Question: So what is a guy to do when no one any longer goes to see the crappy movies that he insists upon making?

Answer: Of course, attack former President Reagan by saying that his description of the Soviet Union as being an “evil empire” was far more applicable to the United States.

It was Oliver Stone who, apparently, recently sat down with former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa for an interview on Russia Today (RT), during which he insisted President Ronald Reagan’s declaring the Soviet Union the “evil empire” should apply to the United States.  It was at the height of the Cold War in 1983 when former President Reagan delivered a now-iconic speech and called the Soviet Union an “evil empire” and as “the focus of evil in the modern world.”

It was during the interview that Stone said, “Empires fall. Let’s pray that this empire, these evil things… because we are the evil empire.”  And he went on to say, “What Reagan said about Russia is true about us.”  Always a fervent critic of American foreign policy and a fervent supporter of just about every authoritarian regime you can think of, Stone floated his theory that Hollyweird producers have blacklisted him because his movies no longer follow the mainstream pro-war narrative.

He said, “Hollywood has changed since 2001. It has become more censored. The military, the CIA, the depictions of these organizations has been very favorable.”  And he said, “You can take the budgets down… let’s say you want to make a film criticizing the American military, taking an Iraq war story or a horror story that recently happened in Iran.”  Stone continued by saying, “You do those kinds of stories, it’s not going to happen.”  What’s he talking about, of course they happen.

Stone also took aim at senior Democrat Party figures such as ‘Crooked Joe’ and Hitlery for being pro-war, adding that American politics has simply become “right-wings fighting with right-wings.” He said, “There is no party in the United States, there is no democratic voice except third parties that are small, that would say ‘Why are we fighting wars?’” And added, “I don’t hear it from any of the major candidates, except one or two on the Democratic side, but they don’t have a chance of winning.”

He said, “In other words, Hillary Clinton … and Joe Biden are just as pro-war as any Republican Dick Cheney. They just do it in a different way. Maybe it shows you how locked up America is, how so far to the right America has gone that Hillary Clinton is recognized as a Democrat. I can’t believe it.  There’s no real left in America in power. It’s all right-wings fighting with right-wings. As Putin said in the interviews I did with him, ‘It doesn’t make a difference who is President of the United States.”

Hitlery is on the right?  What the Hell has this moron been smokin’, snortin’ or shootin’ up?  Those on the left just can’t help themselves, they open their mouths and lie.  They slander the country that made it possible for them to achieve an incredible level of success.  There are few countries where they would not have been afforded the same opportunities. It is this country and its Constitution that they hold in such disdain that made it possible for them to become as successful as they have.

So why is it that he simply doesn’t choose to leave?  The only ones by whom he might be missed would be the many other ingrates who live in that same protective bubble in their gated communities with their armed guards.  God knows the heartland doesn’t give a rat’s behind whether he stays or goes.  He made his fortune and fame in this the greatest country in the world, and now he calls it evil?  To simply say he’s a hypocrite somehow comes up a little short, because he’s so much more than that.

And it’s nothing that these Hollyweirdos support that makes even a lick of sense. Most of what they say makes no sense. Hollyweird seems to be a total contradiction from the rest of the country.  And it’s the kind of criticism that Stone levels at America that doesn’t happen in any of the totalitarian nations he seems to be so in favor of.  So again I will ask, why is this man still here?  He said he was leaving when Bush 43 was elected and again when President Trump was elected.  And yet he’s STILL here!

It’s too bad that these leftists can’t convince the millions of people still trying to get into this country, illegally, what a Hellhole America really is.  Perhaps then they might stop trying to come here.  Actually, the REAL Evil Empire is Hollyweird, also known as the land of pedophiles, perverts, sexual deviants of every stripe, women abusers, the drug addled and STD infected, and the truly evil and demented who actually “celebrate” abortion!  And you’ll find no illegals in THEIR neighborhoods!

America is the greatest nation in the world, and there is no one is holding Stone prisoner here.  And if you’re able to openly declare that the country in which you live is part of some “evil empire” without any risk of persecution, imprisonment or worse, and that the same country has a Constitution that ensures your right to free speech, you’re probably not living in an “evil” country.  Perhaps Stone should try living in China, Russia, Iran, etc. and letting their governments know what you think of them.

And it’s according to leftists like Stone that places like North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and other leftist dictatorships have all been, and continue to be, victims of the “evil” America.  They want Socialism to control people through the state.  The left is like the most malignant form of cancer.  Everything those on the left touch, very quickly turns to shit.  And yet we have those like Stone working hard to champion it as being the magic cure for every ailment suffered not only here in America, but everywhere.

Now of course everything this guy say defies logic.  America, though far from perfect, has been the greatest force for GOOD in history.  It has repeatedly stood against evil at great cost, both monetarily and in human lives, to itself.  We fought two world wars to LIBERATE, not to subjugate, millions of souls from tyranny and oppression. Then spent vast sums of money to rebuild war-torn countries across the planet. Then, we continue to defend them and help them improve their standards of living.

And this fool, and all of those like him, doesn’t like it and calls its evil.  And just who is it that he thinks is listening to him.  Now I’m sure it was a great many of his friends in Hollyweird who were cheering him on during this pathetic interview. But is this how you entice people, with the amount of money it costs these days, to see your movies?  Personally I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies, and the number one reason I don’t go to the movies anymore is because of people like this asshole!

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