Bernie 7

I’m sure we’ve all heard that old adage about how even a broken clock is right twice a day.  Well it’s that very same adage that reminds me of devout Socialist, and current Democrat contender for president, Bernie Sanders.  You see, it was during Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” that Bernie chose to take the opportunity to return fire at Democrat ‘strategist’ James ‘Ragin Cajun’ Carville over Carville’s recent criticisms of him by stating that Carville is nothing more than “a political hack, who said very terrible things when he was working for Clinton against Barack Obama.”  And by the way, I happen to agree completely with Bernie’s assessment of Carville.

Hence my reference to the old broken clock adage, where it’s Bernie who reminds me of the clock that, while it has stopped working, still manages to be able to provide the correct time twice a day.  But it’s a very rare event when Bernie is right about anything.  Anyway, Bernie said, “James, in all due respect, is a political hack, who said very terrible things when he was working for Clinton against Barack Obama. I think he said some of the same things. Look, we are taking on the establishment. This is no secret to anybody. We’re taking on the — I guess the former head of Goldman Sachs attacked me yesterday. … And the insurance companies don’t like me.”

And Bernie then went on to say, “And you know what, the pharmaceutical industry, which is charging us ten times more for the same drugs they sell in Canada, they don’t like me either. Nor does the fossil fuel industry. Because their product happens to be destroying our planet. Nor does the military-industrial complex, or the prison-industrial complex. We are taking on Trump, the Republican establishment, Carville, and the Democratic establishment.”  Bernie wears, as a badge of honor, that list of those who he claims don’t really like him all that much.  But what matters very little to him are the devastating effects his policies will have on millions of Americans.

Look, there is absolutely no doubt that Carville is a nutty guy, but he does have moments of clarity, however few they may be, like, for instance, he recognizes the fact that all the Democrats now spouting Socialism will accomplish nothing more than to ensure that President Trump gets reelected in what is very likely to be a landslide.  That combined with the booming Trump economy, and it becomes difficult for supporters of the president not to feel pretty confident about his chances.  However, we should never be overconfident, because you can never underestimate the level of stupidity, and/or ignorance, on the other side that we’ll be forced to contend with.

And what still strikes me as being a bit odd, really, is the fact that Bernie is not even an actual member of the Democrat Party, the party whose nomination he is now seeking.  And yet he seems to see fit to be lecturing Carville, someone who actually IS a Democrat.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no love for Carville, but at least he’s telling it like it is.  But he’s about to find out that even he is considered a dinosaur by these radical millennials now in charge of his party, the Democrat Party.  I guess Carville could become a Republican, because his party of old is NOT coming back, ever.  Hell, he wouldn’t be any different than a Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney or a Susan Collins.

It’s is amazing to me that there are actually people out there who are willing to take this clown, Bernie, and anything that he says, seriously.  I mean he is nothing other than a lying, racist moron.  He has said that we need more abortions to combat ‘climate change,’ that we need less guns to stop mass shooters.  How about, instead, he start calling for a little personal responsibility regarding one’s actions?  With any amount of luck those on the left who are his devoted followers will end up following him straight over the cliff! And we can only hope that they succeed in dragging the entire Democrat Party with them as they plunge into the abyss that is Socialism.

But I must admit that it’s kind of sad, actually, that a once legitimate party, despite its blatantly racist history, has succeeded in allowing itself to be hijacked by far left socialists and communists. And by allowing a self-described socialist like Bernie to run as a Democrat, which he is not, they have given access and legitimacy to an ideology that is completely hostile to our national identity, way of life, and freedoms.  The Democrats did this to themselves by choosing to abandon working class ‘Americans’ and to allow the socialist nut-bags in their party to start calling the shots.  Their hatred and vitriol towards President Trump is why they’re now stuck with Bernie.

And yes, Carville is a political hack, but Bernie is a communist.  And while I never agree with either, it would seem that Bernie now represents the greater threat.  But even with that said, I also have very little doubt that should Bernie be the winner of the Democrat sweepstakes and become the one to go up against President Trump, Carville be right there ready to cast his vote for Bernie.  And it makes clear the degree to which those who call themselves Democrats have now become consumed by their hunger for power that they would now even be willing to side with someone like Bernie, who hates America, over someone like President Trump who doesn’t.

The socialist movement has been a part of the Democrat Party since the 1930’s. And while they have always been there, they tended to be more comfortable operating from within the shadows.  But it’s been over the last 10 or 12 years that they’ve chosen to venture out from their hiding places and to operate more out in the open.  And it is Barry ‘O’ who will always be remembered as being one of the best things to ever happen to the Conservative movement as it was he who allowed this scum out into the open and to become more vocal about what they wish to turn America into.  And it was with the election of Donald Trump that was the natural result if that.

By all means, let’s all vote for Bernie. The guy who wants to tax us all into the poor house and raise the corporate rate back to 35% so that they will then hide more of their money off shore instead of using it to expand and therefore create more jobs.  And let’s cut our own throats by cutting the amount of money we spend on our national defense so that we can, for whatever time we would then have left, then provide ‘free’ healthcare, college, childcare and housing, even though nothing would truly be ‘free,’ and let’s wreck the economy putting people out of work and forcing them into dependence on the government. Yup, a real socialist workers paradise!

Bernie can make all of the promises he wants, but I still don’t think this country is yet to the point where those who work will be willing to see more of their money going to those who simply refuse to work.  Nor do I see private healthcare going away without a fight or guns being taken away or ‘free’ healthcare being provided to those here illegally.  Or forcing people to pay tens of thousands of dollars retrofitting their houses with solar, or no fossil fuels, that’s just plain nuts.  And yet I hear people cheering such lunatic ideas.  So I can understand Carville’s concerns, but what options do those like him really have if Bernie actually does win the Democrat nomination?

Bernie doesn’t seem to get that it’s just about everyone with a job who hates him.  He represents a very real threat to their ability to provide for themselves and their loved ones.  He’s a threat to everyone’s life and a threat to everyone’s freedom, because he hates our Constitution and the ‘limits’ that it places on government, and he hates the freedom this country still stands for.  He’s a communist just like his comrades who, for the last 100 years, have been responsible for the death of countless millions.  Yet I keep hearing from those who support him that what Bernie supports is something different than what we’ve seen in the past.  If only it were so.

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