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‘Crooked Joe’ Biden has been my favorite to go up against President Trump from the very beginning.  The vision of him standing next to the president on that debate stage brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.  But, I’m here to say, it’s just not to be.  Joe is now toast, and is a dead man walking without yet having realized it.  Poor ole Joe seems to be reaping that which he has been sowing for years.  And as more people become aware of his decades of corruption and of his taking full advantage of his elected office to line his pockets, they’re turning away from him.

And so it was, just last night, that ex-vice president, and soon be a three time loser presidential candidate, ‘Crooked Joe’ delivered a gaffe-riddled, yet quite defiant, message shortly after suffering a blowout in the New Hampshire primary.   It was in speaking to his ‘supporters’ in South Carolina, where he retreated to after yet another humiliating defeat, which was all but assured on Monday, that ‘Crooked Joe’ remained defiant that his White House prospects were still very much credible.  But I think the general consensus, among most people, is that ‘Crooked Joe’ is…DONE!

‘Crooked Joe’ told those assembled, “Tonight, we just heard from the first two of 50 states. Not all of nation, not have…not a quarter of the nation, but two [states].”  And he added, “Now, where I come from that’s the opening bell. Not the closing bell.”  Despite the confidant tone, the ex-vice president quickly tripped himself up with a gaffe, claiming that although “Iowa and Nevada have spoken,” his campaign planned to vigorously contest the next series of primaries.  And by this time it should come as virtually no surprise that the gaffes did not end there.

While extolling his support among black voters, ‘Crooked Joe’ actually made the claim that his former running mate, Barry ‘O’, had defeated an incumbent president in 2008. The 77-year-old ex-vice president said, “All those Democrats that won against incumbents, from Jimmy Carter to a guy named Clinton and a guy named Obama, my good friend, guess what. They had overwhelming African American support. Without it nobody’s ever won.”  It’s every time old Joe opens his mouth that he proves he’s just not up to the rigors of being president, but do Democrats care?

‘Crooked Joe’ delivered his remarks shortly after polls closed in New Hampshire, where his campaign cratered.   And it was when the dust had settled and the results tabulated that it was the ex-vice president who had ended up firmly in fifth place behind Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Warren.  The poor showing all but ensures Joe will not receive any delegates from the state, even though his campaign, and an affiliated Super PAC, had spent heavily on what was apparently a last ditch effort to avoid disaster.  But disaster was not to be denied, and so Joe quickly left town.

The loss in New Hampshire, where ‘Crooked Joe’ had been predicting victory as late as November, follows his fourth place finish in the Iowa Caucuses.  Those losses, coupled with ‘Crooked Joe’s’ looming cash crunch, has led many to speculate that the ex-vice president’s campaign is fading fast, with South Carolina proving to be either a firewall or more of a last stand.  Old Joe, himself, admitted as much on Tuesday when he told supporters, “I know, this is going to be the fight of my life.”  Before then going on to say, “I can’t do it alone, I need your help to climb this mountain.”

As far as Joe being a ‘regular guy,’ that is an absolute fallacy, a myth.  And to tell you the truth, I don’t know which way to go.  Do I revel in his downfall or look at how truly pathetic he’s become?   Based on his attitude, I think I’ll choose to revel in his downfall. This guy has been a phony and a fraud from day one.  Old Joe’s supposed popularity is a media invention. They needed him to look like a strong contender to support the “Trump wanted his rival investigated” impeachment narrative.  Now that President Trump has been acquitted, the media has kicked old Joe to the curb.

And let’s be honest, old Joe is nothing other than your average run-of-the-mill corrupt politician whose decades of influence peddling and corrupt family chicanery has been given a pass.  He should have ducked and run, happy to toddle off with his family’s ill-gotten booty, but nope!  So now he may end up on the receiving end of what would be a very well-deserved investigation into his years of corrupt dealings (which he must have seen as being just another fringe benefit for being in public service). Even the Chinese picked up on this and gave his crackhead son money to manage. It’s insane!

And I love how we’re constantly being told, granted usually by Democrats but also a few establishment RINO types, that old Joe would be the frontrunner if for no other reason that because everybody likes the ‘guy’ who is Joe Biden, he’s just a regular kind of guy. But he’s not, he a fraud. And from everything I’ve seen, repeatedly, during his campaign he is nothing more than a snippy, petty and aggressively insulting old thug who has all of the downsides of a sloppy bar drunk with absolutely none of the upsides.  He has absolutely nothing going for him in this ongoing contest.

To be honest, ‘Crooked Joe’ hasn’t been the true frontrunner at any point during this entire contest.  Which only proves, yet again, that the polls, as well as those in the ‘fake news’ media, are full of crap. No matter how much the media lies about the chances of ‘Crooked Joe’ making it across the finish line, those chances are slim and none.  Joe was finished before he even started. How do you come in fourth and fifth place in the first two states of the Democrat primary season and still expect to come out as the real clear winner after all is said and done?  Talk about being delusional!

Not even a lying ‘fake news’ media is going to be able to keep Joe afloat.  I mean even Klobuchar has been beating the Democrats proclaimed frontrunner and she’s a freaking disaster.  Deep down inside even Amy is shocked she came in third place last night.  Poor Democrats, neither Warren nor ‘Crooked Joe’ did well.  Wait till ‘Crooked Joe’ comes in fourth place, or even worse, in South Carolina. It’s going to be hilarious to see old ‘Crooked Joe’ fall face down after his much talked about firewall collapses in rather spectacular fashion.  Almost as funny as Hitlery losing in 2016.

But even with all that said, my advice to ‘Crooked Joe’ would be to keep on fighting!  By golly, take it all the way to the convention, Joe.  Don’t let this miserable showing sap your resolve, the convention needs you, your party needs you.  Your supporters can help you turn this thing around. Just send them out there to drum up the support you need in order to make it to the convention.  Get that money.  I would send you some myself but I actually support President Trump.  Don’t be a quitter, Joe.  Remember, nobody likes a quitter.  And above all else, God hates a coward!

And finally I have a little advice for Democrats, even though I’m sure they’re not likely to take it from someone like me.  So be that as it may, my advice would be for them to just accept the fact that Donald Trump is going to win this November and to focus their efforts on 2024 and in getting their political house in order.  And by that I mean drop all of the impeachment nonsense, and also their efforts to ‘resist’ and instead work with President Trump wherever they can, so that they would then be able to claim some level of credit for whatever positive results come about.

And also the Democrats, as a party, need to focus back to those working class issues that were central to the successes achieved by the party of the 40s, 50s and 60s, and to realize that socialism is nothing but a loser.  Also, they need to at least appear as if they are putting the needs of the country above the needs of their party, even if they don’t really mean it.  But even if they were to follow such obvious advice, I’m not at all sure that it wouldn’t be too little, too late.  They may have, as a party, already moved beyond that point of no return.  So any advice is likely all for naught!

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