Let me just start by saying that there has not been a day in my life, which is about to enter its 69th year, that I have ever seen the wisdom in, or any benefit from, being a member of the Democrat Party.  My working class father was a Republican and that seems to have carried over to all three of his sons as well as his one daughter.  The Democrat Party has always felt just a bit too much at home on the left, but in the past they’ve always worked a little harder at keeping that fact more to themselves.  These days it’s not so much.  Which brings me to the current batch of Democrat presidential wannabes all vying to be the one to take on Donald Trump later this year.

It’s been quite the contest thus far, to say the least, with the Democrats being unable to draw a combined audience that isn’t easily dwarfed by a single Trump rally.  And the Democrat primary season seems to be off to a rather shaky start.   It was confusion that reigned supreme in Iowa where establishment favorite ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden managed to finish in fourth place.  And now it appears as if he’s going to finish in fifth place in tonight’s New Hampshire primary results.  And while no one should really be surprised, that being said, there does seem to be a growing sense of impending doom amongst the more ‘rational’ members of the Democrat Party.

It was according to the most recent poll, which these days are less than reliable, that ‘Crooked Joe’ would likely do no better than third place behind Sanders and Buttigieg.  But as we are now seeing, granted at this time only about 10 percent of the vote has been counted, is that any hope of an improvement over his dismal showing in Iowa has gone up in smoke.  So even a third place finish proved to be out of reach for ‘Crooked Joe,’ and it looks as if he’ll end up behind both Klobuchar, who finished in fifth place in Iowa and Warren, in what is essentially her own backyard. In fact ‘Crooked Joe’ apparently bugged out of town early to head to South Carolina.

Now I am far from being any sort of an expert on matters related to politics, but to the untrained eye it’s hard to see how ‘Crooked Joe’ comes back from this.  It’s likely the straw that broke the camel’s back.  And it’s the sense that the end may be nearer for Joe than many may have thought that is causing some level of panic within in the ranks of the party and among many in the ‘fake news’ media over the possibility that either (a) the socialist Sanders could win the party’s nomination, or (b) their coalition might come completely unglued should the establishment Democrats cheat Sanders out of the nomination, as Bernie’s left-wing loyalists believe happened in 2016.

Look, the odds of any Democrat beating Donald Trump in November are decreasing on a daily basis, causing a sizable meltdown on the Left. It was Chris Matthews who, following Friday night’s debate in New Hampshire, went on a rant against socialism, recalling his Cold War–era visits to Vietnam and Cuba.  Matthews said, “Being there, I’ve seen what socialism is like. I don’t like it, OK? It’s not only not free, it doesn’t freaking work. It just doesn’t work.”  He said, “The Reds had won the Cold War, there would have been executions in Central Park, and I might have been one of the ones getting executed, and certain other people would be there cheering, OK?”

If the state of the Democrat presidential nomination contest has inspired Matthews to fantasize about such a nightmare scenario as communist execution squads in Central Park, the plight of liberals must, in fact, be pretty darn grim. Their descent into political hysteria has been astonishingly swift.  After all, it was a just a few months back that Democrats were all pretty optimistic, even euphoric, regarding their chances of taking down President Trump.  And it was a Washington Post/ABC News poll released November 5 had the president trailing ‘Crooked Joe’ by a whopping 17-point margin, 56-39. Although, polls, as we have seen, tend to be rather useless.

Yet it was the latest national poll by Quinnipiac University that showed ‘Crooked Joe’ losing his front-runner status to Socialist Bernie, who led the Democrats with 25 percent to ‘Crooked Joe’s’ rather anemic 17 percent.  And you know, even if Joe were somehow able to put a stop to his slide in the polls, he is now threatened by a campaign cash crunch.  So how is it that everything has now seemed to go so horribly wrong for Joe and the establishment Democrats?   Well, for starters we can go back to December, when Pelosi chose to rush two articles of impeachment through the House on a straight line party-line vote, after claiming the need for bipartisan support.

And even as Democrats were voting to impeach him, the president was campaigning in Michigan, speaking to a packed arena in Battle Creek. The Senate last week voted to acquit the president, two days after Democrats bungled, on what was a pretty grand scale, the count of their Iowa caucus.  Sandwiched between those two events was the president’s State of the Union Address, which ended with Pelosi throwing a childish hissy fit on national TV, in front of roughly 50 million people, tearing up her copy of the text of President Trump’s speech.  So I would argue that everything that seems to have gone wrong for the Democrats as essentially been of a self-inflicted nature.

