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If we search through our old memory banks is there anyone among us who is able to recall the unabashedly masterful job that now ex-president Barry ‘O’ did during the H1N1 ‘pandemic’ of 2009, and how it was that he set the standard by which ALL other president’s would be measured in the future if they were ever to find themselves in the same sort of situation.  And also, is there anyone who is able to remember those daily press briefings that ‘BO’ gave, back in 2009, warning Americans to stay at home during the then swine flu pandemic?  If you don’t, don’t worry about it, neither do I.

It was over 60 million Americans who ended up contracting the swine flu (H1N1) and over 12,000 Americans who died from it and yet I don’t seem to recall the same level of hysteria being generated by those in the ‘fake news’ media that we are constantly being exposed to today.  It has gotten to the point where I don’t even watch the news anymore. But then I suppose we shouldn’t really be all that surprised considering the then lovefest that existed between the now ex-president and the literal hatefest that exists today between many of those same people and our current president.

And so being of the opinion that Americans were very much in need of his supposed wisdom, who is it that should slither out from under his rock but old ‘BO’ himself.  It was just this past Wednesday that he apparently felt the need to pop off again as he called on Americans to stay home for the foreseeable future and to maintain social distancing.   Once more we have ‘BO’ injecting himself into the national conversation in what appears to be a rebuke to President Trump’s remarks during a Fox News town hall where he had said, “I would love to have [the country] open by Easter.”

President Trump has also tweeted that the cure cannot be worse that the problem, suggesting that he is gearing up to put Americans back to work, and soon.  Not exactly something that we would have expected to heard from old ‘BO.’  But then, where one man wants only keep any damage done to the economy, because of this latest ‘crisis,’ to a minimum, the other seems to almost be on a mission to wreak as much havoc as possible and to exacerbate the situation to the greatest extent possible all in an effort to encourage as much damage to economy as he can possibly be done.

I think most of us realized, even back then, that ‘BO’ was running for president with one very specific purpose in mind, he was on a mission, of sorts, and driven by a hatred of his own country never before seen in a candidate for president.  And his mission was, of course, to weaken America in every way conceivable; financially, militarily and morally. He told us on the eve of the election back 2008 how we were then on the verge of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  And there were actually those who enthusiastically applauded him for saying that.

‘BO’ proved himself to be all that the Socialist/Communist haters of America had hoped for.  And his eight year reign was made possible by almost 100% of the ‘fake news’ providing him cover, his opposition were kept pretty much mute out of fear of being called ‘racist,’ and the massive voter fraud in 2012 that ensured his Republican opponent would lose.  And it was the next step in the plan that failed only because Hitlery lost in 2016 and ‘BO’s’ biggest nemesis, Donald Trump, won. The result has been the still on-going and absurd attempts to remove President Trump from office.

And let me just say that the last, and I do mean the VERY last, guy I need, or want, to be hearing from regarding the effects our current ‘Chinese virus,’ is having on our country, is ‘BO.’  I love how he, like every other scumbag Democrat, tries to portray himself as someone who gives a rat’s behind about the plight of the American people.  Which they don’t!  Americans want to keep their jobs and have a successful economy as well as to remain healthy.  We don’t want to go back to a zero growth economy. You know, like when ‘BO’ told Americans that their jobs were never coming back.

And if I had but one word of advice I could offer to ‘BO’ it would be for him to just crawl back into his hole and shut up.   And to stay out of site because he remains, at least by those who love this country, the most hated man in America.  He continues to do NOTHING more than to tear down this country.  And now he’s again slithered out into the open to once again to do nothing more than to attempt to undermine his successor and to try to act like a leader by warning people to stay inside, to be afraid, very afraid.  In truth, ‘BO’ is in no position to offer any sort of advice to anyone.

After he has dedicated himself to the complete ruination this country, who does he think it is that would be stupid enough to take any advice that he may have to offer?  He is the first president ever to so aggressively criticize his successor.  And yet, President Trump enjoys an approval rating that has remained consistently higher than achieved by ‘BO’ at the same stage of his presidency. ‘BO,’ who essentially left the country far worse off than what it was when he was handed the key, in simply in no position to be criticizing ANY president who came before him or AFTER him.

‘BO’ comes across as being quite desperate in his desire to do all that he can in an effort to make sure that our economy comes to more closely resemble the economy that he left behind for President Trump to contend with.  And keep in mind that it was to have been by now that the Democrats had very much hoped to have succeeded in turning this country into what they had hoped to be yet another a third world shithole with Hiterly acting as the head turd.  But a great thing happened on the way to making their dream, our nightmare.  Donald Trump was elected president!

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Democrat agenda as we head into  this next election has as its primary goal that which is nothing more than to sabotage President Trump’s chances of being re-elected.  Even as recently as six months ago Democrats were claiming that we were heading for a recession.  Now they and their ‘fake news’ whores are working overtime to insure that it happens.  Democrat states like California and New York delayed any response in addressing the ‘Chinese virus’ in the hope it would spread.  This was an intentional, planned, and coordinated attack.

Democrats have made it quite clear that there is nothing they will not do in their effort to ensure President Trump loses his re-election bid, and that obviously includes to purposely cause our economy to crash.  Democrats want our country to fail.  They want Americans to have no place to turn, but to them.  And, make no mistake, the Democrats seek to possess complete control over the lives of every single American.  And just as the Democrats have always said: 1) “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and 2) “By any and all means necessary.”  We are now watching both playing out.

And finally, Democrat behavior during times such as this ‘Chinese virus’ should make it painfully clear how it is that they never focus any amount of effort on assisting those affected, but instead on how best to exploit the ‘crisis’ at hand in such a way that allows them to be better able to advance their anti-America agenda.  Democrats force upon the American people those things that, in the end, only serve to make their lives even more difficult.  That is not what we should expect from ‘responsible’ leaders, only from ‘irresponsible,’ power-hungry political hacks.

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