Jeffries 3

The logic that formed the basis of this impeachment attempt is truly difficult to even try to understand, unless, of course, you happen to be a Democrat.  And while those on the left continue to take great pleasure in describing those of us who don’t particularly share that rather skewed view of the world as being rather low on the evolutionary scale, I must say, it has been after watching, and listening, to those placed in charge of trying to impeach our duly elected president, that I am feeling particularly intelligent today. Because these people are nothing short of morons!

As evidence of that I present as Exhibit A, Hakeem Jeffries, one of the ‘brilliant’ House impeachment managers.  You see it was this past Thursday, as the Democrats were watching the walls collapsing all around them, that Jeffries actually made the argument that Democrats’ hiring of a former British spy to collect dirt from Russian sources about the Trump campaign does not constitute foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election.  Now let’s just assume that the Democrats are as smart as they say they are and we’re as dumb as they claim, what about that makes any sense?

Jeffries argument was based on the rather puzzling logic that Democrats paid for the information from the retired spy, Christopher Steele, rather than simply obtaining it.  It was in response to a question from Sen. Richard Burr and a group of Republican senators that Jeffries said, “The analogy is not applicable to the present situation because first, to the extent that opposition research was obtained, it was opposition research that was purchased.”   And what I found to be truly remarkable was that Jeffries was able to make such a statement all the while maintaining a straight face.

Look, if I was a Democrat who truly thought that President Trump was in need of being impeached I would, today, be scratching my head as I wondered how, out of 232 Democrats to choose from in the House, this is my A-Team for doing so.  This guy, along with Schiff and Nadler, are about as useless as an ejection seat in a helicopter.  I didn’t think it was possible to assemble a team that would make Schiff look like the smartest guy on the team but somehow the Democrats did just that.  This entire circus has come to say far more about the Democrats than about the president.

The Republicans had asked: “Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee hired a retired foreign spy to work with Russian contacts to build a dossier of opposition research against her political opponent, Donald Trump. Under the House managers’ standard would the dossier be considered as foreign interference in a U.S. election, a violation of the law, and/or an impeachable offense?”  The Clinton campaign and DNC, through their law firm, paid just over $1 million to opposition research firm Fusion GPS to investigate Donald Trump and members of his campaign.

And it was as part of that project that Fusion GPS hired Steele, a former British spy, to look into candidate Trump’s ties to Russia.  Steele relied on a network of sources to collect information from Russian government officials.  Steele provided the information to the FBI and members of the media.  Republicans have long cited Democrats’ hiring of Steele to rebut allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.  And it was after a 2 year investigation by super sleuth Mueller that failed to establish that candidate Trump, or any of his associates, conspired with Russians.

Jeffries’s patently idiotic claim prompted a sarcastic response from Trump attorney Jay Sekulow, who said, “So, I guess you could buy, this is what it sounds like, you can buy a foreign interference.  You can purchase, if you purchase it, you purchase their opposition research, I guess it’s okay.”  Apparently Jeffries was under the impression, as Democrats typically are, that whatever it is that they say will be believed because it is they who are saying it.  There is never to be any reason to doubt the veracity of what has been said because Democrats, as we all know, speak ONLY the truth.

Now I know the Democrats and their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media and in Hollyweird view those of us who continue to support President Trump as being just a bunch of rubes.  But it’s that perception of us that has, I think, allowed the Democrats to go down a road that they perhaps otherwise might not have gone down.  Because had they given us even a smidgen of credit for being smart enough to see what they were really up to, this bogus attempt at impeachment might never have even happened.  But they thought we were too stupid to see what was going on.

And so it’s according to the logic as presented to us by Jeffries that the act of paying for a crime actually legitimizes the crime, but ONLY if said crime is committed by a Democrat, otherwise all bets are off.  This is what Democrats now expect us to believe?  So it’s once again that we see how the Democrats view themselves as somehow being above having to abide by the law.  They are free to do whatever they view as necessary for them to advance their insanity with absolutely no fear of ever having to face any sort of consequences.  And we’re not to have an issue with that?

And so perhaps someone can explain to me how voting for any Democrat can in any way be seen as being in the best interest of America.  After all, it has been this latest exercise in pure political theater that should convince every American that the vast majority of Democrats are both bigots and hypocrites who hate America, its institutions, its history, its free-market economics system, and they hate their fellow citizens who dare to disagree with them.  But they especially hate whites in general and heterosexual white males in particular who tend to Trump voters.


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