How is it that there can still be anyone anywhere in this great country of ours willing to waste even a second of the precious, and very short, time that we are all granted on this Earth listening to the never-ending, incessant drivel spewed by anyone on the Communist News Network (CNN) or, for that matter, MSDNC?  I mean these two organizations are about as far removed from being bona fide ‘news’ organizations as one can possibly be.  They both, and pretty routinely, demonstrate that they provide no other function than to serve as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

And we saw yet another rather sick example of that as recently as this past Saturday during the primetime CNN broadcast of ‘Tonight with Don Le Moan,’ featuring show regular Rick Wilson, someone described as being Republican ‘strategist’ along with network contributor Wajahat Ali, apparently a columnist for the New York Times.  You see, it was then that these three hapless boobs spent what was an entire segment of the program doing nothing more than to ridicule those of us who choose to support President Trump.  This is now what passes as serious ‘news’ on CNN?

And then it was during Tuesday’s broadcast that ‘Le Moan’ apparently felt the need to address the ‘controversy’ created by that same segment that had aired on Saturday night.  The segment even caught the attention of President Trump, who of course tweeted about it on Tuesday.  According to ‘Le Moan’, it was during the segment in question that he was not actually laughing at supporters of President Trump. Nope, no way!  Instead, he said, he was only laughing at the joke told by Wilson and insisted that he does not laugh at people for “who they are” or “for what they believe.”

‘Le Moan’ said, “One final note that I have for you because this is personally important to me to address this. Ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you, I don’t believe in belittling people. Belittling anyone for who they are, for what they believe, or where they’re from. During an interview on Saturday night, one of my guests said something that made me laugh. And while in the moment I found the joke humorous, and I didn’t catch everything that was said. Just to make this perfectly clear — I was laughing at the joke and not at any group of people.”

Now the idea that he was laughing only at Wilson’s lame “Ukraine joke” and didn’t hear the 30 or more seconds of “belittling” that followed, is a lie, he’s not fooling anyone.  We’re really not that stupid.  ‘Le Moan’ wasn’t laughing out loud.  He was laughing silently and quietly, and the earpiece everyone wears while on television, or so I’ve been told, allows you to hear everything more clearly than the audience at home.  So, since the 14 people, give or take, who were likely watching that night heard every word, and CNN’s credibly-accused sexual assaulter almost certainly did.

I can’t believe that these morons REALLY want to go there.  I mean what is more stupid than calling for safe spaces, wearing genitalia hats, having a man as woman of the year and a boy as cover girl, biological men competing against women or voting for Barry ‘O’, not once but TWICE.  And then there’s the Clinton’s, Pelosi, AOC, all of the clowns on CNN, MSDNC and more than a few on Fox.  Also, we have all those out in Hollyweird, and poop, the needles and the homeless now clogging the streets of nearly every city in California.  But thankfully there’s no plastic straws.

And is it not stupid to think that we can somehow tax cyclical, natural occurring, been happening for millions of years, ‘climate change’ into submission by traveling around the country in our private jets and limousines.   Oh ya, and Greta is just oh so damn smart, Barry ‘O’ actually earned that Noble Peace Prize, and the Moochelle deserved what was it, a Grammy?  The hijab is empowering and Moslems love America.  Look, I can go on but what’s the point?  So when all is actually said and done, who is it, really, that comes across as being the ones who look stupid?

‘Le Moan’s’ apology was the joke.  Another one of those “if I offended someone, then I’m sorry” type of apologies.  I’m pretty sure that being able to look into the camera and lie with a straight face is likely seen as being a resume enhancer for those applying at CNN.  And I think it’s pretty clear that old ‘light-in-the-loafers’ ‘Le Moan’ is another of those who are viewed as being little more than the foot soldiers who can be safely relied upon by those who run the Democrat Party and are tasked with causing as much hate and discontent as they can among the American people.

So his defense is that he wasn’t laughing at any specific group of people, he was only laughing at a joke, about a group of people.  As the host of his show, he’s responsible for everything that does and doesn’t happen on his show.  Did he shut it down and quickly apologize, or did he simply let it continue and actually take part.  And then when he’s the recipient of a little push back he essentially throws the teller of the ‘joke’ under the bus.  So like any good liberal, the fault that people were offended lies not with him, but with the teller of the joke.  He merely laughed at the joke.

Regardless, it’s too little too late. This moron just made a huge contribution to this President’s re-election.  Thousands of people requested tickets to his rally yesterday in the New Jersey town of Wildwood in the dead of winter, when the town is normally deserted.  Just what it is that these CNN morons think of that?  Not only did Hitlery’s “deplorables” show up, but so did an impressive number of Democrats.  Speaking of the ‘fake news’ media being out of touch with the real Americans, these deranged CNN elites didn’t get it back in 2016, and they still don’t get it today.

Yes, we all get it Mr. ‘Le Moan’!  It’s you, and those like you, who have no trouble mocking those of us who choose to disagree with the insanity spewed by those on the left. We who dare to love, and who are proud of this country, are all deemed to be a bunch of “deplorables” or those who make up what ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden once referred to as, the “dregs of society.”  And somehow we’re the racist ones because we chose not to vote for Barry ‘O’, not because he was black but instead because he made it clear that his stated goal was to “fundamentally transform” the country we love.

For anyone watching the video clip it becomes pretty clear, pretty quickly, exactly what it was that ‘Le Moan’ was laughing at.  He participated wholeheartedly in mocking what is an entire group of Americans simply because of who they are, what they are and what they believe in.  But we shouldn’t be surprised because, after all, this type of behavior has become typical of those on the left, to mock those who dare to disagree and are therefore deserving of zero respect.  And this is simply what CNN does and has repeatedly done for more than 10 years instead of presenting the news.

So let me see if I understand this. The Democrats think that it was a bunch of rubes who beat them in 2016?  Trump beat the pantsuit off a woman whom the left had declared to be “the smartest woman in the world” and “the most qualified person to ever run for president,” in an election rigged for her to win.  He was made to fight against both political parties, multiple government agencies and the ‘fake news’ media all of which were working against him.  If I had been beaten like the Democrats were, I’d be saying the ones who beat me were nothing short of freakin’ geniuses.

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