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I have asked this question on a number of previous occasions, and I will continue to do so until someone can provide me with a reasonable answer.  Why is it that Juan Williams is still able to appear anywhere on television and that people still insist upon asking him his political opinion?  This despite the fact that the man is a hapless twit as well as being little more than a blatant political hack who, were it not for the fact that he’s constantly provided with DNC talking-points, would have nothing to say.

So anyway, I rarely watch Fox News’ “The Five,” primarily because I can’t stand Juan Williams.  And it’s Williams who is actually billed as being a co-host of this pointless little program.  But as my wife has ‘Sirius’ radio in her car, and we do ride to work together I did happen to be tuned into the program yesterday during which Williams clashed with both Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters over President Trump’s managing of the coronavirus.  And I’m sure all can imagine where it was that Williams stood.

On those few occasions I have watched, it’s rare that Williams serves as anything other than a soft target for both Gutfeld and Watters.  This time it was Gutfeld who started things out by saying of the president’s handling of the virus, “This is new to him.” Gutfeld said, “I think he was trying to focus on trying to quell the panic while letting the experts deal with the virus.  Deeds, words. And right now, you cannot match the deeds that this administration is doing. They’re doing amazing work.”

And it was then that a rather sarcastic Williams responded by saying, “Yeah, that’s why we have so many tests to find out who has it. That’s why we have a vaccine.”

“Yeah, at least you’re not politicizing it, Juan,” Gutfeld said, as Jesse Watters also chimed in.

“That’s why…in the NSC, we don’t have an office of global immune threats. No, no, that’s all to be forgotten,” Williams said.

“Juan, they have plenty of bureaucrats in Italy, and look what’s happening in Italy,” Watters said.

“Oh, now we want to compare our government to the Italians, very good, very good,” Williams snapped back as the bizarre segment came to an end.

Look, anyone who seriously thinks that the Democrats would be better able to handle what is now going on regarding this ‘Chinese virus’ is beyond ignorant.  I mean, does no one remember Barry’s less than stellar handling of the H1N1 virus and how it wasn’t until more than 1,000 Americans had died that Barry finally declared H1N1 a national emergency?  Or how it was that the dutiful leftist ‘fake news’ media buried it so that Barry ‘O’ and his healthcare grabbing Obamacare could avoid bad press?

And I would argue that it’s the Democrats’ irrational ‘open border,’ ‘non-screening,’ ‘non-vetting-of-immigrants’ policy and agenda that they have been shoving down the collective throat of the American people for years, but especially since President Trump was elected, that is now looking like the totally irrational insanity that it is.  And yet you will never hear any Democrat, including that dolt Williams, admit that out of fear of potentially losing some votes.  Party over country is their motto!

And it’s the ‘Chinese Coronavirus’ outbreak that would seem to prove that President Trump’s more conservative agenda of screening and vetting these ‘immigrants’ still flooding into the U.S. now looks to be 100 percent correct and the proper thing to do.  But look, you are never going to hear anyone on left, including anyone in the Democrat Party, ADMIT that President Trump’s agenda of screening and vetting these ‘immigrants’ coming into the U.S. as the responsible and sane thing to do.

And if Williams was half as smart as he apparently thinks he is then I’m sure he would understand that by the time a vaccine for this particular strain is under mass production, we would soon be trying to figure out what the next 2, 3, or possibly 4 mutations are going to be.  It’s what a virus does!  I got my flu shot last year. I was cautioned it wasn’t 100 percent effective by any means as the vaccine I received was for previous strains and didn’t cover the most recent, but it was better than nothing.

Williams has always been more than a few bricks short of a load.  And frankly, I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve watched this boob get humiliated by the facts only to simply shrug his shoulders and continue on to argue whatever idiotic point he was trying to make.  Williams clearly owes his ability to remain on the air at ‘Fox News’ to affirmative action.  Fox truly scraped the bottom of the barrel with Williams, and they apparently couldn’t care less that he chases away viewers.

President Trump issued a travel ban in January long before anyone else thought it was a threat.  And you may remember that it was ‘Senile Old’ Joe who even went so far as to call the president a racist and xenophobic because of the restrictions.  And another thing, contrary to many claims, President Trump never called the virus a hoax.  He called the Democrats out as a hoax when they started politicizing it.  But then why should any of us be surprised by that?  It’s what Democrats do in times like these.

And it’s Williams who either very conveniently forgets, or simply chooses to ignore, the fact that it was Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease researcher, who had actually applauded the president’s late-January decision to enact a ban on Chinese citizens and other foreign nationals who had set foot in China from traveling to the United States.  Dr. Fauci said, “If we had not done that, we would have had many, many more cases, right here, that we would have to be dealing with.”

The ‘fake news’ media has become so completely unhinged in this the era of Donald Trump that they can no longer be taken seriously, regardless of what it is that they happen to be talking about.  Those who take an active role in perpetuating that which is nothing more than pure propaganda have proven repeatedly their willingness to jettison all ethical and journalistic standards in their single-minded pursuit of, and their very determined effort to bring about, the downfall of Donald Trump.

And if President Trump was somehow able to wave a magic wand and to make the virus completely disappear and to restore the stock market to its most recent high, his many enemies, of which Williams is obviously one, would still attack him.  I can only imagine that Democrats now feel that they may finally have him right where they want him, believing that his chances of being re-elected have now been significantly reduced.  But I for one will not lose hope, because the alternative is too frightening.

Democrats and their media parrots are now peddling the talking points fed to them by their masters in the Chinese Communist Party.  Who would have ever thought that Americans would allow themselves to be used as pawns in what is clearly a concerted effort by a hostile foreign power to attack our president?  The fact that Communist China attempted to hide the virus outbreak from the very beginning, and is now trying to blame the U.S. military for it, really does tell us all that we need to know.

And finally it’s a rare event that Williams says anything worthwhile, intelligent or even that makes much of a point.  And it’s rarer still that he makes any amount of sense regardless of the topic being discussed.  And it’s even rarer that I choose not to change the channel whenever this moron comes on any program that I happen to be watching. He’s someone considered by the Democrats as being one who can be very reliably counted upon to regurgitate whatever the party line happens to be.

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