Schiff 11

Whatever the reason, even Adam Schiff, as we get nearer to the end, has told us in his own words what this continuing effort, for three long years, to impeach Donald J. Trump is really all about.  You see it was earlier this week, on Wednesday, that Schiff himself told the Senate during the impeachment proceedings on that it ‘must’ remove President Trump from office and not allow him to run for re-election.  Because if the Senate allows Trump to run for re-election, Schiff insisted, we could not know if the election was “fairly won.”  So is he that certain President Trump is going to win?

Schiff said, “Instead, we are here today to consider a much more grave matter, and that is an attempt to use the powers of the presidency to cheat in an election.”  He said, “For precisely this reason, the president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.”  It’s rather odd, don’t you think, to hear a Democrat voicing concern over whether an election “will be fairly won.”  Because, quite frankly, I’ve lost count of how many times, over the years, votes for Democrats have mysteriously materialized out of thin air.

So, if we follow the logic presented to us by ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, if President Trump is ‘allowed’ to run, which he most certainly will be, the ONLY way we will know, with any degree of certainty, if the election was in fact “fairly won,” is if he were to be defeated by whichever Democrat loser is selected to run against him.  So just how certain are the Democrats that President Trump will be re-elected.  I would argue that for them to put the country through what it has been put through for roughly three years, they must be pretty certain.  And this is how they plan to prevent that?

It was later in what has been described as being his “passionate” presentation, that Schiff repeated this point saying, “A president this unapologetic, this lawless, this unbound to the Constitution and the oath of office, must be removed from that office lest he continue to use the vast prejudicial powers at his disposal to seek advantage in the next election.”  Look, if at any point during this entire process we were to substitute Barack Obama in every instance where we hear Donald Trump, there would actually be some level of truth to the many claims being made by those like Schiff.

The Democrat Party has always been about those in positions of power within the party being the ones to make all of the political decisions.  Not surprisingly, Schiff’s statements reflect this. He essentially is saying the electorate should not to be permitted to choose the president. One of the many ironies in all of this is that Democrat voters consistently, and quite routinely, vote for known criminals.  Look at the last set of Illinois governors. Marion Barry is another example.  In fact being a criminal is usually seen as being a resume enhancer for Democrat candidates.

Whether Schiff and the Democrats think the American people really are just that stupid, or they actually feel they somehow have the right to dictate who we, as Republicans, can vote for as president, or both, they cannot, they MUST not, be allowed to succeed in this endeavor of theirs that accomplishes nothing more than to stand our Constitution on its head.  Democrats are guilty of nothing less than sedition, some even call it treason.  They are trying to overthrow our government and the president by any and all means, some of very questionable legality.

And what Schiff is essentially saying here is that, “Another impeachment begins November 4, 2020 if President Trump wins.” The Democrats have lost their collective mind. His demand that Republicans remove President Trump from office for the reasons he has stated is beyond crazy.  With zero evidence to support ANY of his insane claims, I have no doubt that President Trump can win re-election. What Schiff and the Democrats are hoping for, and what this charade is truly all about, is to convince enough of the voting public that their accusations are in fact credible.

These ungodly Democrats are scared to death. President Trump has turned America around in many ways, and his re-election should be a no-brainer.  All of their schemes, the purpose of which is to crush America and wipe Christianity off the face of the Earth, have been revealed.  There’s still a lot of work to do, and Democrats worry that President Trump will get it done despite resistance coming from Democrats and RINOs.  What they also fear is that their own crimes will come to light and they’ll be made to suffer the consequences and that the corrupt deep-state will be stopped.

Schiff, as well as every other member of the Democrat Party, seems to no longer trust this tried and true grand experiment in human freedom.  This November will serve as a referendum regarding the direction the American people wish our country to go.  Do they favor the continued butchering of the unborn, do they support allowing millions to flood into our country illegally and to be provided with free healthcare, do they support the notion of multiple ‘genders’, or ‘Medicare for All’, or any of those things being pushed by those Democrats running for president?  We’ll have to wait and see.

But here’s the bottom line.  Democrats know they can’t beat the president with their current cast of clowns. They want the Senate to disallow him his right to run for re-election so they at least have a chance.  I wonder if Democrats can even begin to understand that voters actually think President Trump is doing a good job.  As someone who was reluctant to get on the ‘Trump Train,’ I have been very impressed with what he has been able to get done despite all of the aforementioned resistance. If he had a true Republican House and Senate just think what he’d be able to do.

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