biden 68

So I ask you, if the Democrats are so confident that ‘Senile old’ Joe is the ‘BEST’ candidate they have, the perfect candidate they have, to go up against President Trump, then why would there now be talk of actually shutting down their primary contest as well as bringing an end to the debates?  What is it that the Democrats are really up to here?  Other than, of course, trying to limit the number of opportunities for ‘Senile Old’ Joe to go out and repeatedly shoot himself in both feet.

And so it’s come down to this.  The Democrats are now touting as ‘THEIR’ guy someone who is beginning to look, and act, every one of his 77 years.  An old white guy who forgets what state he’s in, and, for that matter, which office he is even running for.  A guy who is known to have handed out U.S. tax dollars to Ukraine as long as they fired the prosecutor investigating his ‘crack head’ kid, has promised to take our guns, and has been wrong on every single foreign policy issue his entire life.

So Jimmy Clyburn, Democrat, has hit upon an idea in what has been a continuing effort to salvage the campaign of ‘Senile Old’ Joe.  Jimmy has suggested that perhaps the Democratic National Committee (DNC) should “step in” and cancel the remaining presidential primaries and debates if it ‘appears’ ‘Senile Old’ Joe is favored to win the nomination.  So is the new rule now, at least on the Democrat side, to simply end the contest whenever the ‘chosen’ candidate happens to have the most delegates?

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that the DNC does decide to take Jimmy’s advice and brings everything to a screeching halt.  Are we to then assume that for all future presidential primary contests, again only on the Democrat side, this is how things will continue to be done?  Or, is this only to be a onetime deal in an effort to ensure that ‘Senile Old’ gets dragged across the finish line, because the Democrats still see him as being their best, and only, shot at defeating President Trump?

You’ll remember Clyburn as the one who was instrumental in offering to assist the ex-vice president revive his lagging campaign, which many had declared dead, with a win in the South Carolina primary.  He floated his recent idea during an interview with NPR.  Jimmy argued that if ‘Senile Old’ Joe were to best Bernie in Michigan and a number of the other states holding their primaries on Tuesday, then the race should be declared as being officially over and the DNC should intercede.  Sounds fair.

Jimmy said, “I think when the night is over, Joe Biden will be the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination.”  And then he went on to say, “If the night ends the way it has begun, I think it is time for us to shut this primary down. It is time for us to cancel the rest of these debates.”  And he added, “You don’t do anything but get yourself in trouble if you continue in this contest when it’s obvious that the numbers will not shake out for you.”  No sense in taking any chances, right Jimmy?

As it just so happens, Jimmy’s suggestion comes only days after the DNC had already announced that it was changing the format for the upcoming primary debate in Arizona to allow these two senior citizens vying to be the one to take on President Trump to sit while they take questions from the audience.  The change was interpreted by many to favor ‘Senile Old’ Joe over Bernie, especially since ‘Senile Old’ Joe is facing renewed scrutiny over his fitness to be commander in chief.

While the DNC continues to claim the change was not meant to benefit any specific candidate, they’re not fooling anyone.  And it’s once again that those who support Sanders are beginning to sense that once again they’re on the verge of getting screwed.  But if you listen to comments from Sanders himself, it would seem that his many supporters are far more pissed off than he seems to be about these ongoing shenanigans.  I’m wondering if they might be starting to feel like a bunch of saps.

And it seemed to be in pretty short order that the establishment rushed to circle the wagons around ‘Senile Old’ Joe in the 72 hours between the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday. Those efforts ranged from the high-profile endorsements of party leaders to all manner of fundraising help and even free media coverage for ‘Senile Old’ Joe’s campaign. They also coincided with the surprise withdrawals of Klobuchar and Buttigieg, who subsequently threw their support behind ‘Senile Old’ Joe.

So once the wagons were circled ‘Senile Old’ Joe was able to rise from the dead and to con his way to the top over his competition on Super Tuesday.  ‘Senile Old’ Joe was able to win in rather convincing fashion, emerging victorious in ten of the 14 contests on the ballot.  The breadth of ‘Senile Old’ Joe’s performance was all the more of a surprise when you consider the shallow infrastructure he had in many of the Super Tuesday battlegrounds before the establishment chose to circled those wagons.

But look, Jimmy is simply doing what it is that Jimmy has always done, and that’s to do whatever he’s told to do.  Now, never mind that ‘Senile Old’ Joe rarely, if ever, even knows what planet he’s on, that doesn’t matter.  All that matters, as crazy as it sounds, is that he’s now perceived as being the one with the best shot of defeating President Trump.  Which means that either the Democrat Party has now lost its collective mind, or they hate the president so much they’ll vote for ANYBODY!

And you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to be able to recognize the fact that ‘Senile Old’ Joe is becoming increasingly frail, and a little less with-it, each and every day.  Hence the suggestion that it might be best to keep him essentially quarantined for the time being, at least up until such time as his presence will be required in order take part in the real debates against the president.  And I can pretty much guarantee that there ain’t gonna be no chair for ‘Grampa Joe’ to sit in at those debates.

The Democrat plantation is one that offers only the illusion of freedom, with its primary crop, of course, being their votes.  After disenfranchising the early voters on Super Tuesday with half their field quitting after votes were cast, now Jimmy wants to suppress the votes of future primary states.  How ‘Democrat’ of him!  Then they can get back to creating mass hysteria about the coronavirus and blaming it all on President Trump instead of where it belongs, squarely on Communist China.

Clearly the Democrats have a masterplan.  I mean think about it, ‘Senile Old’ Joe is the perfect Democrat candidate for president.  IF elected he could be easily manipulated and even easier controlled.  He would be surrounded with leftovers from Barry & Co. telling him what to say and what to do, while keeping him pumped up on Dementia medications and with pen in hand.  If anything goes wrong they can quietly put him out to pasture blaming it on his “failing health” and install a ‘successor.’

So Democrats want to cancel the remaining primaries and debates in order to shield ‘Senile Old’ Joe from exposure of his mental lapses and gaffs. But will all of their shenanigans prove to be for naught?  Is it now too late to save ‘Senile Old’ Joe from himself?  There are dozens of video clips out there of his many gaffes, senior moments, hair sniffing and creepy fondling and flat out lies.  And I feel confident in saying that the coming political ads may be as entertaining to watch as those ads during the Super Bowl.


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