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If this so-called “pandemic” has shown us anything it’s that those who comprise the modern day Democrat Party are really not particularly bright, as many see government run healthcare as being better.  It was a recently published Morning Consult poll that over half of Democrats said the coronavirus outbreak is making them more supportive of universal healthcare.  But perhaps those folks in Communist China, where some pretty draconian measures have been taken in the name of healthcare, might disagree.  And perhaps those now wishing for greater government control should be careful in what they wish for or they too could be giving up their personal freedom for long lines, rationing and downright refusal of service for the elderly.

But the Chinese people notwithstanding, Universal coverage does seem to be gaining a certain amount of traction with supposed ‘moderates’ and outright partisans alike as cases of people infected with the coronavirus virus is said to be on the increase. Meanwhile, 30 percent of Democrats don’t appear to have changed their position much on the issue.  But the poll shows that 39 percent of Democrats are “much more likely” to support universal coverage as they weigh concerns related to coronavirus, or COVID-19, which, yes, originated in Wuhan, China in December.  It killed more than 3,000 people in the communist nation as of Sunday.  Another 20 percent of Democrats said they are “somewhat more likely” to support such health care policies.

Even Republicans saw an increase in support, with 14 percent of them now saying that they are now “much more likely” to support a policy where all Americans would have a public healthcare option.  Ok, so we now have at least 14 percent of Republicans who I can very confidently claim have now apparently joined the Democrats there on the ‘Dark Side.’  And it’s in speaking only for myself that I am still nowhere near to wanting the same folks who are now in charge of the Post Office, or the DMV, to be the ones in charge of making the decisions that determine my healthcare needs on the level that may yet be called for in order to address this supposed “pandemic.”  I mean how absolutely NUTS is that?  People need to snap out of this insanity!!

And something to be seen as totally expected is that it was Bernie Sanders who recently took the opportunity to seize upon our so-called crisis and to use it to promote his notion that we would all somehow be much better served if we were to have lifetime bureaucrats in charge of our healthcare.  He’s now actively seeking to ‘use’ this virus to revitalize his presidential campaign that is now pretty rapidly losing steam.  It was at a rally in Vermont just last Thursday that Sanders said, “In the last few days, we have seen the crisis of the coronavirus continue to grow exponentially here in the United States and around the world, and we have witnessed a global economic meltdown which will impact millions of workers in our own country.”

Sanders then went on to say, “In terms of potential deaths and in terms of the economic impact on our economy, the crisis we face from the coronavirus is on the scale of a major war and we must act accordingly.”  Sanders, a self-proclaimed Socialist, reiterated his support for Medicare-For-All, telling rally goers that “the United States government today must make it clear that in the midst of this emergency, everyone in our country, regardless of income or where they live, must be able to get health care.”  What our government needs be focused on is ensuring that all necessary resources are made available to those most qualified, in the private sector, to address this virus and to also minimize any economic impact from it.

And yet, once again we have people confusing health insurance as being the same as health care and it’s the Democrats, and those like Sanders, who are only too happy to take full advantage of that confusion.   And still the leftist, and maybe not so leftist, sheep just don’t get it.  Health insurance is in no way going to guarantee ‘access’ to health care. You only have to look back at the example of Obamacare to get a very clear understanding of that.  On the other hand, no one in this country is ever denied emergent care.  And that would be because it’s AGAINST the law.  Not one ounce of universal health insurance would have stopped this virus from reaching our shores. Nor would it change one iota of treatment that emergent cases are getting.

And, it also wouldn’t even affect who or how many actually gets tested.  In other words, universal health insurance would have absolutely no impact on who gets appropriate medical treatment.  On the other hand, it will definitely affect how care is delivered, and not necessarily in a good way.  Fewer providers mean less adequate care on a less timely basis.  Some faceless bureaucrat operating from some dimly lit cubicle will be deciding what kind of care you can, or can’t have. That’s not a world Americans are accustomed to.  They want their cake and to eat it too…that is, they want the same level of care that they are accustomed to, without having to pay for it out of pocket.  That just ain’t gonna happen folks, it can’t.  There’s simply no way!

