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So according to one who views himself as an expert on all thing involving politics, ‘Commie Chris’ Wallass, it’s many Republicans who have now confided in him their concerns about how 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Michael ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg would be a tough opponent for President Trump.  But I find myself wondering what self-respecting Republican would relay such concerns to a blatant ‘fake newser’ like Wallass?  Granted I’m sure there are plenty of RINOs willing to spread all manner of rumor that ‘Commie Chris’ would be only too happy to repeat.

Anyway, it was this past Friday that Wallass said, “The war of words between the president and Michael Bloomberg is quite astonishing. President getting some advice from people who support him, don’t go after Bloomberg because you are the president so all you do by attacking him is elevating him.”  He continued, “There are a lot of Republicans, Republicans yes who think Bloomberg is the toughest guy you could face. One because he’s got an even bigger campaign war chest than you do. Number two because he’s a relative moderate.”  Bloomberg, a “relative moderate?”

Wallass then went on to say “There are some comments coming out but they are conservative comments or even potentially explosive on the right in terms of stop and frisk and redlining. Very hard to paint billionaire Michael Bloomberg as a socialist. So there is a lot of questions inside of the Republican Party. Do you really want to elevate Michael Bloomberg, because he could be a tough candidate in the fall.”  And does being the toughest guy in this crowd really mean all that much?  And it’s not how much money one has that determines if one is a socialist, it’s the policies he supports!

So let’s just say there is some level of truth to Wallass’ claim, I have absolutely no doubt that Wallass has likely been talking to those usual suspects of the ‘NeverTrump’ movement.  The Establishment Republicans and their consultants who backed Jeb, and NeverTrumpers like Kasich, Flake and Willard/Mitt/Pierre Delecto all of whom are likely jealous of President Trump’s success. What do they know?  Nothing. Disregard everything Wallass and these losers say about President Trump. That’s the best advice this Main Streeter will give you about the NeverTrumper crowd. Pathetic losers ALL.

And by the way, what exactly does it take to be a ‘journalist’ these days?  I could just as easily say that “a lot of Republicans think Chris Wallass is a political hack.”  And what the heck does “a lot of Republicans” mean?  Hundreds? 5%? 50%?  Wallass has said this only because he’s hates the president and seeks to stir the pot.  Wallass has been on the hate Trump bandwagon going back to before Donald Trump won the election.  And his hatred of the president has only seemed to intensify over time.  To the point where his bias against the president comes through in everything he says.

But Wallass is far from the only Trump hater there at ‘Fox News,’ I could list them all here but why bother, it’s far easier to just list those who are not haters of Trump and that would be Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham.  And Tucker Carlson is the only one I go out of my way to watch.  As I think I have mentioned before how over the years I’ve gone from where Fox was on my TV from the time I got home from work to the time I went to bed, but no longer. These days I spend more time watching OAN Network because Fox got to where it was sounding more and more like CNN and/or MSDNC.

Unlike ‘Commie Chris’ I’m not sure whether Bloomberg is the best hope the Democrats have to go up against President Trump or not.  But he’s certainly no dummy, but’s he’s also, in his effort to gain the nomination, revealing himself to be anything by a moderate.  He’s big on ‘climate change’ and on gutting the Second Amendment.  While I’m confident that President Trump would have little difficulty in beating him, President Trump can still not afford to become complacent and nor think he can just coast to reelection.  Never be complacent. Always be on offense.

Bloomberg has nothing but disrespect for American voters by constantly alluding to buying the Presidency by outspending everyone else and not earning it.  He did the same thing when he ran for mayor.  He comes late to the party, right on the cusp of an emerging nominee, posing as the opposite, but he is as far left as is any of those who make up the competition. He’s really no different than any of the others in that he will promise you anything just to get you to vote for him.  Bloomberg is a fraud, a wealthy fraud, but still a fraud, and he cares very little for the common people.

It doesn’t say much, really, that Bloomberg may be the best hope Democrats have, nothing says success like claiming to be the best LOSER among a group of LOSERS!  All this little anti-America piece of crap has going for him is MONEY!  His policies are horrible. He desire for control is above everyone else in this clown car. And his respect and understanding of our Constitution is the lowest of all the Democrats.  He thinks we are all just too stupid and irresponsible to determine their own lives, so he needs to be the one to decide for us because he is just that smart!

If money actually did buy elections then Hitlery would today be president and not Donald Trump because she outspent Trump by over 2 to 1.  It is clear that Bloomberg wants to buy the election for himself and all the power that he can gain from it. How do we know that?  It’s simple really, because he is using all the power that his massive wealth provides to him to quite literally buy the presidency.  We’re told that the left hates the rich and yet it would seem that in their desire to defeat the president Democrats seem willing to overlook Bloomberg’s status as an evil ‘1 percenter.’

Bloomberg is a creepy, evil figure, but with the Democrat now allowing him to buy his way into this contest, there’s really nothing to rein in his promotional machine. Especially once the media dutifully gets on board.  It’s the very definition of polishing a turd, but with enough media buy, his face will be everywhere we turn. And if there’s one thing we know about that big, critical swath of American voters called who call themselves ‘Independents’ it’s that they aren’t particularly deep thinkers. They sit back and listen to those like Wallass, nodding in agreement, uninterested in the truth.

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