There has long been a consensus among mainstream Democrats and their media allies that if Sanders does win the nomination, there is little or no chance that he could defeat President Trump in November.  Sanders and his supporters, of course, would tend to disagree with that and blame the centrist instincts of the party establishment for Hitlery’s humiliating 2016 defeat. After the votes are counted tonight in New Hampshire, the anti-Sanders forces in the Democrat Party are likely to be faced with the necessity of abandoning ‘Crooked Joe’ altogether in the hope that some other candidate, maybe Bloomberg, can prove viable as the “anybody but Bernie” choice.

And then there’s the old ‘Ragin Cajun’ himself, James Carville who, during a recent appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, warned of an apocalypse — “the end of days” — if Sanders gets the nomination.  It was Jimmy who said, “I’m afraid that Donald Trump is going to get re-elected and I have to do this four more years and I don’t think we can make it. I really don’t.… The country can’t continue like this.” Despite all of Carville’s doom and gloom, the country is actually doing quite well, especially the economy, which added 225,000 jobs just last month.  So I’m not quite sure what it is that Carville views as being such a danger to our survival.

From a Republican point of view, nothing could be more enjoyable than watching Democrats lose their collective mind over their declining prospects for defeating President Trump, which has become more important to them that actually winning the White House.  It may be “the end of days” for Carville, but for the rest of us it’s pure entertainment.  Even more so when you stop to realize that the current predicament in which they now find themselves is entirely of their own making.  They created this Frankenstein mentality within their ranks and they too are the ones who made a Trump presidency possible in the first place.  And it drives them mad.

Look, ’Crooked Joe’ has obviously been senile for quite some time.  But as he was only going to be a figurehead anyway for the corrupt and criminal ruling elites, they really didn’t care.  Now that he has proven to be a bit too senile and no longer has any chance to win the nomination, the Democrats seem all in a panic to find a candidate, any candidate, who can replace him.  But it matters not who they choose they’ll still lose to President Trump.  I hope Milwaukee is getting ready for the riots, because they are surely coming and will be a fitting end to the Democrat Party as we know it. There will be carnage from the tolerant peace loving supporters of Sanders.

It’s clear that the Democrats learned nothing from 2016, but it goes back even farther to the wipeout they faced in the House during Barry ‘O’.  The James Carvilles of the party might as well be from a different planet than the base that now controls the party. The party doesn’t even pay lip service to hard working union members anymore.  Democrats seem to think the answer is to move farther leftward instead of closer to the middle. They are out of touch on key social issues namely immigration and law and order. Rich coastal social justice warriors aren’t going to retake Pennsylvania and Michigan for the Democrat Party. The party is in a death spiral.

The Democrats and their ‘fake news’ media allies have been selling an end of days scenario for over three years. Economic disaster, WWIII with N. Korea, racism, impeachment.  One terrible scenario after the next. The problem is that the real world has quit listening. Their echo chamber on Twitter and in Hollyweird doesn’t represent average Americans. President Trump will win 40 states.  It’s not unreasonable to start looking at 2024 and the potential for the political cycle to break allowing a new Republican to win as president. I’m ready to start looking for that candidate right now, because President Trump has this one in the bag.

More Americans are waking up to what the Democrat Party is really all about, which is nothing more than pure doom and gloom.  All they want to do is to raise our taxes, throw open our borders, allow criminals to vote from prison, raise the cost of energy by prohibiting the use of carbon fuels, force us to accept their immoral/abnormal behavior, and generally to lower our standard of living to that of Venezuela. Additionally, they want to force everyone to think alike as in acceptance of more government to regulate bogus ‘climate change.’  This is negative. Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t vote for any of this nonsense. Socialism sucks.  It really does!

How far the Democrats have fallen since the overall euphoria of November 4, 2008, after which we we’re all told that the election of Barack Hussein Obama would be ushering in 40 years of solid Democrat rule.  And who knows, had Barry been a bit less radical in his approach to his new office, and congressional Democrats been a little more willing to address the needs of the American people and not solely the needs of their party, that very well may have ended up being the case.  But the Democrats got greedy, and their dreams of a 40 year reign quickly went south.  And the most obvious result of their hunger for power was the election of Donald Trump.

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