Wallace 15

So I’m sure there are those who are tired of me going off about what a joke of a journalist ‘Commie Chris’ Wallass is, but I can’t help myself.  His grotesque smugness drives me crazy.  And you know, it would be different if he wasn’t quite so obvious regarding his disdain for President Trump and what is his willingness to perpetuate any rumor no matter how baseless.  I mean is that really what we should expect to hear from responsible ‘journalists’?  Call me silly, but somehow I just don’t think so.

And you know, if old ‘Commie Chris’ Wallass was half as smart as he apparently thinks himself to be, he might actually be worth listening to.  But instead it’s every time that he opens his mouth that he proves, yet again, just how little it is that he actually knows about anything, ESPECIALLY our Constitution.   And it was as recently as yesterday, in choosing to go up against Prof. Alan Dershowitz, that Wallass was yet again left looking like the true dumbass that we most certainly all know him to be.

Wallass prides himself on being a ‘journalist’ but in fact is a profiteer, of sorts, who deals only in lies and innuendo.  And it was yesterday that ‘Commie Chris,’ host of Fox News Sunday, while broadcasting live from Iowa ahead of the Democrat caucuses, was speaking with Prof. Dershowitz about President Trump’s ongoing impeachment trial in the Senate.  Wallass wrapped up the segment with a question regarding Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and the ‘2018’ tape that recently surfaced.

It was before playing the tape that Wallass said, “A tape has just been discovered which appears to show a Giuliani associate having a conversation with President Trump back in 2018 about then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.  Let’s listen to this exchange.”  And it was after the playing of the tape that Prof. Dershowitz responded by saying, “Perfect example of what is not impeachable conduct.”  I would tend to agree, after all, isn’t this kinda old ‘news?’  It was 2018.

“Let me just ask you —” Wallace interrupted before then going on to chastise Prof. Dershowitz, saying, “This works better if I ask the question and you answer it, professor, which is given the fact that President Trump says he doesn’t know him, and you can see what appears to be a discussion back and forth … How damaging do you think that tape is?”  Actually, what would work better would be if the guy asking the questions was not some leftwing political hack disguised as a ‘journalist.’

You know, someone who’s not only able to, but is actually willing to, ask questions that are a little less predictable and who doesn’t get all pissy because their vastly more intelligent interview subject steps on their entirely predictable premise!  Wallass has been on his anti-Trump rant since the very beginning.  And I guess my question to Wallass would be, what difference does it make who President Trump spoke to about firing someone who he had the absolute right to fire?

Anyway, Prof. Dershowitz, who is scheduled to speak today before the Senate on the president’s behalf, attempted to stay on topic.  He said, “I only want to speak to what’s an impeachable offense.”  And he added, “We are not talking the political damage, that’s exactly what voters ought to be deciding on.”  And Prof. Dershowitz continued to argue that the election should be the referendum on President Trump and the people should be the ones to decide whether he stays in office.

He said, “Voters can take into account that tape, you acknowledge that it’s not an impeachable offense and I would say that much of what was presented by the Democrats were not impeachable offenses, they were campaign ads designed to try to show that you should vote for a different candidate.”  And he said, “That’s fine. Let’s put it up to the voters, let’s not destroy our heritage of our Constitution by expanding the criteria for impeachment beyond that which the framers accepted.”

Wallass is nothing if not a ‘Deep State’ stooge, and is clearly a NeverTrumper.  Just a week or two ago, he said that the Democrat’s charges were “serious” when it was already clear that they were BS.  The House has sought to impeach the president while in the possession of zero evidence yet demands that the accused be tried anyway.  Bringing the charges without evidence is prosecutorial misconduct, and they should be punished.  Not one witness supported the House’s impeachment with facts.

I think it fair to say that the professor has forgotten more about our Constitution than ‘Commie Chris’ will ever know.  Wallass is another of those faux journalists who are not the least bit concerned with the Constitution regarding this matter, he’s far more interested in simply spreading hearsay.  Prof. Dershowitz simply stuck to the topic at hand and while I do not share his politics I do admire his courage as an American who stands for our Constitution and with any American, not just those who agree with him.

Apparently according to leftwing ‘journalists’ everywhere, the ones like ‘Commie Chris,’ it’s any unnamed jack-a-lope in the mailroom who happens to disagrees with the President’s ‘foreign policy’ or choice of ambassador, should be able to completely upend the presidency and nullify one or two national elections.  Wallass was likely one of those kids who routinely got beat up for his lunch money.  If he wasn’t, then he should have been.  He now sees himself as a somebody, but in fact, he’s a nobody.

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