So what is it, do you suppose, that would convince someone whose only obvious talent involves being able to dribble a basketball that they are somehow qualified to be President of the United States?  Now the only reason I ask such a ridiculous question is because rumor now has it that that well-known political genius, and somewhat accomplished basketball player, LeBron James, is now said to be actually entertaining the notion of  running for president in the not too distant future. And wouldn’t it be rather hilarious to hear James attempt to articulate his grand vision for America?

So anyway, apparently some guy by the name of Skip Bayless, who is co-host of something called Undisputed on FS1, recently said that a source close to James told him that James has “seriously considered” running for President.  As many may have noted the basketball player/wannabe politician has grown more politically active of late. He began speaking out on social justice issues shortly after black teenager, Trayvon Martin was shot back in 2012.  And it was in 2016 that James campaigned for the then Democrat presidential nominee, and eventual two time loser, Hitlery.

There’s no doubt that James is likely the most well-known active athlete in American sports and a report that he was considering running for president, by itself, isn’t all that shocking.  One might read more into Bayless’ report than there is, considering that the source is said to be “close” to James, or one could look at the fact that the report came from this guy, Bayless, who is apparently someone given to hyperbole and attention grabbing statements, and not take it seriously at all.  Personally, I’ve never heard of this Bayless guy so I have no idea whether to take it seriously or not.

Now I have no doubt that James would have the necessary name recognition as well as the financial backing that would permit him to make a far better run at the presidency than half the current Democrat field, should he ever decide to do so.  But let’s be serious, say what you will about Donald Trump, you have to ask yourself if the country is actually ready for a grade-school educated president whose only skillset involves throwing a ball through a hoop?  Hopefully we haven’t yet, as a country, arrived at point where we would treat this as being anything other than a bad joke.

But it really wouldn’t surprise me if this were true. After all, most sports figures and Hollyweird types desperately want to be recognized for their ‘intellect.’  And James does fancy himself a bit of an intellectual, but the guy didn’t even go to college. The ego of some people is laughable.  He should be satisfied that he has been able to make millions dribbling a ball and putting it through a hoop, anything more is simply delusions of grandeur.  To be president requires two fundamental qualifications, an IQ larger than your shoe size and a skill set that goes beyond playing a game.

No doubt James is an exceptionally gifted individual who has been able to use his incredible physical gifts to become famous and make a boatload of money.  However, in no way is this indicative of his mental capacity.  And it’s his rather sizable ego that leads him to delude himself into seeing himself as capable of being president. He would be the president with the least intelligence that the nation has ever had. But of course it’s never going to happen because the American voter would very quickly realize that the man is simply put, just not that bright.  He should stick to basketball.

These days it’s every elitist who becomes a social justice warrior who thinks they’re a political expert able to govern.  And I think it safe to say that most, and that would include James, are clueless when it comes to possessing any amount of knowledge regarding our Constitution or free-market/capitalism, other than how it allowed them to get very rich.  Sorry LeBron, but you need to stick to putting balls through hoops. His athletic prowess, notwithstanding, doesn’t come close to making him politically astute enough to lead more than a dozen like-minded men on a basketball court.

Sports and entertainment celebrities, all too often, think they have some sort of a ‘bully pulpit’ simply because of all the attention they receive and that it somehow translates into their opinions on politics being relevant and themselves considered enlightened by their fans or even the general public.  James is a moron but that doesn’t disqualify him from running for President.  He’s also a dumbass but that too doesn’t disqualify him from running for President.  As proof of that I would simply point to the majority of those currently vying to see who takes on President Trump.

Now I don’t think one has to be a career politician in order to run, I do think it’s preferable if one is not.  Case in point would be Donald Trump.  But it’s at the very least that one should be a well-rounded and fairly educated person, something that James most definitely is not.   A degree in business or perhaps in economics or, as a reasonable substitute, a lengthy experience in those fields is, I think, a must.  Which would disqualify those in the entertainment business since most of them barely made it through high school, or in sports where most have a degree in basket-weaving.

But James, like every other American, has the right to run.  Although he’d have much better luck doing so as a Democrat since the qualifications tend to be considerably less stringent and run the gamut from being a guy who got away with murder, aka Ted Kennedy, to a guy who was nothing more than community agitator, aka Barry ‘O’.  And where one simply needs to promise all manner of free stuff, welcome any illegal who wants to come here, and promise any woman who wants an abortion she can have one, she just needs to say the word and, poof, it’s like it never even happened!

So I guess there’s only one thing left to say.  And that would be to tell old LeBron to please run, America needs a good laugh and he’d be just the guy to make it happen.  Oh, and he shouldn’t let those pesky naysayers try to talk him out of it, if those who make up the current batch of Democrat contenders can run, then he most certainly needs to give it a shot.  He needs to throw that hat into the ring, or that ball through the hoop.  He needs to show us what he’s got, if he’s so sure.  He needs to put up, or shut up, or stick to that which he does best, playing a kid’s game for big bucks.

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