Hitlery 20

Declaring that, because she’s a woman, she would be capable of doing a far better job than any man ever could, but especially Donald Trump, when it comes to both running the country and in doing battle against the Chinese virus, failed presidential candidate Hitlery recently chided President Trump for his handling of the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ outbreak while giving a day-to-day running commentary on his job performance.  Her advice included directing the president to fully implement the Defense Production Act, a measure that increases executive power to direct the private sector to produce needed supplies in a national emergency.

It was earlier this week that Hitlery let fly with a series of tweets, tweeting, “Let’s try this again, @realdonaldtrump:, Hospitals are already running out of ventilators and beds. Nurses are using bandanas as masks.”  And she also tweeted, “If you’ve already ordered more with the Defense Production Act, tell us now.  If you haven’t, you’re failing to lead and failing Americans.”  Had the old bitch been paying attention she would have known that the president announced on Wednesday — before Hitlery’s idiotic and rather pointless tweet — that he was indeed invoking the Defense Production Act at a coronavirus press conference at the White House.

It was on Wednesday that had Hitlery been focused on something other than perhaps taking another walk in the woods with a bottle of wine safely tucked under her arm, she would have heard the president that very same day when he said, “I would like to begin by announcing some important developments in our war against the Chinese virus.”  And when he then went on to say, “We’ll be invoking the Defense Production Act, just in case we need it. In other words, I think you all know what it is, and it can do a lot of good things if we need it.”  And when he added, “And we will — we will have it all completed, signing it in just a little while.”  And he did just that!

Ya know, it’s sad that the old bitch still seems to think she’s qualified in any way to offer advice to the guy who handed her her ass in 2016.  And it’s kind of funny, really, coming from a two time loser, who deleted 33,000 emails during an investigation into her private server, stood by while 4 Americans were brutally butchered in Libya, then lied about it to their families and who financed a smear campaign against her political rival.  She is a disgusting and vile creature who does not deserve to air her opinions on any media outlet, she should be shunned.  I can’t imagine how much worse things would now be had we been foolish enough to elect her back in 2016.

So what if Hitlery had been elected president and was now in charge of how the government handled this pandemic?   Keep in mind that the Clinton Foundation sucked up millions from the Communist regime in China, so wouldn’t it then be safe to assume that rather than to stand up to China she would now be bending over backwards to absolve them of any and ALL blame?   Also, might it also be safe to assume that she would likely institute a national shutdown and take measures to postpone the 2020 election, using the virus as an excuse for total and complete government control which we would likely never be able to get out from under.

But taking Hitlery out of the equation entirely, can anyone possibly imagine how bad things would now be if ANY Democrat were president?  And to take that nightmare scenario a just a step further, try imaging that the Democrats were also in control of both the House and the Senate?  There would have been no travel bans ordered, the borders would have been thrown wide open and likely little would have be done to address, in any meaningful way, a tumbling stock with the hope of bringing about not merely a recession, but a new Great Depression.  Democrats would now be addressing this ‘Chinese virus’ in what would be an entirely self-centered manner.

And so it is with some level of confidence that Hitlery apparently continues to see your role as one where she is to interfere with President Trump and his administration even during this crisis.  Which is further proof, as if we really needed any, that she does not possess the necessary demeanor, the necessary aptitude or even the necessary intelligence required of one to hold the office she so desperately seeks.  And while there are some Democrats who are reserving judgment and holding off criticism to pull together as one nation, it is she who continues with her badgering, spewing her anti-Trump rants to the detriment of everyone in America.

Perhaps Hitlery should stick to those things on which she is an expert.  You know things like illegally wiping servers, getting ambassadors butchered and taking millions of dollars from foreigners through a corrupt foundation.  Instead of being able to walk around free, she should be rotting away in federal prison with hubby ‘Slick Willy’ in the next cell.  But sadly, such is not the case.   But make no mistake, the karma bus is most definitely headed her way, and her day of reckoning will come.  And I’m here to tell you that that is a day I will very much enjoy.  I look forward to the day that she departs from this world, it will cause for a great, GREAT celebration!


  1. Failed Muslim brotherhood presidential candidate crooked Hilary Clinton and her ancillary Acts of Treason sedition and vast left wing conspiracies and not to mention infamous career in malfeasance


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