In helping to ramp up the hysteria here in America there has much talk about how things are so bad in Italy, regarding the coronavirus.   But there is a very specific reason for that.  And that reason is because they have exactly the same healthcare system that Sanders is currently proposing that we put into place here in America. Everyone is covered, but it isn’t “free” because everyone pays the IVA tax (like VAT tax) of 23 percent on nearly everything.  Plus, their health care system is an absolute mess.  They ration by delay and now Italians with the virus and who are 80 years old or older will simply be left to die because the system has become so overwhelmed.  So, is this really what most Americans want to see taking place here in America?

And lest anyone forget, it was under Democrat nightmare, Obamacare, that we had had the same sort of system.  One where if one was of a certain age they would simply be given a pill and told to stop being a burden on society and to do the right thing by going home to die.  Because that is exactly the kind of ‘medical care’ that the Democrats have long dreamt about turning into a reality here in America, and thought that had succeeded in bringing it about when they ‘passed’ it during the dead of the night back on 2010.  And had we been foolish enough to elect Hitlery, and not Donald Trump, in 2016 the medical care that we would now have in this country would likely be netting us the very same result as that we’re now seeing in Italy.

And in getting back to Italy, at the moment there are apparently 400 Italians dying every day from the coronavirus.  Adjusted for the population difference, that would be like 2200 Americans dying every day.  In fact only about 3 Americans are dying each day.  See the difference?  So you’ve got to ask yourself, if the single payer system found in many places around the world is so great, then why is it that the airports are so filled with Americans rushing home to the U.S. for the safety and efficiency of our health care system?  Which system seems better, or makes the most sense to you?  I know which way I tend to lean and it’s not having the government having anything whatsoever to do with my ability to obtain medical treatment.

And as we all recently heard, it was Nancy Pelosi & Co., there in the House, who took the opportunity to load up a bill, the purpose of which was supposed to be to address the too-much-talked-about coronavirus ‘pandemic,’ with quite literally all manner of new spending for all of those things that they would have had trouble obtaining in any other way.  And yet we continue to be told by the Democrats, as well as their many ‘fake news’ minions, about how it is that the Democrats are only worried about what’s best for the American people in these scary times, while anyone with a brain is able to very easily recognize the fact that the Democrats are worried ONLY about what’s best for them and their party.  Democrats SUCK, it’s just that simple!

Obviously the ill will need treatment, but who better to manage that treatment than our private industry who already does this on a daily basis?  The main thing they may need is capital to be freed up with no penalties to cover the emergency.  First and foremost we must keep the World Health Organization (WHO) out of this!  Give power to those who make the drugs, identify treatments and produce the equipment.  And by the way, it’s ‘private industry’ that comes up with ‘cures’ through research, NOT the government. Personally, I would rather not go to a doctor who’s getting paid $50 grand a year by the government. As a 24 year veteran of the military if you want to see what government-run healthcare looks like, just take a good look at the VA!

Anyone favoring more government in health care has never thought about what that might be once they hear the word ‘free.’  No more out-of-pocket expenses?   In reality, Canadians’ out-of-pocket health costs are nearly identical to what Americans pay, a difference of roughly $15 per month.  In return, Canadians pay up to 50 percent more in taxes than Americans.  ‘Universal’ does not mean everything is free.  Indeed, out-of-pocket costs are actually significantly higher in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway than they are here in America.  The system also cuts corners by using older and cheaper drugs and skimping on modern equipment.  Canada today has fewer MRI units per capita than Turkey or Latvia.  Sounds like the perfect system, right?

And finally, it’s nice to see how so many Americans are still willing to take only what they need while leaving something behind for those also in need.  Of course I’m being sarcastic.  And so I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have apparently seen fit to not only stock up on, but also to hoard, just about everything imaginable.  There’s an old saying that says, “No man is an island,” and if this virus does eventually become that which so many are already claiming that it is, then we’re all going to need to come together, and not merely fend for ourselves.  And so I would only ask that you think about others when throwing the sixth package of toilet paper, the eighth loaf of bread or the fourth gallon of milk into your shopping cart.


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