So once again I did not watch the most recent exercise in political one-upmanship described as a presidential debate, comprised of a dwindling number of those Democrats vying to be the one to go up against President Trump.  And judging by the clips of last evening’s festivities that I have seen, I’m glad I chose to use the time that would have been required to watch, to do something far more enjoyable.  To describe what took place last night as being merely chaotic would be a gross understatement.  And anyone tuning in hoping that this ‘debate’ would be the one to assist them in determining who to vote for likely came away being more than a little disappointed.

As each one of these debates succeeds in being even sillier than the one that came before it, I tried searching my old memory bank going back to 2016, when we had 16 Republicans on the debate stage, in an effort to recall if the same level of insanity had existed on the Republican side.  And try as I might I simply could not come up with anything that even remotely resembled what went on on that Democrat ‘debate’ stage last night.  I mean, it was once again that we had Bernie coming across as looking more than a bit crazy, Biden who came across as doddering, and the rest coming across as being something other than a serious candidate for president.

If I was a Democrat, which thankfully I am not, and had tuned in to watch, I think it’s very doubtful that I could have made it through to the end.  Little of what anyone said made even a lick of sense.  I mean, Bernie, again, defended communist dictators, Biden claimed that 150 Million Americans have been killed in gun violence since 2007, Biden who promised to get a black woman on the Supreme Court, Warren once again made the claim that she got fired from her first teaching job because she was pregnant and Steyer make the claim that the coronavirus somehow proves that President Trump is incompetent on the economy, but he didn’t say how, exactly.

But there were other wild claims thrown around last night, like when Bernie claimed that there are now 87 Million Americans without health insurance, or that ‘Medicare for All’ would actually save money and that President Trump is somehow responsible for the level of homelessness now occurring in Democrat controlled states.  And it was Buttigieg who claimed that Americans are now busily buying up what he described as being “weapons of war.”  And it was Bloomberg who made the claim that President Trump had “fired” the government’s pandemic expert and had also “defunded” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  All of which were blatant falsehoods, aka lies.

So how is it, exactly, that any voter tuning in would have come away having been able to glean from such lunacy a sufficient amount of information that would, in any reasonable way, assist them in determining who it is that they should vote for?  If anything, at least from what I’ve thus far seen of the goings on, all that was made abundantly clear last night is the fact that NONE of these people is someone who I would want to see leading my country.  And again, if I were a Democrat and these were the people from which I had to select my candidate for president, I must tell you that it would be at this point that I would be feeling pretty disillusioned.

And I have to be honest, after watching only parts of all the debates that have thus far taken place, if I were a reasonable and rational Democrat I would be feeling pretty depressed right about now.  And too, I would likely feel that I have three options, I can vote for one of these dolts, I can stay home on Election Day, or I can vote for Donald Trump.  It’s not one of these Democrat candidates who has yet made the case for deserving anyone’s vote, and yet these are the candidates Democrats have been presented with.  But if nothing else this group has succeeded in painting what is a rather stark picture of what the Democrat Party now stands for in 2020.

One of the things that I really do find rather perplexing is how every one of these candidates running to be our president insists upon describing the country they wish to lead in such derogatory terms.  Why on Earth would anyone want to be the leader of a country that they so obviously hate?  And what’s also rather mindboggling is the fact that it’s not one policy being advocated by any of these people that would serve to improve this country in any meaningful way, but would, instead, actually move this country toward becoming more like what they claim it already is.  So how is it that any normal, rational human being would EVER choose to vote for any of them?

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