Sanders 13

So I’m beginning to think that Bernie must be feeling pretty darn confident right about now regarding his chances of winning the Democrat nomination for president.  So much so that I’m sensing that he may actually think he has it pretty much in the bag.  And I say that because it’s these days that he seems to be allowing a bit more of his inner self, his TRUE self, to show through, much more so than when this whole primary circus got started.  And we saw that once again just this past Monday during a ‘town hall’ on the Communist News Network, aka CNN, when Bernie essentially doubled down on comments he made just the day before where he praised Cuba.

It was during Monday’s ‘town hall’ that Bernie actually chose to double down on those comments that he had previously made about the now deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s “massive literacy program,” and then proceeded to bolster his flawed logic by claiming that Communist China took “more people out of extreme poverty than any country in history.”  On Sunday Bernie had told “60 Minutes” that, “We’re very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba, but, you know, it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad.”  And it was during Monday’s event that CNN host ‘Fredo’ Cuomo asked Bernie about the “stigma that’s coming from some of your fellow Democrats.”

Cuomo said, “They’re attacking your comment as absolutely unacceptable, singing the praises of a murderous tyrant.”  Bernie responded by asking, “When Castro first came to power … you know what he did?”  Bernie went on to say, “He initiated a major literacy program. There was a lot of folks in Cuba at that point who were illiterate. And he formed a literacy brigade that went out and helped people learn to write. I think teaching people to read and write is a good thing.”  Bernie went on to say, “I have been extremely consistent and critical of all authoritarian regimes all over the world including Cuba, including Nicaragua, including China, including Russia.”

Bernie said, “I happen to believe in democracy, not authoritarianism. But you know, you can take China as another example. China is an authoritarian country becoming more and more authoritarian. But can anyone deny, I mean the facts are clear, that they have taken more people out of extreme poverty than any country in history. Do I get criticized because I say that? That’s the truth. So that is a fact. End of discussion.”  Cuomo wondered why one would give a dictator “a pat on the back for anything.”  Bernie said, “Truth is truth, all right?” And claiming that the members of Congress who disagree “just so happen to be supporting other candidates.”  So what?

Let’s be real, it’s America that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other country in the world, and not just here at home.  After WW II, we lifted all of Europe out of poverty.  But here’s my question:  Is it now acceptable to praise things about brutal dictatorships, as long as you say you don’t like the actual brutal dictator?  Say President Trump went on national TV and said, “We can learn a lot from the successes of Germany under Hitler, not the brutal dictatorship aspects, but other stuff,” would Bernie say that the president had a point?  Somehow I just don’t think that that would be the case, for any number of very obvious reasons.  I could be wrong, but I doubt it!

And something that is ALWAYS glossed over by Bernie are the means by which Castro chose to implement his “literacy program,” and everything else, as part of his Marxist indoctrination.  Castro staged a murderous overthrow of Cuba in the name of communism using firing squads, torture and the seizure of private property for “public good” as his people suffered and communist leaders were got very rich.  Castro ruled for decades and only finally ceded power to his own brother when he became too sick to rule. During his rule there was a mass exodus of Cubans who fled to the United States and who still remember the barbaric regime under which they lived.

And as far as China goes, what Bernie fails to acknowledge is that, according to most estimates, the most murderous of several 20th century dictators was none other than Communist China’s Mao Zedong.   Mao’s estimated death toll ranges anywhere from 60 million to 80 million people, which surpasses the lives claimed by World War I (37 million) and quite possibly even World War II (66 million.)  And it’s according to Forbes that the major driver of China’s economic success in recent years has been “the introduction of market mechanisms, modern technology and management from the West.”  In other words their success owes nothing to the ‘virtues’ of communism.

But should we really be all that surprised by the level of success that Bernie now seems to be achieving in his attempt to gain the Democrat nomination?   Personally, I’m thinking that it was only a matter of time before we would come to be where we now seem to find ourselves with this rise of socialism in America.   After all, our government controlled schools have been indoctrinating our children for decades.  Our ‘schools’ have successfully brainwashed our youth into believing dependency on the state is a good thing and it’s many of them today who can’t even manage to take care of themselves which tends to make them far more easy to manipulate.

And as far as Communist China actually “lifting people out of poverty” Bernie must realize that it was American wealth, American intellectual property and, for better or worse, American corporate leadership and know how that was primarily responsible for any lifting out of poverty that took place.  The Chinese Communist Party is getting the credit for something that resulted not from the ‘virtues’ of communism but solely through the fruits of the labor of others.  Also, it’s important to keep in mind that Russia could never have kept up with the west during the cold war without the treasonous help of knowledgeable Americans willing to sell out their country.

It’s under a Bernie presidency, that very large numbers of people would become unemployed and totally dependent upon government.  It is a domino effect that would result in causing the country to, and rapidly so, crash and burn.  A communist country with a population as large as America would not survive for long.  Without large numbers of people working and paying taxes the only way the government could fund itself and to keep the schemes going is to either borrow more or print more money, either option results in devaluation of the currency, inflation and a decreased quality of life and more people become poorer. But that’s what Socialism does.

Our economy would very quickly be reduced to a shambles after what would most assuredly be a return to economic policies the purpose of which would be to do exactly that.  And once America goes down it would be in very short order that the rest of the world would go down with us.  We would officially become a Third World nation.  Few would want to come here anymore as conditions here would be no different than those they were trying to get away from.  It’s exactly the same thing that happens everywhere that Socialism has ever been attempted. And we haven’t even mentioned the cost of the Green New Deal which would serve to finish us off.

And so I’m thinking that the main beef Establishment Democrats now have with Bernie is the fact that they see him as being somewhat of a spoiler.   Because in truth it’s they too who are strongly in favor socialism, but they have long favored the ‘transition’ to Socialism here in America come about at a much slower pace making it far easier to implement.  But by choosing to essentially go for the whole enchilada, Bernie just may have actually let the cat out of the bag.  But if we’re lucky they may not be able to get the cat back into the bag, at least not before enough eyes have been opened regarding the truth behind the Democrat agenda to destroy America.

Bernie’s supporters are far too short-sighted to understand what it is that Bernie is attempting.  They are thinking only about what they can get for themselves now, not about what should be done to make the country a better place for everyone.  If Bernie actually does get elected just how long do they think the freebies will keep coming before the money simply runs out.  And to see what the fallout from that looks like all they have to do is look at Venezuela or Cuba or any other shithole of a country, or at nearly any of our larger cities right here at home.  It really is shocking, shameful and more than a little sad that Americans seem to want this for America.

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