans, demanding Open Borders or in trying to destroy the Trump Presidency. It is a reality,  a true conspiracy, simply connect the dots.  We must vote against Communism in November and send the Democrats back under the rocks from whence they came.

The reason the propaganda machine tries to avoid covering President Trump’s daily briefings is because they don’t want the people to see President Trump in command and demonstrating strong leadership.  After all, they have spent the last three years telling anyone who will listen that he is inept, reckless and is destroying the country. The more people who see him in command of the situation, the more people will likely begin to question the motives of both the Democrats as well as the ‘fake news’ media behind their constant and never-ending attacks made against the president.

And too, more people will see the attacks coming from the Democrats, and the ‘fakes news’ media, as being based on nothing other than politics.  They will view the actions that the president has taken in response to this virus as being reasonable and wonder why it is that the Democrats seem so adamantly opposed to them.  And hopefully it will come to dawn on more and more people that it does seem like the Democrats do want this virus to get worse and for no other reason than politics, and an effort to use it as a way of gaining for themselves greater political power.

While I am certainly no expert on such matters, I can’t help but wonder if there might have been a much better, and perhaps a bit less extreme, way of going at this Chinese virus.  Because I fear by throwing all of this money around we’re allowing the Democrats to gain an advantage that they otherwise might not have been able to gain.  I do not trust these people, they hate the country I love and seek nothing more than to gain power regardless of the collateral damage that results from their actions.  Collateral damage that they themselves will not be forced to contend with.

Finally, if our country is going to survive it’s going to be because of the actions taken by the American people.  The Republicans have demonstrated time and again that they possess neither the necessary courage nor the requisite spine to prevent the Democrats from acting nearly at will in their continuing attempts to systematically dismantle our Republic.  President Trump is not going to be able to do this on his own, and he’s gotten little help, over the course of his presidency from those who are supposed to be on the same team as he.  These truly are very scary times.

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