Trump 44

So despite the best efforts by the Democrats and their plethora of allies spread all across what has come to be commonly referred to as our ‘fake news’ media complex, a new poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News finds that approval of President Trump remains unchanged since the start of the coronavirus freakout.  And I have no doubt that both the Democrats and those in the ‘fake news’ business will only continue to ramp up the hysteria as they attempt to portray the president as inept and in over his head in trying to deal with this supposed “pandemic!”  So stand by, it will continue to get even crazier until this ‘Chinese coronavirus’ comes to an end.

And it was according to The Journal:  The survey of 900 registered voters found little sign that a crisis with potential to define the 2020 election has altered the political standing of President Trump. Some 51% disapprove of how he is handling the virus outbreak, while 45% approve. That is nearly identical to his overall job-approval rating, which is essentially unchanged from last month and from much of his tenure as president.  Republicans and Democrats hold nearly inverse views on his emergency response, with 81% of Republicans saying he has done well and 84% of Democrats saying the opposite. Among independents, 43% approve and 52% disapprove.

Personally, I would argue that his approval should be going up.  Everything he has done to deal with the ‘Chinese coronavirus, has been both timely and proper.  The criticism has been that he didn’t declare a national emergency after the first death in China.  But that would have been completely insane.  And let’s face it, had he done so who among us thinks that both the Democrats and those in the ‘fake news’ would not have pounced on such action accusing the president of being nothing short of reckless.  There is absolutely nothing that he can do that will not cause any of these people to off any amount of praise to the president.  That is simply not acceptable.

And I feel very confident in saying that were it not for the Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media constantly telling anyone who listen that the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ has become so dangerous, and will likely continue to become even more so, is somehow all the fault of President Trump, his approval numbers would be far higher than where they are today.  Those in our ‘fake news’ media, at the direction of their handlers in the Democrat Party, continue to criticize everything he has done, and continues to do.  And no one is to mention any of the many good things he has done.  The sole purpose of advancing their anti-Trump agenda is to damage him for the next election.

But I would have liked it if perhaps this poll would have also asked a question regarding how just confident people would be if it were either ‘Senile Old’ Joe or perhaps ‘Socialist’ Bernie was the one leading the charge against the ‘Chinese coronavirus?  And I’m pretty sure that neither one would have hit double-digits.  And it’s my fervent hope that both the ‘fake news’ media and the Democrats will ultimately come to be seen as the ones behind all of the virus chaos, and mass hysteria.  Because in truth the public has far more to fear from the ‘fake news’ media and in Democrat Party than they have to fear from the ‘Chinese coronavirus.’

Just like those in the Democrat Party, those in the ‘fake news’ media thrive and revel in pandemics, wars, disasters and crises of every kind that are both real and imagined.  They compete to see who it is than can succeed in pouring the most gasoline on the fire.  They have as one of their primary objectives the shutting down of our economy as a way of damaging what has become a major issue for President Trump’s re-election bid.  The president has overcome all manner of obstacles placed in his path by his political adversaries, from the Mueller probe to a bogus attempt at impeachment.  And this latest attempt, too, will not hurt his re-election chances.

The majority of those in our ‘fake news’ media today believe their job is to criticize the president and the administration. Their goal, of course, is to damage him, to the greatest extent possible, politically and to prevent his reelection in November.  Our ‘fake news’ media cares not a lick if our country, our economy or the American people are harmed in the process.  The removal of Trump has become paramount and is considered by them as being ‘Job 1!’  And remember it has been the Democrats who have seized on this ‘pandemic’ as little more than an opportunity to advance all manner of wasteful spending that they could not have advanced in any other way.

It will always be an uphill battle for President Trump and his supporters. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to get positive numbers when you are up against a constant drumbeat of negativity coming from the Democrats, the ‘fake news’ media as well as many in your own party.  And sadly, far too many people are nothing more than sheep.  You can see that today by walking into any grocery store.  They have bought into the nonsense that yes “the sky is falling” and we’re all gonna die, and yes it’s all the president’s fault.  It’s times like this that you’re able to see who it is that are true morons among us, and as such should be avoided when times return to normal.


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