So while the vast number of Americans are simply trying to cope as best they can with this ‘Chinese coronavirus’ “pandemic” and the impact it has had, and continues to have, on their everyday lives, the Democrats react to it very differently.  You see, they view it only as an opportunity to be seized upon in their effort to remove President Trump from office and to, also, seize complete power over our government in the coming election.  And make no mistake, there is virtually nothing the Democrats will not say or do to in their effort to ratchet up the hysteria if they think that it will in any way assist them in meeting either of their previously stated goals.

You see, for Democrats the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ provides them with what they view as being a golden opportunity to infect America with their own unique brand of deadly virus, the virus of radicalization and of hate.   Democrats continue to accuse President Trump, and any others who choose to point out that the coronavirus originated in Communist China, of being “racists” and “xenophobes.”  Seeking to perpetuate their identity politics to divide Americans even at a time when we should all be uniting against a common threat, the Democrats continue to repeat what are nothing more than talking points issued by the Communist Chinese government.

And it’s ‘Democrat’ candidate for president Bernie Sanders who has repeatedly used the coronavirus to push his Socialist ‘Medicare-for-All’ plan.  Dismissing the efforts by the pharmaceutical industry to quickly come up with effective therapeutic treatments and a vaccine, Sanders has said the industry is run by “crooks.”  And it’s some nutjob of a leftist professor by the name of Jeffrey Sachs, who appears to be a rather big fan of Sanders, who has actually praised Sanders as being “a great man and a great leader and our most honest and direct politician in this country who has been calling it straight and right for decades, and whose policy positions we need to win.”

And turning to the coronavirus crisis specifically it was also this same loon, Sachs, who also claimed that the response to the coronavirus ‘crisis’ illustrated the failure of the private sector.  He has repeatedly parroted Sanders’ attacks on the drug industry and our nation’s private health system.  And Sachs, who is a big supporter of Sanders’ socialist prescriptions, loves Communist China’s economic system more than America’s free market economy.  And it was during an interview just last year that he said, “I fear that the Trump Administration has been trying to make China seem like the US’ enemy.”  He praised the ‘success’ of China’s so-called ‘reform’ path.

And it was also in an article that Sachs authored just last year, entitled “China is not the source of our economic problems — corporate greed is,” that he made the claim, “The real battle is not with China but with America’s own giant companies, many of which are raking in fortunes while failing to pay their own workers decent wages.”  The Chinese government and companies have stolen U.S. technologies and intellectual property, a fact that Sachs makes light of.  A few days ago Xinhua, China’s state-run media agency, suggested that “China could impose pharmaceutical export controls which would plunge America into “the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

Something that I personally was unaware of is the extent to which the U.S. has become almost entirely dependent on Communist China for the supply of the active pharmaceutical ingredients used by commercial sources to produce finished products such as antibiotics and generic drugs.  If China were to shut the door on exports of medicines and their key ingredients and raw materials, U.S. hospitals and clinics would cease to function within months, if not days.  But why should we worry about Communist China’s intentions when Sachs assures us that Communist China is not our enemy and that we should be more concerned about the greed of our own companies?

Sachs called President Trump “a psychopath and the most incompetent and dangerous person ever to hold this office in the history of the United States.”  But he might want to read up on the spread of the deadly Spanish flu in 1918 and how Woodrow Wilson ignored his chief physician’s advice and facilitated the virus’s spread by sending thousands of infected soldiers on crowded transport ships to the front lines in France during the latter part of World War I. Wilson hid the truth about the Spanish flu from the American people and did virtually nothing to address its spread. President Trump has done the exact opposite with decisiveness, bold actions and full transparency.

Look, what should be pretty common knowledge by now, after having watched Democrats over the course of the last few decades, is that Democrats hate America’s current political and economic system.  Add to that the level of hatred that they now possess for President Trump and you have a political party comprised of those who will resort to absolutely anything to not only remove the president from office but also to forever alter the political and economic makeup of our country.  And so we can count on them to continue in their effort to exploit the current ‘Chinese coronavirus’ crisis in an effort to undermine Americans’ faith in this great country.

There is nothing that I despise more than hype, the purpose of which is to instill fear.  It’s one thing to disseminate useful information.  But the constant over-reporting is reprehensible and I hope those in the business of propagating what is really nothing more than ‘fake news’ will come to pay dearly for having done so.  But I doubt it.  The overkill has been, and continues to be, pretty nauseating.  In 2009 the Swine Flu infected nearly 61 million Americans, some seriously.  Does anyone recall anything being shut down or panic-driven fear being created like today?  Oh, that’s right, it was back then that our first black president was enjoying his first year as president.

Nope, the 2009 Swine flu was just another day at the beach under the inept ‘leadership’ of Barry ‘O’ Co., of which presidential candidate ‘Senile Old’ Joe was a proud member. That epidemic began in April and not until October, only after 1,000 Americans had died from it, was it recognized as a threat. Strange, that when Team Obama woke up in October 2009 and finally recognized there was a problem and did something, were they then PRAISED by the Democrat-controlled media for their “swift” action.  There was NO panic, nor any concern, at any time during the entire year from April 2009 to April 2010. “No big deal, nothing to report, move along.”

Some things should be considered as being above partisan politics. But as we have seen so many times before such is not the case with Democrats.  And their willingness to essentially weaponize the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ shows just how far Democrats are willing go in their continuing effort to destroy the president.  The equation is all too simple, just ask yourself two questions:  If the virus gets worse, which political party does it help?  Which one does it hurt?  And then do the same math with regard to who benefits/suffers if the virus is effectively contained.  It takes a brutally cynical mind to think like a politician, but sadly it’s our very survival that may now depend on it.

And finally, let’s just say that this ‘Chinese coronavirus’ truly is as dangerous as we have been led to believe.  Has the ‘fake news’ media really done us all a favor by spending the last three years sounding like the ‘little boy who cried wolf’ regarding everything related to President Trump?  I only ask because it’s according to a new Pew Research poll that 62 percent of Americans now believe that the ‘fake news’ media has greatly exaggerated the threat the virus actually represents.  So why is it that anyone would then take seriously ANY of the many recommended safety precautions if they believe that the entire thing is little more than a bunch of hype?

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