Nothing, other than their rabid devotion and passion for the barbaric act of abortion, demonstrates more clearly that which is the Democrats’ rather twisted preoccupation with death than does their disgusting behavior during our most recent “pandemics,” first H1N1 and now the ‘Chinese coronavirus.’  We witnessed Barry’s inaction during H1N1 and how his party and the ‘fake news’ media both gave him a pass.  And more recently we’ve seen how the rapid action taken by President Trump has resulted in little more than a rampage of endless attacks directed at him for having done so.

And word now comes that a Democrat Party-aligned super PAC is planning to spend $5 million on what is described as being a coordinated advertising attack directed at President Trump’s handling of the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ outbreak, even as the nation struggles with what we’re told is a growing public health threat.  Apparently the thinking is that it’s critical for such outside groups to exact a political price on President Trump as his possible Democrat opponents, ex-vice president ‘Senile Old’ Joe and ‘Commie Bernie, aim to “project leadership by staying above the fray.”

Now it has been quite clear that neither ‘Senile Old’ Joe nor ‘Commie’ Bernie have stayed “above the fray.”  Neither has offered any support to the president, and both have been scathing in their attacks.  ‘Senile Old’ Joe called the president’s January travel ban on China both “hysterical” and “racist,” criticized the president and released his own plan, while opposing travel bans from China, Europe, “or any other part of the world.”  ‘Commie’ Bernie called for the president to be replaced on the coronavirus issue by “experts” and Congress, and said he should be “shut up.”

Meanwhile, it was failed Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang who chose to take a slightly different approach on Tuesday, by offering his support to the White House as it considered a temporary, emergency version of his signature campaign idea: $1,000 per month to each American household.  And it was another failed candidate, ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg,  who pledged $40 million on Tuesday to the fight against coronavirus, although a rather pitiful amount when compared to what ‘Nanny Mike’ spent on his failed presidential campaign, which was over half a billion dollars.

And this specific $5 million ad buy is but one of several similar efforts now planned by various left-wing groups to capitalize on and/or to exploit the coronavirus outbreak.  But this should really come as no surprise to those familiar with how the Democrats operate.  They’re not interested in doing anything that will reduce the loss of life, because in order for them to succeed they NEED the death toll to be as high as possible, thus making it far easier for them to exploit.  And there will always be those sheep among us who are willing to believe whatever it is that they are told.

Today’s Democrats proudly stand hip deep in dead babies in their fervent support of abortion.  Democrats also proudly stand on the dead bodies of those killed in senseless gun violence in their continued efforts to prevent law-abiding citizens from owning a gun.  Now the Democrats are cheering for as many Americans as possible to die by the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ in order for them to be better able to attack President Trump.  Everything the Democrats do is for political gain.  It can never be about what’s best for the country, it can only be about what is best for their party!

It’s my hope that by so obviously politicizing the ‘Chinese virus’ that the Democrats will ultimately come to do themselves more harm than good, but I supposed we’ll have to wait and see on that.  From my perspective President Trump, and his team, have continued to keep us informed regarding what they are doing to deal with the ‘Chinese virus.’  They have been reassuring in their responses.  Far more so than I seem to recall that Barry ‘O’ & Co. was back during the H1N1 outbreak.  But that seems to have been forgotten by many of those now criticizing President Trump.

This is all just another excellent example of how the Democrats truly do not give a rat’s-ass about the American people nor about America and how, quite frankly, they never have!  The Democrats primary goal is now, just as it always has been, the obtaining, and then maintaining, of complete political power, total control and complete dominance over the lives of every single American!  We are creeping towards the slippery slope of ‘Socialism’ and if we’re foolish enough to follow then I very seriously doubt we will ever be able, or permitted, to regain what was lost.

I would like to think that what the Democrats are doing is to make themselves more unelectable with every passing day.  After all, they have nothing to offer but petty partisan bullsh!t no matter what the circumstances.  Democrats are to be shunned, despised and NEVER to be voted for. They have made it abundantly clear that they hate America.  They must be purged from our system at every level of government, local, state and federal and strongly informed that their pathetic services are no longer required.  They are the enemy from within; a very clear and present danger.

As we have seen on any number of previous occasions our toxic Democrats have never had a problem dancing on the corpses of Americans if the result was that they would be better able to advance their leftist, anti-America agenda.  So why should we now expect them to behave any differently regarding the ‘Chinese coronavirus?’   Theirs is the behavior of traitors and fools.  I hope regular folks remember this kind of crap in November!  They attack the president’s handling of the ‘Chinese virus’ while their own candidates advocate for an open border and for deporting absolutely no one.

Throughout its entire history the Democrat Party has never once done anything constructive for this country, or for its citizens.  And it’s today that they are expending all of their energy on hating President Trump.  The Democrat Party is less of a political party than it is a hate group.  I only hope it comes to bite them in the ass come election time, but you never know.  In the meantime we have the ‘Chinese virus’ and the economy to worry about and I trust President Trump to tend to these issues.  The Democrats would simply let the economy crash and allow many to die.


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