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Ok, so I know Democrats hate Donald Trump, but do they hate him so much that they are able to look at ‘Senile Old’ Joe Biden and see him as being the better man to have out front as the one in charge of leading the battle in this country against the ‘Chinese coronavirus?’  I just have to believe that even they are not that crazy!  And I gotta tell you, I am certainly very much relieved that he is not the guy now in charge of ANYTHING!  And that sense of relief became all the more intense just yesterday after viewing a rather bizarre little ‘interview’ ‘Senile Old’ Joe did on MSDNC.

It all came about on yesterday’s episode of MSDNC’s “Deadline,” when ex-vice president, and current 2020 Democrat frontrunner, ‘Senile Old’ Joe had what were several rather awkward exchanges with host Nicolle Wallace while apologizing for his wording.  It was in watching the video that ‘Senile Old’ Joe seemed more than a bit confused regarding his surroundings.  And he didn’t really come across as instilling much confidence that he is in firm possession of all his faculties or as someone who should be entrusted with being in charge of something on the scale of this virus.

When asked how he would handle the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ if he wins the election, ‘Senile Old’ Joe responded by saying, “Way back in January 17 I wrote a piece, maybe the 15th. I wrote a piece for “USA Today” saying that, you know, a pandemic is coming. We have to be better prepared. We should have been in a position, I called for a while ago. I would enforce, enforce the defense production act. I would be surging equipment and personnel.”  Now if he had been paying attention he would have realized that all of that has been underway for some time, maybe he just forgot?

And ‘Senile Old’ Joe then went on to say, “I would be moving in a direction where we had the United States military, which I call for several weeks ago building hospitals like finally happening in the National Guard helping in New York with, you know, at the Javits Center. We have this capacity. Most of all, I would be protecting our docs, nurses, and first responders because if we lose them, we are in real, real trouble. We should be making those masks, moving on those ventilators. We can do that. Why doesn’t he just act like a president?”  So says the guy who is the least presidential!

And then it was later in the very same interview that our ‘faux journalist’ Wallace asked him, “Mr. Vice President, what do you say about the reporting in The New York Times and it’s been reported at a local level for as long as this virus has been something that people have been anxious about, that’s discrimination against Asian Americans. Donald Trump, I think, tried to put something back in the toothpaste tube yesterday but saying he wouldn’t tolerate discrimination, but that was after weeks and weeks and weeks of calling coronavirus the Chinese virus.”

‘Senile Old Joe said, “Well, I — no matter how he got there, I’m glad he finally got there. It was long overdue to say he won’t put up the xenophobia. Strange coming from him, but I’m happy he did it. Happy, he did it. The irony is you may recall in the beginning when this started there were folks like me and others calling for him to make sure that he contacts Xi, he get engaged and send people to — our experts to China to find out at the source what was happening. There was a federal employee that worked for the president in China to watch this and either got fired or quit.”

And as things continued ‘Senile Old’ Joe seemed far more concerned about President Trump’s treatment of Communist China than about his handling of the virus.  He said, “Not sure how it happened. At the time, he was out there, praising how things were going. China was doing all these wonderful things and everything was going on, but we didn’t know what was happening precisely. Now all of a sudden, he is being tough on China. He is making sure — now he is being soft on his xenophobia in the past so I just, I just can’t figure the guy. I don’t know. It’s like watching a yo-yo. ”

So now ‘I’ have a question for ‘Senile Old’ Joe.  If China is not responsible for this virus nor the epicenter of it, then why did he suggest we send experts there?  But the thing is, either he’s unaware, or he forgot, we did OFFER to send them and his pals in China REFUSED!  ‘Senile Old’ Joe continues to be allowed to speak nonsense while rarely being challenged.  He said we need to put the federal government in action, when that is exactly what has been done. There are two hour briefings each day, perhaps he’s unaware of them because they take place during his nap time?

‘Senile Old’ Joe is clearly far older than his years would seem to indicate, and is obviously suffering from pretty severe cognitive decline.  But the leaders of his party continue to prop him up in front of the cameras because, quite frankly, he is all they have.  And let’s face it, if he does win it’s not important if he survives all that long after his inauguration, all that’s needed is to get him across the finish line.  But I must say, it would appear to me, as someone looking from the outside in, that their task of keeping him on task in becoming increasing difficult, yet they continue to try.

‘Senile Old’ Joe says he tried to warn us, courtesy of a piece written for that rag USA Today, back in January of a coming pandemic, and how we had better be prepared.  And yet when the president cut off travel from China on January 31, who was it that then called him out as a racist and a xenophobe for doing so?  ‘Senile Old’ Joe!  And ‘Senile Old’ Joe has accused President Trump of not acting like a president.  Odd coming from the same stooge who stood next to Barry ‘O’ for eight years.  Barry, the same guy who very rarely, if ever, acted in a manner considered to be ‘presidential.’

‘Senile Old’ Joe exudes impotence, and he comes off as being both physically and mentally exhausted.  If there are enough people in this country willing to vote for this dolt, even when knowing full well that he’s unlikely to be in office longer than six months after his inauguration then, my friends, this country truly is done.  If people are willing to destroy their own country out of what is nothing more than their hatred of President Trump, then the left has officially won and it’s only a matter of time before we become the country formally known as the United States of America.

And you know, there was once a small part of me that once kinda felt sorry for ‘Senile Old’ Joe.  I wondered how those close to him could allow the party to keep him out ‘campaigning.’  But over time I came to see a guy who likely has just enough left to know that he’s losing it but is willing to allow himself to be used by his party just long enough to hopefully win back the White House, after which he will go quietly into the home, feeling good that he served his party right up to the end.  And I have no doubt that the Democrats have promised him and his family a big payoff if he pulls it off.

And now, in going slightly off topic, I would like to mention how it is that the stock market is now back to where it was when Barry ‘O’ and ‘Senile Old’ Joe were running things, unemployment could go back to 20%, which was the true unemployment number, again when Barry ‘O’ and ‘Senile Joe were in charge, and which we were told was the new norm that we all could expect.  And the very same Democrats who are now pointing this out as being all bad news were the very same ones who were busy praising Barry ‘O’ for his being nothing short of an economic genius.  Go figure!

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