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So once again we had a Democrat trying his hand at rewriting history, or was he?  While it is something we should all be pretty used to by now, so too is the fact that we have in the frontrunner for the Democrat nomination for president a man who ain’t near as sharp as he used to be.  During an interview that aired during Tuesday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “11th Hour,” 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, ex-vice president ‘Senile Old Joe’ Biden remarked that “it would be wise” if President Trump called BO to maybe get some pointers regarding our current ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic.

It all started when host Brian Williams asked, “About the guy you worked with, do you think it’s time for Americans to hear, in a more public setting, from Barack Obama?”  ‘Senile old’ Joe responded saying, “I think that it would be wise if the president — if Trump called President Obama. I’m going to say something that sounds self-serving, but I think we handled the last pandemic very well. We handled the last economic crisis very well in an organizational structure, how we did it, what we did, who we put in charge, how it got done, where there was no waste of time and money.”

So, are we to assume that Williams was actually suggesting an ex-president come out and opine about the job the current president is doing, and to give advice on how to better handle it?  We should remember that before BO was president he had been in charge of absolutely NOTHING of consequence, and yet we’re to believe that he would have something constructive to offer regarding how best to handle this current ‘crisis?’ President Trump, was a successful businessman and head of a multibillion dollar company and has a long history of getting things done, and done quickly.

Look, ‘Senile Old’ Joe is 77.  President Trump is 73.  President Trump is meeting with numerous experts and working with a large task force and is seen giving a sendoff to the USNS Comfort headed to New York City.  Meanwhile, where is it that ‘Senile Old’ Joe can be found?  Well, holed up in his basement giving advice to President Trump!  Taking some big risks there, aren’t you Joe?  Afraid you might catch something?  How presidential!  How would it be if President Trump was holed up in the bunker under the White House for a month?  Is that where we’d likely find a ‘President’ Biden?

And in looking back we see that in the last pandemic that occurred on BO’s watch, he didn’t declare national emergency for 6 months and then not until 1,000 people had died.  He didn’t issue a travel ban from anywhere in the world.  He didn’t notify the public of what was going on, and business continued as usual.  In the end 61,000,000 Americans ended up being infected, 300,000 were hospitalized and 18,000 died before the H1N1 was no longer a threat.  Also, it was BO who failed to replenish the PPE in emergency supply and I don’t remember BO distributing PPE to hospitals and states.

During the H1N1 swine flu ‘pandemic’ there was nothing that was done. I don’t recall BO having a daily briefing and updating the people on the status of the virus.  Honestly, BO and ‘Senile Old’ Joe were little more than a couple of inept boobs who were obviously in over their heads.  Many lives could have been spared if they hadn’t been quite so inept.  And this is how ‘Senile Old’ Joe defines handling a pandemic very well?  Really?  What expertise could BO possibly offer?  Do people really want to have the Democrats in charge of our current situation instead of President Trump?

And of course, it was the communication arm of the Democrat Party, aka the ‘fake news’ media, that went above and beyond in its effort to cover BO’s derrière, not only during the entire time of his eight year reign, but more specifically during 2009-2010 which specifically covered this last pandemic.  There is virtually no reason for President Trump to be calling BO as there is nothing to discuss with he who will likely go down in history as the worst president we in this country ever had the misfortune to elect, and headed one of the most blatantly corrupt administration in our history.

As I mentioned there were18,000 deaths, and no shutdowns in 2009, during the H1N1 epidemic.  It also took a year to develop a vaccine. That is just part of what makes up BO’s less than impressive legacy.  I love how the Democrats, and many in the ‘fake news’ media, are now trying to portray BO & Co. as if they were some kind of heroes when they actually did nothing but to allow thousands to die needlessly.  And for anyone to think that BO would have anything to offer in the form of advice, or would be willing to offer even if he did, is nothing short of absolutely ludicrous.

Why is it that President Trump should be expected to call BO?  I mean what useful information is it that BO could provide other than to recommend what ‘NOT’ to do. Wouldn’t you think it far more appropriate, and dare I say even presidential, if it was BO who were to call President Trump and ask if there is anything they could do to aid in stamping out the pandemic?  Not that that’s likely to happen.  After all, our community-agitator-of-a-president is far more interested in trying to score political points than he is in doing whatever he can to assist our current president.

And it was earlier in the week that BO actually implied the President Trump had not reacted quickly enough in responding to the impending crisis.  Well, at least he didn’t wait for thousands of people to die before he decided to take some sort of action.  For BO, a man who couldn’t concern himself with a virus that was causing the deaths of thousands of American men, women and children, to now point fingers is beyond the pale, but not totally unexpected . Heaven forbid he blame China and his buddies at the World Health Organization for misleading the world until it was too late.

And in looking back at events as they actually occurred during the reign of BO, and not through the revisionist lens of the Democrats, how many thousands was it that died for no other reason than because of the obvious ineptitude and incompetence of BO & Co. of which ‘Senile Old’ Joe was a major player.  And is it that the type of ‘leadership’ that most Americans would like to return to?  I would like to hope not but if nothing else these are some pretty strange times.  If we were smart, as a people, we would never again elect ANY Democrat to ANY office, but, sadly, we are not.

And finally, what follows is but a brief synopsis of what Democrats have done so far to combat the ‘Chinese virus’: 1. Impeach Trump, 2. Label President Trump as “xenophobic and racist” for placing a travel ban on China, 3. Label President Trump as hypocritical for not taking test, 4. Label President Trump as hypocritical for taking test, 5. Demand open borders, 6. Call for dismantling ICE, 7. Demand a halt in building ‘The Wall,’ 8. Promise free healthcare, housing, education for ALL illegal aliens and 9. Pack the homeless like sardines into various ‘recreation’ centers.

And I do find it to be rather strange that there are people who seem quite comfortable when comparing a lowly community agitator, universally recognized as being the worst President in U.S. history, to someone who is universally viewed as being one of the greatest presidents this country has ever been fortunate enough to elect.  And not only that, but we have a Democrat Party whose members saw virtually nothing wrong in anything that was done by BO, but who now see everything wrong in virtually everything that has been done by President Trump.  How pathetic is that?

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