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Look, we all know that there is, today, an overabundance of dim bulbs in Washington, but there are few who are dimmer than dim bulb ‘Little Timmy’ Kaine.  And it’s every time that this guy opens his big mouth that he continues to prove that that still remains to be very much the case.   He’s like every other Democrat, in that he really never knows when to shut up.  And is usually the case with these people, it’s like they are driven to reveal their contempt for this president whenever they have any opportunity to do so.  And think about, this guy could have been our vice president.  But for the grace of God he isn’t and neither is Hitlery our president.

And it was Wednesday night, during a broadcast of MSDNC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” while discussing Nancy Pelosi’s ‘decision’ to tear up her copy of the president’s SOTU speech, that ‘Little Timmy’ seemed to justify her behavior, going so far as to describe it as being an appropriate response to what ‘Timmy’ also described as President Trump’s acting like a “jackass.”  And why is it that no matter how reprehensible any Democrat may act, somehow it’s never really their fault.  The fault of their behavior ALWAYS rests with someone other than themselves.  In this case, Pelosi’s bad behavior is not her fault, but is instead the fault of the president.

It was Ms. Mitchell who asked, “The president has been slamming Nancy Pelosi — he and his allies — for tearing up the speech at the end of the State of the Union. He did not shake her hand when she proffered it at the beginning. She left out it is my high privilege and distinct honor the traditional words.  There were snubs back and forth. Did it warrant her tearing it up to see all of those factual misstatements claiming that the Republicans are protecting pre-existing conditions when they’re in court fighting to overturn Obamacare and all those other claims about the economy and trolling her with the Rush Limbaugh Medal of Freedom?”

Timmy replied by saying, “Andrea, you’ve kind of given my thoughts about this.”  And he then went on to say, “I didn’t see the end of the speech when she did that. And so I got asked about it later and I was just surprised because I hadn’t seen it. But I said wait, he won’t shake her hand and he gives a Medal of Freedom to somebody who’s called her every name in the book for years and he stands up there and lies about health care but we’re going to talk about how she should respond? He can behave like a jackass but we have to jump all over her back? I mean, I don’t get the double standard.”  Of course he doesn’t, because he too is a hack politician!

So he doesn’t “get the double standard?”  Am I hearing that right, from a Democrat? Welcome to my world, Timmy!  And just what does ‘Timmy’, or any other Democrat for that matter, really know about being on the receiving end of a double-standard?  Seriously folks, it’s a pretty rare event when we have anyone on the left ever held to the same standard that those on the right are held to.  It simply doesn’t happen.  Democrats are ALWAYS permitted the luxury of operating under the premise of ‘do as I say, not as I do.’  Republicans are never afforded the same opportunities.  And hear ‘Little Timmy’ whining about some double-standard makes absolutely no sense.

And look, say you’re President Trump, and you know this crazy bitch, Pelosi, hates your guts. What sense would it make for you to provide this obvious wackjob an opportunity to embarrass you on national television?   And I have absolutely no doubt that that was exactly what old ‘Crazy Nancy’ had intended to do.  But when that failed, because the president chose not give her the opportunity, she was then forced to resort to what was very clearly her Plan B, the tearing up of the speech.  So yes there was someone who, during the evening, did in fact act like a ‘jackass,’ but it most certainly was not the president, it was the Speaker of the House.

Let’s face it, we all know there is no love lost between Pelosi and the President.  After all, President Trump has spent the last three years working on those things that got him elected and Pelosi & Co. have been working just as hard to do everything they can, including impeachment, to prevent him from doing so.  How truly sick is that?  And the real victims in all this mess has been the American people, who the Democrats claim care about.  It is they, the American people, who have to suffer the loss of meaningful reforms to get them back to work and to be able to provide for their families.  And yet Democrats, like Timmy and Pelosi, have other priorities.

So Timmy calls the President Trump a “jackass?”   So I’m wondering is that like being called a deplorable or perhaps even a dreg of society?  Or is it Timmy’s own little way of describing someone who is responsible for bringing about our current booming economy?  Or, is it what he calls someone responsible for our massive increase in manufacturing jobs, or who made it possible for millions of people to get off food stamps, or who created an environment that encourages less dependency on welfare, and who is responsible for record employment and record low unemployment?  Hell, if that’s what he means by “jackass” then I’d take that as a compliment!

I think Timmy is just pissed because the bloodless coup attempted by the Democrat Party, against President Trump, did not quite go off according to plan.  Personally, I’m one of those who happen to be of the opinion that it backfired, and rather spectacularly so. Bummer!  President Trump’s poll numbers are now the highest they have been, despite the impeachment nonsense and higher even than Timmy’s beloved Barry ‘O’ at the same point in his presidency. The Democrat Party is getting its collective ass kicked by President Trump, and has been for the entire three years that they have been working so hard in their attempt to get rid of him.


  1. His eldest son is a U.S. Marine. His other son, Linwood “Woody” has a history of Antifa and domestic acts designed to promote violence towards those opposite of his political ideology, which is, unsurprisingly, Liberal – so he takes after dad.


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