Hitlery 40

So riddle me this, my good friends…who is it that we can safely say is the more demented?  Is it Hitlery or, is it ‘Senile old’ Joe?  Because to be honest it’s become increasingly more difficult to tell.  After all, it’s ‘Senile Old’ Joe who actually thinks he’s ready, willing, able and qualified to be president.  But on the other hand, it’s Hitlery who apparently believes that she IS president, and how truly nuts is that?  And it was just yesterday that we witnessed yet another example of her delusions of grandeur when she attacked the ‘REAL’ president amid the left’s ongoing ‘Chinese coronavirus’ fearfest as she called for the country to be shut down for two months.

Meanwhile, it was President Trump who chose to express a little optimism during this week’s Fox News town hall during which he said he would like to reopen the country by Easter.  The president had said, “I would love to have [the country] open by Easter.  It’s such an important day for other reasons.”  And it was shortly after that, just like clockwork, the Trump haters began crawling out from wherever it is they reside and started calling for a total lockdown of America for at least two months.  Even ‘BO’ popped off earlier this week in what appeared to be a rebuke of President Trump’s remarks as he told Americans to stay home for the foreseeable future.

We have now, I think, gotten to a point where these Democrats simply can’t help themselves as they continue to ratchet up the hysteria and then only because they see it as way, at least potentially, of doing some level of harm to President Trump.  For instance, that leftwing loon-of-a-mayor, Eric Garcetti, out in Los Angeles actually warned of mass deaths, condemned President Trump’s “false hope” of the country reopening soon and said his city will be on lockdown until at least May, maybe even longer. Garcetti made his idiotic, and rather self-serving, remarks to Business Insider after 12 deaths were confirmed in Los Angeles due to the ‘Chinese coronavirus.’

And then into the fray once again entered Hitlery, fresh from her return from the ‘Outer Limits’, and who, as I said, apparently thinks that either she’s the president, or that people actually care what it is she has to say.  It was in linking to a piece in the New York Time that he old girl sounded off by saying, “Before sending anyone back to their jobs, President Trump, you should try doing yours.”  A statement that once again proves just how lucky we truly are that Hitlery is NOT today perched in the Oval Office!  To say that I feel much better about our country’s chances of making it through this ‘crisis’ with President Trump at the helm would be an understatement.

And I do think that perhaps Hitlery’s definition of “lockdown” differs greatly from what it is that President Trump has in mind for the country.  I have no doubt that what she means by a “lockdown” would be just that, a virtual “lockdown” that would       include having the police go door-to-door confiscating everyone’s weapons, or at least attempting to!  I mean, look at what some of these jackbooted left-wing mayors have done in a few cities in America!  Look, this is how Democrats behave when placed in positions of power.  The people become nothing more than subjects, who are to do exactly what they are told, or be made to face some pretty nasty consequences.

And frankly it’s more than a little weird, don’t you think, to be hearing calls to shut the country down from ankle biters like ‘BO’ and Hitlery, who were, not that long ago, all calling for open borders and the allowing in of all manner of illegals and ‘refugees’ who brought with them their wildly infectious, often drug-resistant diseases that had been eradicated in America nearly a century ago.  All allowed free flow back into our country with absolutely zero pushback?  Not to mention the re-emergence of BED BUGS!!!  Democrats are filth who beget nothing but even more filth.  It’s the Democrat Party, along with this virus, that needs to be eradicated!

Now I would like to hope that there are enough people able to recognize how these nutjob Democrats, along with their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, are behind all this weaponized hysteria about this it being some kind of a “pandemic.”  Granted, it is a disease that kills people, many of whom are older and those with certain preexisting conditions.  But are we now going to be putting Americans out of work during every flu season?  We have to be rational about this, and there is absolutely nothing that can be considered as rational when it comes to how the Democrats are seeking to deal with this virus.  Their political agenda of theirs has got to stop.

The single reason for Democrats wanting to keep the country closed for two months is to allow as much damage as possible to be done to the economy that President Trump already has zero chance of seeing any recovery from before the next election.  The Democrats believe that if they can get the unemployment rate back to up to ‘Great Depression’ levels they can then usher in some new ‘FDR’ type, although they fail to recognize that it was FDR’s economic policies that accomplished little more than to extend the great depression and kept people unemployed for decades.  And had it not been for WWII, the country would’ve collapsed economically by the mid-forties.

It really doesn’t take all that much of an imagination to recognize that Hitlery and the Democrats are determined in their effort to destroy the economy and, even more importantly, the country.  Now I’m no medical expert, but I can read and also I’m not blinded by any hatred of the president.  But two months does seem a bit excessive.  After all, the data is beginning to show that this virus may be nowhere near as bad as these clowns in the Democrat Party and the ‘fake news’ media are working so hard to make it out to be.  Their message is to appear united in thought, repeat ad nauseam, to persuade the sheep among us to jump on board the crazy ‘virus’ train.

But Democrats don’t care about you, they care only about power and using any crisis they can to enhance that power.  For instance, we have now Democrat governors in two states, Steve Sisolak in Nevada and Gretchen Whitner in Michigan, who have now made illegal any use of the one drug, Hydroxychloroquine, that is both safe and has tested to 100 percent positive in treating the virus that was first cooked up and unleashed upon the world by their friends in Communist China.  So what’s the rationale for that?  So how stupid must the people of these two states be if they actually believe that these people actually care about their health and wellbeing?

I still can’t help but wonder if this isn’t all some grand con job dreamt up by Communist China, with plenty of help from the Democrats, and all in an effort to destroy our economy.  I mean what we have here is classic hysterics combined with ‘science’ that falls right in line with the world coming to an end courtesy of ‘climate change’ and every other lunatic theory.  It’s all a form of drama the purpose of which is to gain control and power because they’re all just so much smarter than everyone else.  I know science and I believe this is a virus to be taken seriously and respected but not at the level of destroying the country and the common man in doing so.

Look, we all know that there is literally nothing that Democrats won’t do for a buck. The people who would do this are not leaders, they are nothing more than traitors to our country.  After all, Hitlery has yet to be held accountable for her many illegal actions and now she is continuing her crusade of criticism and resistance.  And had this crazy bitch become president can you possibly imagine what the sad state of our country would be right now?   We know that the economy would have long ago been made to crash, which does cause me to wonder that if it had been Hitlery who won in 2016 would Communist China still have felt the need to unleash their virus upon us?

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