First let me start out by saying that, no, I did not watch the Democrat debate last night despite knowing full well that the entertainment value alone would likely have been priceless.  I just couldn’t do it.  But what I did do was to spend some time this morning tuning in to watch, on the various networks, what some of the talking heads were considering as being the ‘highlights’ from the night’s festivities.  One of those ‘highlights’ that I took a certain amount of enjoyment in watching the various exchanges that took place between the ‘Billion Dollar Man’ and the ‘Socialist.’

I guess it was toward the end of what appeared to have been a rather contentious Democrat debate that things got a bit heated after a question posed by ‘moderator’ Lester Holt, and directed at Sanders, about how two-thirds of voters seem to be “uncomfortable with a socialist candidate for president.”  After seeming to question the poll’s results by pointing out his frontrunner status for the Democrat nomination, Sanders called ‘Nanny Mike’s earlier use of the word “communism” a “cheap shot,” contending his policies were more akin to “what goes on in countries like Denmark.”

And then it was after Sanders had criticized “tax breaks and subsidies” for the rich, that ‘Nanny Mike’ seemed to come to life saying, “What a wonderful country we have. The best known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses.  What did I miss here?”  And it was at that point that Sanders lost his cool a bit, responding, and rather defensively so, by saying, “Well, you missed that I work in Washington, house one.”  To which ‘Nanny Mike’ quickly responded by saying, “That’s the first problem.”  But old Bernie, was not to be deterred, not by a long shot.

Because he went on to say, “Live in Burlington [Vermont], house two,” and then went on to say, “And like thousands of other Vermonters, I do have a summer camp. Forgive me for that. Where is your home? Which tax haven …”  ‘Nanny Mike’ responded to the challenge saying, “New York City, thank you very much. And I pay all my taxes. And I’m happy to do it because I get something for it.”  Well, I’m not really sure what it is that Mike may “get” for his taxes, and I thought that was a rather odd response.  Maybe in some strange way Mike thought he was making sense.

But I must say that from what I saw of last evening’s festivities it was Bernie who looked and acted like a raving lunatic, even more so than usual, and it was the ‘Billion Dollar Man,’ Nanny Mike,’ who looked more than a little stiff.  There he was, standing there, a Billionaire several times over, and having to endure the humiliation of actually having to raise his hand to try to get a word in edge-wise.  Oh the embarrassment of it all.  And I think Mike was struck by the realization that it’s going to take a bit more than merely flooding the airwaves with ads to pull this thing off.

And so it was the wooden oligarch who looked like a man not used to being questioned about anything he says or does, EVER.  Proof in the flesh, that billions of dollars can’t buy charisma or even the ability to relate to ‘normal’ people.  To the untrained eye it seemed to me as if the ‘Billion Dollar Man’ experienced a bit of a flame out.  Meanwhile it was Warren, whose campaign is now said to be dying a slow death, went completely crazy. You would have thought she would have spent more time attacking Sanders then Mike. But hey, what do I know of such things?

Bernie’s snappy comeback regarding his policies being more akin to “what goes on in countries like Denmark” was a little less than accurate.  True Socialism, which is what Bernie actually supports, has always been pure poison wherever it has been attempted as it guarantees nothing more than massive poverty and abject misery.  And if we’re being honest, it’s most Americans that are not the least bit interested in any form of Socialism, as it destroys nations right down to the their very foundation.  There’s that old adage about putting lipstick on a pig, but still ending up with a pig.

You almost have to feel sorry for the Democrats in that this is what they have to choose from in picking a candidate to go up against President Trump.  I mean the ‘Billionaire’ came across looking like the walking dead; Warren sounded absolutely insane; Bernie was like a rabid dog; ‘Crooked Joe’ appeared senile; Father Pete was, well what can I say about him; and old Amy looked like she was about to cry at one point.  America is dead for sure if it’s any of these losers end up getting elected.  But stranger things have happened, I guess.  Which makes it all more than a little scary.

When all was said and done Mike came across as being a bit of an elitist, and someone who sees himself as being better than everyone else.  So, like I said, he had better hope that flooding the airwaves with ads works for him.  However he did create a business. Bernie, on the other hand, didn’t even have a job until age 40.  That is until he latched onto a government job as a mayor. That was his turning point. Take from the taxpayers in every way you can. No question Bernie is a communist.  His ideals are pure Soviet style and he lies about Denmark being his model for socialism.

And while I am pretty far removed from being in any way qualified to do so, it was after watching some clips from last night’s ‘debate’ that I would now like to offer Mike a bit of ‘free’ advice.  Drop out NOW!  I mean does he really want to be associated with this odd assortment of losers?  Is it really worth it to him to subject himself to such lunacy.  Has he got nothing better to spend his money on?  Or does he simply dislike President Trump that much, or have some twisted allegiance to the Democrat Party where he hopes to prevent it from essentially committing suicide?

Bernie is behaving like every communist leader that came before him. Democrats are screwed this year. They’re planning to steal the nomination from Bernie again this year, alienating a lot of Democrat voters. However, the options are to run an old socialist who honeymooned in the USSR during the height of the Cold War but is worth millions and owns three houses. The guy the party wants to rig the nomination in favor of is a former Republican who has new quotes popping up daily that show his utter contempt for the average American. It’s a train wreck either way.

Bernie is every bit the lying deceiver one would expect of a Communist wannabe dictator.  He angrily touts nations with a fraction of our economy and opportunity and he despises success in the most affluent nation in the world. He claims to have done much but in his entire life he has accomplished absolutely ZERO.  Bernie is a millionaire but hates Capitalism, he had a heart attack and got immediate medical care yet under his plan he would have been buried, he wants to eliminate petroleum yet flies in private jets and he has never run or managed anything let alone a country.

While I don’t want to be seen as putting all my eggs in one basket, it’s after each one of these Democrat debates that I become all the more convinced that President Trump has got this.  But since I’m one of those who must always find something to worry about, it’s 2024 that has become the focus of that emotion.  Because, putting aside all the joking around about Trump being president forever, we really need to begin our quest now to find a suitable replacement for he who is essentially, at least as of right now, irreplaceable.  And that, my friends, is going to be no easy task.


  1. Sleep well tonight, Trump will be our next president, you can bank on it! These clowns, especially Biden, don’t have a chance.


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