I remain a firm believer in that one of the most significant benefits from Donald Trump being elected president is the fact that there can no longer be any doubt whatsoever when it comes to just how corrupt this government of ours has truly become, or just how deep and how pervasive that corruption truly is.  And I only say that because since his election was simply not supposed to happen, the absolute outrage that it triggered has caused those used to having their own way to crawl out from the shadows, and with complete immunity, and to continue to attack this president and those who dare to support him, even sending some off to prison.

And so, practically since President Trump was elected we continue to witness how it is that those on left are able to remain free to commit all manner of crime, as long as that ‘crime’ is in any way connected to what remains the ongoing effort to bring to an end the presidency of Donald J. Trump.  Meanwhile, those whose only crime is the fact that they supported Donald Trump have been sentenced to prison for what could be for some the rest of their lives.  And when the president dares to question the severity of a particular sentence those on the left sound the alarm, warning of an out of control president and once again declaring the urgent need for impeachment.

While most of us have long distrusted our government, and with good reason, it was the election of President Trump, and the resulting ‘Trump Derangement Disorder’ that would end up leaving virtually no doubt, in any reasonable mind, that this government our ours is corrupt to it’s very core, as are most of those we elect to be in charge of it.  And sadly, I seriously doubt that there is now any way back to the government that was originally conceived by our Founders.  At least until the American people are willing to put the survival of their country over their own self-interests and a willingness to essentially be bought off by certain politicians.

And it has become glaringly obvious that it now seems to depend entirely on one’s politics when it comes to determining whether one is deemed worthy of being investigated, prosecuted and sentenced.  So we continue to have known liars who have been provided a ‘Stay Out Of Jail’ card and allowed to wander around scot-free for no other reason than because the lies they have told, and continue to tell, are all directed at President Trump in an attempt to somehow convince voters that our president represents a danger to our country.  And it’s some of these same people who are now paid commentators on such ‘news’ networks as CNN and MSDNC.

And then we have others who are accused of having lied about something trivial, but who, because of the supposed severity of their ‘crime’, were then swiftly arrested, prosecuted, pronounced guilty and were put on the receiving end of lengthy prison sentences that are well outside accepted norms for their alleged ‘crime.’  That’s only because their true crime, the one they are really being ‘prosecuted’ for, is the crime of supporting Donald Trump.  And I’m sure I’m not the only one frustrated at what is clearly a double-standard that we continue to see in play, when those on the left are so easily able to tell the most blatant of lies with absolutely no fear of repercussion.

And just how much of what has obviously been going on for a very long time would we never have been made aware of had it been Hitlery who was elected president instead of Donald Trump?  So it’s obvious that those in charge of our government think the American people are either too stupid to know what our crooked politicians are really up to or they are now so comfortable in their positions that they’re confident there’s nothing we’re able to do about it.  And granted, much of that, I think, can be said to be the fault of we the people.  After all, we repeatedly elect many of these people knowing what they are from the start but we’re blinded by all of the promises.

Frankly I’m beginning to wonder if there is anyone anywhere near the vicinity of Washington who has any interest whatsoever in bringing some of this scum to justice for ANY of their many actual, and easily provable crimes.  Those with names like Brennan, Clapper, Comey and McCabe, to name but a few.  Of course word did come earlier today that sleazy McCabe will be allowed to walk free.  And so where I was once pretty confident in Mr. Barr, it’s with each passing day that I become a little less so.   But sadly I’m beginning to think that the only ones who will ever be made to suffer the ‘consequences’ of their beliefs are the ones who support this president.

It’s become painfully obvious that what we now have in this country is most definitely a two tiered justice system, one that closely resembles those one tends to find in any third-world country on the planet, and it’s all thanks to the Democrat Party.  These days it’s on which end of the political spectrum that one resides that will be used to quickly determine what punishment, if any, one as earned.  So guys like Manafort and Stone, whose ‘crimes’ were far less egregious than those committed by those with names like Podesta or Brennan, earned prison stays that could take them to the end of their lives, unless pardoned, while the others are getting paid for their ‘opinions.’


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