Legend 5

And so it was Trump-hater John Stephens, aka John Legend-In-His-Own-Mind, who recently heaped praise on Democrat presidential wannabe Elizabeth Warren, referring to her as “brilliant” while stumping for her in South Carolina earlier this week.  He told a crowd that we “cannot wait any longer to undo all the evil, all the corruption that Trump has unleashed.”  And as is usually the case with morons such as Stephens, I mean Legend, he was a little vague when it came to just what evil and corruption the president has actually unleashed.   And from what I can see, the only true evil and/or corruption now taking place is sponsored by those on left, like Warren.

And so Stephens/Legend, who also publicly voiced support for Warren back in October, hit the campaign trail for Warren in the Palmetto State on Wednesday, just days ahead of the state’s Democrat primary.  While he said he had planned to stay quiet and “work my butt off to make sure Trump was a one-term president” regardless of the nominee, he said one candidate “stood out from the rest,” one candidate which inspired him to speak up.  And just who was that candidate?  Why, none other than Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren.  Personally, I don’t give a squat who this moron supports, let him waste his time and money on Warren’s losing effort.

And it was to an audience gathered at South Carolina University, in going on about his confidence in Warren, that Stephens/Legend called her “brilliant.”  He said, “We cannot wait any longer to undo all the evil, all the corruption that Trump has unleashed in the last few years.”  Stephens/Legend said, “I know the bar is really low right now. We have a president who embarrasses this country. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a woman of Senator Warren’s brilliance replacing him?”  And it’s Stephens/Legend who should know a thing about a bar being set low, because were it not for a low bar having been set in his profession, he would be just another nobody.

But be that as it may, Stephens/Legend told the crowd assembled that he was “happy” to report that he had already cast his vote for Warren in California, telling the audience, “I already marked my choice” and adding that Warren is running to “give democracy back to its rightful owners.”  He said, “She supports creating a commission on reparations for the descendants of enslaved people.”  And in what was an apparent shot at Bloomberg, Stephens/Legend said, “Unlike Mayor Bloomberg, she knows that housing discrimination through redlining has been a national tragedy.”  And he said, “She doesn’t spend time wining and dining billionaires.”  Right!

Stephens/Legend is part of a long list of Hollyweirdos who have also backed Warren’s bid, including that well-known ‘nasty woman’ Ashley Judd, Trump-basher Patricia Arquette and, most recently, that flaming imbecile Jack Black.  They are all members of a rather unique little clique the combined IQ of which comes out to be lower than the average shoe size of this very same group.  These people are absolutely delusional if they think people of even average intelligence will pay them any mind.  They are morons who, courtesy of a God give talent, and despite possessing very little actual intelligence, have been able to make for themselves a great deal of money.

And as I mentioned earlier I’m still wanting to know exactly what “damage” it is that they think President Trump has done?  Is it trying to curb illegal immigration?  Or has it something to do with the fact that he has instituted policies that resulted in a booming American economy?  Or perhaps they were not in favor of regular Americans having to pay less in taxes.  Or maybe they all oppose the measures the president has taken in an effort to bring industry back to America, or the fact that he has done much to promote job creation.   I really would like to know, where’s all this damage?  Basically these people, these frauds, are doing little more than to talk out their butts.

Or perhaps what Stephens/Legend views as being evil is the record employment now currently being experienced by minorities or the increase in opportunities for those people who have been struggling and have essentially been ignored by the Democrats.  Or perhaps he’s one of those who sees as being evil the strong support this president has for Israel?  Or maybe it’s prison reform that been enacted under this president that Stephens/Legend see as being evil.  He really is going to need to be a bit more specific with his claims if he hopes to have any luck getting anyone other than the many nutjob Democrats who are out there to take him seriously.

But I must tell you though that it’s from where I’m standing that those who are committing what can only be called true evil in this country often turn out to be the very same ones that Stephens/Legend and the Hollyweird crowd tend to spend so much time and money supporting.  Because it’s those on the left who advocate for what is the dismemberment of the unborn, while at the same time fighting to allow/force little Timmy or little Sally to become whichever gender they want to be.  So in choosing to support such immoral behavior I can only assume that Stephens/Legend possesses a rather odd definition of what he considers to be evil.

No doubt it’s those in most of the country who are often left wondering just what the Hell it is that Stephens/Legend is even talking about.  Are we to assume that he somehow views as evil the act of enforcing our laws?  Quite literally it’s much of what these Hollyweird elites are against that comes down to how President Trump is enforcing the law and how his Democrat predecessor did not.  That doesn’t make the president evil, he is simply adhering to what is his oath of office, something that Barry ‘O’ took as being more of a “set of guidelines” than as an actual oath of office.  As we have seen our current president takes his job far more seriously.

I love how these clowns, like Stephens/Legend, continue to out themselves as being nothing less than complete morons.  They should pay a bit more attention to that old adage about how it’s better to keep one’s mouth shut and let people think you’re a moron than opening your mouth and proving it.   But nope!  President Trump is doing great things.  He’s keeping his promises and doing a good job.  Democrats are not only jealous, they hate that he’s actually undoing much of the damage done by his predecessor, a Democrat.  Why is it, since they seem to hate this country so much, that they just don’t leave, jetting off to their preferred totalitarian state?

I suspect it’s likely too much to ever hope for that these Hollyweirdos, like Stephens/Legend, will ever come to feel about our country the same way that regular Americans do.   After all, they owe much to those folks who willingly purchase their music or tickets to their movies and yet how is it that those folks are treated in return?  More often than not, they’re treated as if they’re stupid.  Just because one can sing or act, or has been blessed with athletic ability, doesn’t make them any smarter than those folks who are not able to do any of those things.  As a form of retaliation I don’t go to movies and it’s a rare event that I buy someone’s music.

Stephens/Legend should get down on his knees and thank God for whatever musical talent he has blessed with because one thing is for certain, he was not blessed with possessing any amount of commonsense nor intelligence.  I mean, calling Warren brilliant is akin to saying Harvey Weinstein was very respectful of women.  For some bizarre reason these idiotic entertainment types continue to think that their opinion matters and to pay any amount of attention to them only serves to reinforce their already bloated egos.  We might be doing ourselves a huge favor if we were simply to pretend that these bellicose boobs, like Stephens/Legend, simply don’t exist.

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