It was throughout nearly the entire 77 minutes of last night’s State of the Union address, as she continued to shuffle and then reshuffle the pages of the speech she had been handed by the president, that you could almost hear the gears grinding in Pelosi’s pea size brain as she was clearly trying to conjure up that which she could do in an effort to make some sort of political statement and in do so doing make herself appear relevant to the Democrat base?  And at some point it must have come to her.

And so as President Trump wrapped up his State of the Union address last night, Pelosi ripped up her copy of the speech drawing considerable criticism from Republicans and a few Democrats.  The tension was palpable from the beginning, as the president appeared to decline to shake Pelosi’s hand after handing her a copy of the speech.  Fox News reported that the two had not spoken since the president called her a “third grade politician” during an October meeting at the White House.

Pelosi looked as if she was having a slow burn during the entire speech.  And I had to chuckle at the antics of the Democrats multiple times throughout the speech.  The craziest moment was when the ladies in white all sat on their hands when President Trump called for outlawing late term abortions as the mother of a premature baby was shown on camera literally looking upward in gratitude toward God for having a president who was pushing to protect the unborn.  I thought it was a great speech!

However, with all that said, it was during the address that the current divide between Republicans and Democrats in the chamber was rather starkly illustrated multiple times. Frequently, the Republicans stood and applauded while Democrats sat stoically, and in silence, not only when President Trump made partisan points, but even at times when he announced positive developments such as those dealing with job creation or poverty reduction and also when he chose to introduce his guests.

And so it was as President Trump completed his State of the Union address last night that we saw Pelosi slowly, and rather deliberately, tear into pieces her copy of the speech, before then tossing the bits of paper, also quite deliberately, back onto the desk.  Now I’m not sure what she thought she was accomplishing, but in fact all she really accomplished by her juvenile act was to make very clear to those watching, and who might be considering voting Democrat, that they might want to reconsider.

Asked afterwards why she had torn up her copy of the speech, Pelosi replied, “because it was a manifesto of mistruths.”  She also issued a statement which said in part, “The manifesto of mistruths presented in page after page of the address tonight should be a call to action for everyone who expects truth from the President and policies worthy of his office and the American people.”  But nowhere in the statement was there any mention made of her petulant little act of ripping up the speech.

When it comes to today’s Democrat Party it’s no longer about the American people, that ship long ago sailed.  Today it’s all about promoting every manner of perversion imaginable, from abortion on demand to wide open borders and unfettered illegal immigration all so they can have a permanent voting bloc. This is ALL about power and control.  I am praying for a total landslide in November. I pray President Trump wins reelection and pray the Republicans retake the House and retain the Senate.

Pelosi is just teed off because she sees her world collapsing. This was her last ditch effort at relevancy before Occasional-Cortez & Co. are able to seize total control of the Democrat Party.  It’s from this point on that we will remain but one election away from losing our country forever.  Democrats should take heed and be careful what it is that they wish for.  Because when a ‘Democrat’ president is next elected, which he or she most certainly will be, you can then kiss this great country of ours goodbye.

What we saw from Pelosi last night was little more than a childish temper tantrum, exacerbated, I suppose, by what is likely a worsening case of Dementia.  She is of that age, after all, and she very clearly has lost more than a step or two. The whole impeachment thing was a debacle.  Something is no longer right with this woman, and the mugging and childish faces during those parts of the speech that focused on low unemployment rates for minorities were more than just a little bizarre.

And it was someone this morning who said that the fact that she made such a production of tearing up the speech did absolutely nothing to erase the words that were spoken.  In fact I think it fair to say that her act of tearing up the speech served as being little more than an exclamation point on the president’s speech.  And the act says much more about her than it does the president and what he said.  Is this now what we can expect to see as being adult behavior from our elected officials?

And for a woman who, or so we are constantly being told, is supposed to be so politically savvy,  publicly tearing apart the president’s speech, while 45-50 million people looked on, proves the exact opposite.  She may as well have torn up the U.S. Constitution because that is what she and her party have been doing for some time.  It was a stupid and impulsive tantrum proving that she and her Do-Nothing Democrats have no interest in working with President Trump on behalf of the American people.

And let’s just cut to the chase, shall we. There is no creature on God’s Green Earth more loathsome than a Democrat politician.  They are, by definition, created from a maelstrom of infected moral filth.  There is no virtue or honor in any element of their life.  It is nihilism on full display.  They seek one thing only, to bring about as much destruction and misery as possible.  Such a blatant display of disrespect should make clear to all that Democrats are totally without honor and not worthy of respect.

And it’s Pelosi who clearly represents all that’s gone so horribly wrong with today’s Democrat Party.  More than simply being an embarrassment, she’s a liar and a fraud.  She continues to put the needs of what’s left of her precious Democrat Party ahead of the needs of regular Americans in her relentless effort to ‘resist’ this president.  So how is it that her complete lack of ‘leadership’ will result in anything other than an even more stunningly humiliating defeat than the one Democrats experienced in 2016.

And I think it very safe to say that what we are now witnessing is nothing short of a hostile takeover of the Democrat Party, and one that will essentially result in the demise of the Democrat Party as most of us older folks have come to know it.  And as it turns increasingly Socialist, it will be when the next ‘Democrat’ is elected president that our ability to remain a sovereign, and free, nation will come to be very much more in doubt.  Because it simply doesn’t suit the Democrats’ long term objectives.

What suits today’s Democrats-in-name-only, aka Socialists, reminds me of the words from an old John Lennon song, “Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion, too, Imagine all the people, Living life in peace.”  Of course the song makes no mention of the extreme poverty and abject misery that most would be made to suffer in such a world, but hey it’d be a small price to pay for a world being as one and there being “no need for greed.”  Right?

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