You have to ask yourself, what is the political party who, quite literally, hates white men going to do now that the candidate most likely to succeed as the one to go up against Donald Trump will also likely be one of the three old white men still in the race, and all of whom will be pushing 80 on inauguration day in January 2021.  And comprising this list of seniors we have ‘Crooked Joe’ who rarely knows what he’s running for or where he is, ‘Crazy Bernie’ the perpetually angry commie, and ‘Nanny Mike’ the tyrant runt who possesses all the charm and charisma of a fence post.

And of this group it’s ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ who is the youngest man still standing in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary.  This distinction comes as 38-year-old Pete Buttigieg, whose only claim to fame had been that he is the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, dropped his presidential bid on Sunday after his rather anemic showing in South Carolina’s primary contest on this past Saturday. That contest also claimed the candidacy of billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, 62, who, after having spent $275 million on his attempted run, officially called it quits.

Of the men remaining on the Democrat side, ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders are both 78, although Bloomberg’s birthday was last month and Sanders will turn the ripe old age of 79 this coming September, and ‘Crooked Joe’ who will turn 78 shortly after Election Day.  And with Klobuchar now out, the female candidates still in the running are Tulsi Gabbard, 38 and Elizabeth Warren, 70, but neither have any real chance of winning the nomination.  So it’s the fortunes of the Democrat Party regarding the presidency will rest squarely on the shoulders of three white fossils.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against our older generation, Hell, I’ll be turning 68 myself in little over a month, but there does come a time in all our lives when we do become too old to do certain things.  Granted, age does affect us all differently. But like being forced to turn over one’s car keys when it’s been determined that one can really no longer safely operate a motor vehicle, their also comes a time, or at least there should, when one no longer has the mental facilities to discuss such complicated matters as those encountered when one is president.

Despite the age issue there’s the number of times ‘Crooked Joe’ has been caught in one lie or another, or how he can’t seem to remember in which state he happens to be at any given time.  And never mind his penchant of blatantly inappropriate behavior or the fact that he and his entire family see themselves as being above the law.  All of these candidates say they are the best candidate because THEY are the one best able to “defeat Donald Trump.”  Which begs the question, “Why is Donald Trump so unbeatable?”  Well, because he’s doing a Hell of a good job, that’s why!

But ‘Crooked Joe’ is far from being the only one these fossils on the Democrat side guilty of lying about President Trump.  It’s the other two male senior citizens in the ongoing president contest who on more than one occasion have stretched to the breaking point, the ‘truth’ as it relates to the president.   As we have seen over the course of the last several years, there is absolutely nothing that any Democrat will not say about President Trump.  And it matters not if what’s said is true, only that it is said about the president.  And it’s the ladies too who have told some real whoppers!

And so as we witness the death of the Democrat Party, I’m reminded of that old adage, “What goes around, comes around.”  Because the Democrats have brought this onto themselves and it seems only fitting the party that was once in favor of slavery, segregation and Jim Crow, before supposedly being against them, may now come to die at the hands of a rabid socialist.  And even promises of open borders, support for the bogus ‘science’ behind multiple genders or of ‘climate change,’ or support for the mass extermination of the unborn, may not be enough to save the party.

And while what got President Trump elected was the fact that he took positions on many key issues that stood in stark contrast to the positions held by so many of our RINO ‘Establishment’ types, there is virtually no difference at all between the positions held by fellow billionaire Mike Bloomberg and those held by the Democrat Establishment or, for that matter, any of his ‘competition’ on issues such as abortion, open borders and ‘climate change.’  So what is it that makes him a candidate worth voting for over any of the other Democrat contenders?   Nothing, really.

And what does it say about the Democrat Party that these people now running are the best that the Democrats could come up with to go up against President Trump?  I would argue that that fact alone says far more about the current state of the party than it does about any of them.  Much has been said about how the Democrats have what is a weak bench, when it comes to presidential politics, but it’s their own fault.  I would argue that’s it’s because many of these ancient Democrats are unwilling to step aside allowing someone younger, and perhaps more reasonable to come forward.

But I can somewhat understand the reluctance of many to step aside.  Especially those considered to be ‘old school’ Democrats.  Because when you look around at the younger generation of the party what you will likely find are some of most extreme leftists in all of American politics.  We all know who they are and how it’s most of these people who are so rabidly left wing as to be unelectable on a national level.  And it’s when those of the generation like Pelosi, Schumer and all rest of the old guard start dying off that the party will likely be in even worse shape than it is today.

And finally, as I have said before the Democrats should save everyone a lot of time, money and effort and concede 2020 and then revamp for 2024.  I keep hearing the pundits declare how this is going to be a close election. But the reality is that Donald Trump, like it or not, is hands down the best politician, not to mention the best president, in U.S. history.  Obviously there is no possible way the likes of Sleepy Joe, Mini Mike, or Crazy Bernie have much of a chance of defeating him in an election that is fair and square.  And frankly, it’s becoming a bit sad, really, watching them try.


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